Noob Yoshi<<right here>>

 Okay i started using Yoshi this week and i have been looking for his fast moves .. i main Raven and im quite good with him .. anyway i need help with finding Yoshi's fast moves so i can hit and get out if needed.. i dont quite understand the way he fights. but i think that comes along with practice. mainly need a list of his fastest and not having a big window moves...
Export to excel and sort. or jus read as it is.

do you mean yosh fastest move? if so i think it's 1+4? dunno the exact frame rate though. :)

You've asked a great question there: how DO you play Yoshi? I've had this talk with Tenshimitsu also.
While I still don't have an answer, I can help you with his fast moves. :)

d/f+4 (medium range)
1,1 (block punish)
2,2 / 2,d+3 / CH 2,1
1+4 (the fastest move in the game, at 5 frames, and juggle starter!)
d+3 (low)
FC d/f+4 (low, and juggle starter on CH)
SS+4 (juggle starter on CH)
u/f+3 (high crush, low crush, launcher)
d/f+2,2 (whiff punisher, launcher)
f,f+4 (long range whiff punisher, launcher, useful to counter raw tag-ins)
f+3+4 (very long range whiff punisher)

My personal style is to be evasive, so I ALWAYS use backflip (u,u/b). I do this with Yoshi, Kuni, Raven and Lee, because I prefer to evade and punish rather than stay in the pocket and block.

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