tekken rank cheating

 I know I haven'tt been active on these forums. Actually, I think this site is one of the coolest things on the internet, but I've never had much to say.
I would like to say hi to everybody here and contribute to this site in some way, rather than just show up and start asking for favors.

Unfortunately, I don't have anything but bad news to share:

Our(or at least my) hero for the past 17 years is currently being besmirched!
Namcobearlaoxu, the #1 player on the ps3 leaderboards for Tekken tag 2 is exploiting Yoshimitsu by having his friends use double suicide to boost his rank, and is also using yoshimitsu to boost the rank of people on his team!

I'm sorry for asking a favor as my first post, but please, anyone who loves yoshimitsu and wishes to uphold his reputation among those that own a ps3, please help me put a stop to this outrage!

Anyone interested, please message Manjinyoshimitsu at wtf.Tekken.com and tell him Yoshiforever sent you to join The Manji Clan to help stop cheaters and clear Yoshimitsu's good name.

Otherwise, at this rate, Yoshimitsu will become known as a tool for cheaters to boost their rank.

If even just one person joins and actively hunts these cheaters with us, you have my sincerest thanks.


I dont like cheaters, but unfortunately I'm on Xbox and sadly Im not sure you can stop boosting or the people who do it. I say the best you can do is call them out on it. Get a hold of the replay boosting and upload it on youtube. And beside Rank is nothing without the skills to back it up; i mean Tekken 6 had more or less the same problems and even though i was Ranked 7 on Yoshi's boards everyone knew that I and only like 3 others were the best Yoshi players on XBL, These things happen and Yoshimitsu doesn't cheat...players do.

Ahhh the other Manji Clan.... Well I have witnessed and saved a replay of this boosting in my theater, I think it sucks too, but it won't stop others from doing it... As long as there's a way, people will cheat. Good luck with your clan though...

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There's another Manji Clan?

That's too bad that people are using Yoshimitsu to cheat.  Like YOSHIMOSHI said, I'm sure people will know who the truly skilled Yoshimitsu players are.

Oh, and, this section is actually for General Discussion, so I think it would be best if this was moved to a section that's specifically for Tekken and Yoshimitsu. :D  I'll be moving it, if you don't mind. ^_^ 

 I'm sorry I didn't realize that I posted in the wrong forum.

And maybe we can't stop them, but I've tweeted harada san exposing the top cheater and asking if he considers this acceptable.

And our team is now devoted to defeating these cheaters and calling them out publicly. Maybe we can't make them stop cheating, but we can hunt them down in game and call them out on wtf.

And we are naming and shaming these cheaters in the wtf forums.

I for one would like to be able to watch actual replays of yoshimitsu fights instead of seeing people use him to cheat.
And I don't want yoshimitsu to gain a reputation for being a tool for cheaters.

I'm trying to do everything I can, because yoshimitsu is and has been one of my favorite characters of any story for the past 17 years (and one of the few true good guys in any story), and I work hard to be fair and sportsmanlike in my playing. If my team has devoted themselves to hunting these cheaters because I discovered this occurring, I will work to help in any way I can. 

And again, if only one person here joins us in our hunt, you have my sincerest thanks.

I've witnessed this vile act as well and I shall aid you Yoshiforever and the 2nd Manji clan in restoring Yoshi's name!

# cbe665 :  I'm sorry I didn't realize that I posted in the wrong forum.

No worries. :D

I hope you're able to make a positive impact against this lack of integrity.

Yes, theyre like the plague, boosters and rage quitters. especially on ttt2 for xbox360. le me call sum names. iPLAYgay/MRTOOSICK4U and ZooWilly. those two are boosters and ragequitters on xbox live. i've filed complaints numerous times, but ofcourse no action has been taken against these frauds. Dishonor upon them and their whole family! hmmm! like yoshimoshi said, only a handful of legit yoshi players are out there especially on xbox.
but i have a question..... doesnt the tekken creators check the leaderboards and replays every now and then for fraudulent acts?