Disconnection Issues & Unfair Penalties

Good day Manji-ites.
i've declared war against something or some group that i dont know yet. recently i realised that after the match is completed and while yoshi is doing his win pose, a box pops up saying "communicating", and it says "disconnected from xbox live". then i'd go check to see if i'm really disconnected. i press the big button in the centre, and it shows me that am both signed in and connected to xbox live. then when i jump back in a match again, i see i've be awarded a penalty, and this keeps happening in about a 5:1 or 6:1 ratio hence every 5 or 6 matches played, i get disconnected. my connection is not wireless, its LAN. so i'm convinced its not a problem on my end. and it only happens for TEKKEN.
so tell me... who should i go to and how can i contact them? because this aint the 1st time i'm demoted because of this. i've had enough of this shit.

don't play ranked