=== Post cut away with Yoshi's sword of justice. ===

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If I was mod, I would delete the hell out of this. :P

Ban this fool!! Over and over again he posts garbage like this and noone does anything about it, how is he helping the Yoshimitsu community??

For real, yo.

Such a devotion, but focused on such a bad direction...
Unfortunately chaandztekken, we won't tolerate this.

Added 1 minute later:

I'll soon start a Moderator casting, Aozame. :)
Just a bit of patience... I've just been at the tournament and it wasted the hell out of me, I'm exhausted ^^ But Yoshi and me took third place, so I guess it was worth it. :)

Third place?  That's awesome!  Yay!  Go Tenshimitsu!!!