Yoshis Low Hit attack to juggle

 Can someone tell me what are the good low hit for Yoshi other than FC d/f+1 or FC d/b+1
either blockable or unblockable for juggle launcher

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CH d/f+4

That's it lol.

Besides what BigChief said (CH FC df+4)

you also have uf+2 and DGF>3 on CH

Added 2 hours 4 minutes later:

I hit the lab for a bit and made the following combo list.
I made it in notepad format, so it's a bit more organised there :p

Added a couple of hours later or something :

Also added some DGF+3, 3~4~u, DGF+2 TL! examples, kuma is in this case my partner.
feel free to speak up if I missed some important combo's

DGF+3, 3~4~u, DGF+2 TL!, Kuma; db1, 2 B!, b1 -- 72 dmg

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 Thanks man. it really helped me alot!!

heh, no problem.
The chances of pulling off a combo from DGF2 and uf2 is almost zero anyways, it's very hard to fish a counter hit from those moves, so use CH FC df+4 more often unless you wanna show off and you happen to do a charge (1+2+3+4) to get an auto-counterhit situation. In the latter case, go nuts!

Now I realized... KI charge and whiff punish with b+2,1 ^_^

Why didn't I think of that?!
I've only been using b2,1 when I happen to teleport behind them and hit them in the back with it >.<!!

Gonna use charged b2,1 hard! Capitalizing that whiff punishment xD

 Well I often use DGF, 3 because i can always evade low attacks. =)) and uf+2 is not predictable (for non Yoshi user) it's like a high hit but it's a low.

I always try to use KI charge whenever I have the chance to.
It's something that gets overseen imo, it can be really good if you know how to use it.
whenever I KI charge with Paul I always try to land my qcb+3 for a whole combo, I have to admit that I'm not THAT succesful with KI charge into qcb+3 but still, u never know when that guaranteed counterhit can come in handy :D

Oh and it also gives guard damage :p