~*~ Yoshimitsu Movelist/Juggle Help ~*~

 I've decided to create a thread dedicated to specific questions about properly executing Yoshimitsu's vast array of awesome Manji ninja moves. :D

I figured it would be easier to have one main thread to go and ask quick questions in as opposed to having people make a bunch of different threads for their various questions.

So, please use this thread for your questions about Yoshimitsu's moves from now on.  Thank you! :D

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 Aha, wonder what brought that on ;D
Not necessarily a problem 'hitting a move', but I'm curious since some of this isn't listed in his movelist; what are all of Yoshi's current ~into strance transitions?
Like, f,f+3 into KIN? I love that so much!

off the top of my head transitions that are not listed in the command list~

db + 3 (,3,3) ~d+3+4
db + 2 (,2,2) ~d+3+4
IND + 2 (,2,2)~d+3+4
transition to indian sit stance

KIN + 4 ~1+2
Sidestep +4 ~1+2
Transition to Kinchou stance

I might be missing a couple of moves ^^'

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 Those transitions have really helped me. I'm working on the BT/MED transitions as well, but I'm so bad at it all xD 

I've been testing if Yoshi has any special "Great" or Tag Combo, or if he can -start- a throw-tag. So far the results kinda...cause despair. It's very odd considering.

He has no great combo or start-a-throw-tag currently as far as I know.
1 unique throw that raven has to start wich makes yoshimitsu finish the throw with an arial decapitation.

He could have a great combo w kuni or dr.B and a start-a-throw-tag w them though..

 Kunimitsu has that pretty cool throw with Yoshi....but I think the best throw in the game is Dr. B's throw with Yoshi. 

Outside of that barely related bit, I've been wanting to know if Yoshi has any really strong NSS juggles outside of the one listed in the command list/sample combos for Tag 2. I'm wanting to capitalize on NSS a lot more other than just pokes. And as far as the juggles go...pretty universal juggles with d/f+2, u/f+3, kangaroo kick, and er...I have no idea what else off the top of my head. 

 The Dr. B special tag throw can be seen here www.youtube.com/watch
Also I wasn't sure if anyone had seen this amazing Dr. B Combo vid, these guys make the sickest videos.. www.youtube.com/watch

Let me fix that for you, Yoshimattsu :p

When you are in Sword Stance, your general bound move is d+2, 2, d+1! yes? that's 3 hits. your best option to replace this in the absence of d+2, 2, d+1! is b+2, 1~KIN 1!. i rarely use uf+4 as a bound move. watch this for a general idea, i use raven as a secondary, but this video show's what you can do with yoshimitsu after all launchers. http://www.youtube.com/embed/4k72tQouFTg

If you're talking about throw-tag combo starters, you have ff+2, not really a combo starter, but you should b able to get a free hit with your other character. kunimitsu's f+1+4 throw (she grabs them, sits on them like xiaoyu does and throws them over her), can be tagged. Yoshimitsu can come in with a d+2, 2, d+1! if they try to tech straight after the throw.

as for yoshimitsu being the tag filler, best option is "b+2, 1~KIN f+2" for no wall situations.
for medium ranged wall situations, you can do "[3, 4]~U (dragonfly) wall!, db, uf+3+4, 1, uf+3+4"
for long ranged wall situations, you can do "d+2, 2, 2+3 (NSS) wall!, run in, uf+3+4, 1, uf+3+4"

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 Does Anyone here knows how is yoshimitsu's taunt (dont know exactly if it is a taunt)? 

i saw on some videos on youtube that yoshi is doing something (e.g miguel's 1+4+3). he is spining ang springkling something. like he was like celebrating. 
what is this command. do i have to buy it using gold? i saw this in T6.

 Oh, that's actually an item move.

I can't quite remember which item it is now, but if he's wearing a certain item, you can do the standard Item Move command and he starts dancing around, throwing gold coins. :P