Samurai Cutter?

 I believe that's the name of the move. His FC d/f+1 iirc. That sick, amazing unblockable.
My issue is, how can I perform it quickly? I'm pretty bad atm as far as movements at large go, so it's definitely hurting me. Can it not be performed somewhat 'instantly' or do you really have to hold the crouch position for a solid second before it is capable of coming out?

 well you can try d+1 to do a fast full crouch. then execute d/f+1 :)
but i think you meant to say is d/b+1. 

while crouching, you have to hold forward for a split second and then he'll do it.
You can do it somewhat instantly if timed right, after moves like df+3, db+2, db+3,3,3,... hold down+forward, then 1 and u should pull it out within a couple of frames of delay.


Or after a block.

It's not a move that is meant to perform to be performed instantly - it would be too good otherwise (unblockable low launcher that evades!!).

Use it when you are already in Full Crouch. Because the range is so short it works best near a wall. It should also be a staple of your oki game; time it against opponents who want to get up from the ground (which also means the wind-up is no longer an issue).

For instance, you've already landed a tasty wall combo. Now advance on your opponent while crouching. Counter backrollers with FC d/f+4, and tech-rollers with FC d/f+1 for another combo. (I don't normally play like this so I haven't tested it... but that's the gist of it ;) ).

 Ah, well thanks for the clarification. 
I'd honestly been practicing getting a quick, consistent motion while moving around and or standing since I've been trying to use it to kinda beat out everyone who -loves- just banging on basic highs like no tomorrow. 

Thank you for the better situations to use it at. Makes things easier on me by far, instead of running down a dead end.

There's actually a slightly faster version of sword sweep, command is ws b+1. It's faster frames than regular sword sweep but it has less tracking than wc version.

I think primarily, sweep should be used as oki but sometimes it's practical any time you have a crouching opportunity. Manji lows>sword sweep, wc d/f+4>sword sweep, grab>sword sweep, run-up>sword sweep etc. I've been playing Yoshi for years and every single time I use it, people try to block. I'd say soul steal and sword sweep are the two general requirements to be a Yoshi player.

twistedsenses: To beat people who are "just banging on basic highs like no tomorrow", use u/f+3. It's a fast, high crush, and low crush launcher! *___*

# BigChief : twistedsenses: To beat people who are "just banging on basic highs like no tomorrow", use u/f+3. It's a fast, high crush, and low crush launcher! *___*

Aha, I do use it. I tend to open a few matches with it, not always a good idea. Feels like the law flips just deny the start of the match like nothing. But are you serious? It freaking low and high crushes?! Dirty stuff.

I've used the faster version now too (Sword Sweep); thanks for that tip. I'd go into detail about everything but it feels like I'm just slowly gonna go on about "i do this wrong, how do i play yoshi?!" and that's no fun for anyone xD.