Help!! Yoshi's DGF Stance

 how can i juggle using DGF, 2 as a launcher

please suggest me some notation :) 

thanks in advance.

Tag in your partner or press down to cancel dragonfly and go in regular stance and continue the juggle with a jab for example.

 so you can cancel the DGF just by pressing down?
didn't think of that. thanks. BTW im just new at YOSHI (been using him for less than a month). 
Thanks a Bunch. =)) 

Added 2 hours 50 minutes later:

 hey Thanks angain i've try it and works prefectly. i have now a new juggle for yoshi.
3--4, u+2(DGF); 2 , d , f+1, b+2,1 (Kin 1+2), f+2; :D :D :D

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Since you're new to this game, allow me to introduce another, yet simple combo for you if you're ready to maximise your combo possibilities

DGF+2 , d , 1 + 1 -> Bound , b+2, 1 (Kin 1+2), f+2 


DGF+2, d, 2, f+1+2 -> Bound, b+2,1 (KIN 1+2), f+2  (64 dmg)

these work in tekken 6 as well btw

  woah! Thanks a lot. i'll use this them both.