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Pertaining to tekken tag tournament 2
Anyone here knows yoshi's "Great!" combo where you see blue sparks?? does he have one?

alll replies greatly appreciated! ^_^

What's a "Great!" combo? Example?

# BigChief : What's a "Great!" combo? Example?

As far as I know, Yoshi doesn't have a great combo. I'm sure a lot of people have checked and are still checking but I don't think he does. If there is, hopefully people will show it off.

So cool!! xD

Hey guys, i realised something. None of my auras nor my pranas or kis show up on yoshi during online mode. is this happening to any of you?

yeh the auras and pranas don't show online cos it will probably cause lag with all the randomly generated smoke n all. but when u win, and when you watch the replay, it shows in battle

thanks alot bro :)

 I think the original question has been answered now, so I will lock this. :)

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