SCV Yoshi sux! :((

hm, I guess I'll have to buy SCV myself to see if I like his 'updated' command list...

I really loved using meditation and kinchou stance, though, so that's a letdown...

@Tenshi; Yoshimitsu the second was a deciple of Yoshi the first, but ended up killing his master and by taking the cursed sword he became "Yoshimitsu" and decided to set out to complete what Yoshi the first intended. Source- ... also the Strategy guide by Futurepress is absolutely amazing...

Edit- I can't rant and rave about that strat guide enough, there's sooo much useful information about fighting game strategy in general, training mode applications like using command record, anti-character stuff, frame data and how to apply it in-game... simply amazing!

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# Tenshimitsu : Hmm, do you have any source from which you learn about SCV system? Any tutorials/FAQ?

Still too early for in-depth tutorials and FAQs. If you visit the forums you can get some valuable hints, combos, gameplay mechanics, and so on.
New things you need to know are Critical Edge, Brave Edge moves, Just Guard, new Guard Impact mechanic, easier ring-outs, easier okizeme, easier sidestep, and some broken gameplay mechanics like the "Fuzzy Guard".

Concerning the Voldo thing... The story clearly says that Yoshi II slayed Yoshi I as part of a ritual, because he was chosen to become the next clan leader. There's no mention of an encounter with Voldo, unless you go way back to SCII, and even they didn't fight. Voldo stole Yoshi's sword thinking it was Soul Edge, and Yoshi went into the Money Pit to retrieve it. I don't see what vengeance has to do with anything.

LOL, hey now! You're the one who said he only says that when fighting Voldo, not me! XD  I was just trying to speculate as to why that is. :P

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Wasn't against you, fellow Yoshi fan. We simply share the sentiment that Namco bodged up something in the storyline.

A likely story!  For such an insult to my honor, we shall now fight to the death! :P

Yeah, they seem to be pretty damn good at making "storylines"  more like "random, unconnected, shoddy turn of events."

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So you wanna get physical, ey... :P

Why do you keep editing your posts?

Oh, I usually end up finding something else I want to say or fixing typos and what not.

I've never really got into any SC, but all this talk heres make me want too go and pick up this Yoshimitsu de 2nd.  I vonder what Yoshimitsu is the Tekken one.

1. I love the new site!

2. I love ScV e_e

If anyone has Xbox Live, add me :[

XblGt: Mr DeeKay

# YOSHIMOSHI : I've never really got into any SC, but all this talk heres make me want too go and pick up this Yoshimitsu de 2nd.  I vonder what Yoshimitsu is the Tekken one.


Yeah, I've been feeling the same way.  I'm really curious about this new Yoshimitsu.

And I actually thought about it a little while ago, and I've sort of come to the conclusion it's almost impossible to really know for sure what number the latest (sexiest :>) Yoshimitsu is.  I'm assuming SC takes place around the mid 1500s.  It's easy to see that Tekken takes place in the near future, so let's say something like 2050 or whatever.  So, if that leaves us about 500 years, we just have to look at a typical reign of each Manji Clan leader.  I think it's safe to say that each leader doesn't take control until they're an adult, so let's keep it simple and say 20.  And let's say that they have at least all lasted as long as the first Yoshimitsu.  I don't know  how old he was when he died, but the latest Yoshimitsu is problably somewhere around 45 or 50.  Let's say they all live to be about 60 until they're cut down and replaced.  So that's like, what, 40 years for each leader?  Within the time frame of about 500 years, that leaves room for about 12 leaders, plus the latest one.  (The math comes out to 12.5.)

So, if we go by this speculation alone, the current (Tekken) Yoshimitsu would be Yoshimitsu XIII.  (Cool number. :P)

Of course, this isn't very realistic, because who knows what could have happened to the previous leaders.  Maybe some lived longer than others?  Maybe there was a period of time when the leadership changed hands much quicker than other times.  Tekken's Yoshimitsu could be Yoshimitsu XXVII for all we know. Also, Tekken could be far further into the future than 2050, so that of course would change things.  It's hard to say.

Yea Yoshimitsu XIII would be badass name. It's very interesting if you think about it. Just wondering about all the different Yoshi's over the years....all the same person but each different in there own way (Great potential for writing as you showed, love yours btw). SC Yoshi being right handed and much more talkative(And understandble in any case). Tekken Yoshi being left handed slighty less talkative; among other things.

I think it leaves a huge amount of room for some interesting, exciting characters.  Speculation in this vein is a passion of mine, almost. :P  I just love thinking about what kind of different leaders there could have been.  Also, do you think they were all so righteous and just?  What if some of them gave in to the cursed sword and had to be defeated by the next potential leader of the Manji Clan?

For a long time, I've wanted to write an epic origin story for Tekken's Yoshimitsu, and in it I want to delve into some of these questions.  I remember hearing somewhere a line kind of like he had to "claw his way from the bowels of Hell" to be the leader of the Manji Clan.  That sounds so epic! XD  I want to write that!

I've just been waiting until I'm further along in the brainstorming process.  I don't want it to be like my other writing, where I just sort of make it up as I go along. :P  I want it to be great.  Honestly, I want it to be worthy of a Yoshimitsu origin story. ^_^;

But back to the leaders, I've also wondered if one of the leaders was ever a woman.  It's perfectly possible, I think, and kind of fun to think about! :D  I mean, her name would be Yoshimitsu, just like all of the others.  She'd be such a fascinating character.


Anyway, I'm afraid I might be getting a bit off topic. :P  Yoshimitsu II is really the only hard evidence we have now of the succession of leaders in the Manji Clan.  I'm glad we have that going for us now, as a fan base.

 lol I read a bit of your latest story and I have to admit you got some serious skill in the writing business, I'm gonna start reading your stories from scratch bottom :D You've got a fan

Oh. guys!  You're too nice!

I just have too little fanfics; it's really nothing spectacular. :P

I'm just such an avid fan of Yoshimitsu.  He gives me so much inspiration for writing.  I'm glad Namco has continued to add more to the entire Yoshimitsu storyline with the inclusion of Yoshimitsu II.  I was a little sad to see the first Yoshimitsu go, but time heals all. lol!