Yoshimitsu Fine Art Statue!

I finally got this thing last week! Don't ask the price... -_-
It's about 21 inches high with the base, pretty heavy, and made out of many different materials and metals.
I uploaded pics here: http://www.manjikai.com/plug.php?e=usergal&s=viewfol&fl=0&fid=131

Long live the Manji! xD

 Looks great! I'm so jealous. Wish I could afford that. Hopefully in the future I can make a shelf with every version of Yoshi on it.

 how much was the price and it there only a limited amount of them around, because I'm reconsidering my choice again  

 Mine's arriving today hopefully!!! It costed roughly $450.. I'm really excited, you beat me to the pictures by a day or two! Anyways, he looks great and I can't wait to have mine now too!!!

That statue is incredible!!  The store I work at can order one to sell, and I'm thinking about buying it myself. XD

And OMG, I didn't know you could remove Yoshimitsu from the giant cyborg Buddha head!  That's awesome!


A godlike amazing purchase  bro!!

Hey thanks everyone! :D

I'll answer some of your questions:
1) It cost me $450, and another $100 for shipping.
2) It is strictly limited edition. Mine is #387 out of #500!
3) Yoshi is not permanently attached to the base and is removable (as are his hands). However, this was clearly intended for packaging purposes and he simply cannot stand on his own!

I thought the pics would be automatically resized, so I'm sorry about the GIGANTIC 2mb images! :S They're easier to view if you open in a new tab. :)

$100 for shipping? ouch! Also, you received yours before me by at least 2 days and mine is #349 of 500... Weird right?

 I would totally remove Yoshimitsu and use him as a giant action figure and we'd fight imaginary demons together ALL DAY LONG! XD

# Yoshimattsu : $100 for shipping? ouch! Also, you received yours before me by at least 2 days and mine is #349 of 500... Weird right?

That's the US privilage :P

 Well I'm glad someone else was crazy enough to spend that much on Yoshimitsu!

LOL @ BigChief

That's right! XD  I hope there are some statues left when I get to Japan this spring.  I think it'd be a lot cheaper for me to wait until I get there and then just pack it very carefully in my carry-on luggage. :P

 Actually Kotobukiya ships from California, only the corporate offices are in Japan.. Plus he's a little big for a carry on bag...



This changes EVERYTHING! >_>  i should contact them and see how far away they are from where I live.  Maybe I could drive there to pick him up and avoid shipping fees altogether! :D

 They are located in Torrance, CA.  Here's the site.. kotous.com