My Personal Interpretation of Yoshi

Hi! Hello everyone:) probably all have seen my statue of yoshi, here's an image I tried to color, ... the result will not be realistic. :)

Nice touch that he has no armor accept for the head. I would've colored the pants black though, with red motives on it.

Perfect as it is!! Are you also going to colour in his katana?

Yes, even that will color:)

I made the pants in green color to resume tekken3 ..
Unfortunately, I realize now that green is too strong and bright ... I colored Yoshi in my laptop, which has a monitor by setting too low: /

When I have a day off (models without much to do and fix) will color also the basis and the katana. I can not wait to arrive on the model "real" home, so I can paint it with colors and brushes:)

Ow yeah, you're right. I just saw some Tekken 3 artwork of him.

I have done a render with a different material ;)
no.. i have not painted the sword yet :(