Thrive (the movie)

If we speak about movies that are interesting, have you seen this one?

I'm sorry for the version with Polish captions, but I couldn't find full movie without it.
I value it especially for the explanation of global financial system and some spiritual theories at the very end which are close to my personal philosophy. I think it's a must-see for every Manji follower :)

A world of free energy... *dreaming* imagine that you can drive everywhere in a camper, not being concerned with an oil, being connected to the internet, having light, warmth with you any time... true freedom.

But as usually, watch carefully and think thoroughtly. ^^ Hehehe... in the movie there's a mention about a plan of destabilizing USA to reach global domination (if I recall correctly)... and at the end of movie there are practical guidelines as for how to do it. ;) So as usually... don't believe in it blindly, think and try to research on your own what's right and what's wrong. But generally, I think it's a good movie.

What are your comments? :)

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Besides all that Alien stuff..... Most of the info on the topics are pretty accurate when i researched them...which was to my suprise and I liked the free energy references. If anything the movie tells and shows us that we can live in a new age if we are willing and open to it.