Yoshimitsu in SFxT!

 Good point, that is how SF does things, and I suppose that's why we play Tekken :)  I'm still working on a partner, I've been using Akuma since I use him in Marvel, but I'm thinking of using Ogre maybe, or Jack when he comes out.. The coolest thing to come from this game so far is the Yoshimitsu avatar available in the Playstation Store for $.49, Finally!!!

LOL!  I saw that a lot of people have been buying that.  I wanted to get it, but I don't really like his Tekken 3 !P costume that much. :P

And yeah, from what I've seen, Raven is a pretty solid character, and he's already Yoshimitsu's default partner, so I guess I'll just stick with him.

 Yeah I thought about him too, but I've yet to try him out... Oh hey check out this Live action short film if any of you haven't seen it yet, it's really awesome! www.youtube.com/watch

I just watched that last night, actually!  I thought it was great for a fan-made movie! :D  (I certainly liked it a lot more than the actual live-action Tekken movie. :P)

I've already played Yoshi in SF X TK ... well, what can I say: I can't play this game (yet) :P

But Yoshi is considered weak (again!). I could feel that while playing. Nor range whatsoever, not really good anti-jump, his special moves aren't "wow". Besides, I've heard that online sucks in this game. I think I will buy SCV instead...

Yeah, I'm thinking about getting SCV.  I mean, I'm sure SFxT is a fun game, but I'm not really a SF fan, so I'd have to spend a lot of time learning how to play the game before I'm even able to have fun.  And to top it off, Yoshimitsu kind of got the shaft anyway, so there isn't really a lot of incentive for me to improve my game.

Yoshi's always been on the "weak side" but i agree SFxT takes the cake, It's like capcom didn't even care....giving that King,Marduk, Hehachi, Raven, are all great (Really Raven great?...Isn't that a kick in Yoshi's ninja stars?). It saddness me. I mean he's super isn't a good Anti-projectile; AT ALL. Should'nt his Windmill stop almost anything, why would a Hodoken go right through it?

I know, man.  I mean, it's cool that King and Raven are awesome, and I probably wouldn't mind if Yoshimitsu was at the same level he was in Tekken, but to be worse?  I mean, like, a lot worse?  That sucks. :(

And I remember back when he was, like, top-mid tier.  Those were the days. :P

Just had a ridiculous amount of gameplay today with my beloved Yoshimitsu character. He's uncomparable with any other tekken games( this should come by as an obvious fact, but still) and he's very fun to use ( for some people, I'll get back to here). Fact is, he's defintely in the lower tiers in this game. All his special moves are punishable with chains that go into the opponent's launcher, he has to work twice as hard to get the same damaging combos and his combo damage in overall isn't that outstanding... So yea, if you're all about winning, then you shouldn't stick around with Yoshimitsu unless you really love that awesome fella (like me!). So yea, like I said, he has a hard time getting towards those high damaging combos, but his combo bnb's are pretty easy and fun to do, reminds me a lot of the importance of timing in the tekken combo system.

I've found a lot of nifty set-ups and got myself a good vibe controlling the match with him atm. At the beginning it's very hard to find your control in a match, given that your poking range just clearly sucks ( your limbs and sword go through the opponent, but you don't hit them, bad hitboxes.., smh), you got some shitty normal anti-airs, and you're clearly slow as fuck... (although his front dash isn't that bad).

-I'm using Marduk as my 2nd team member, he hits like a monster truck.
- using 3 X+100 hp gems ( for Yoshi)
- or using meter + and again defense boost gems (for Yoshi)
- his trials are super super easy to do. You'll probably do it all in one go, until you get at 20.... His last one will probably take about half an hour or 2
- he's got meditation stance as a taunt

Still kicking ass, though ;p

 Yoshimitsu is so bad in this game, how dare they give him such a joke moveset!
The range on his normals is horrible and misleading, only good one being his jumping HP which is amazing, other than that they are all slow and awkward.
He needs a buff : [

Actually I'm pretty sure they'll patch the game, not only for the horrible online play, but also for balancing the game out. So here's hoping Yoshimitsu gets an epic patch change in the future...

 I really hope so, in the meantime I'm still on his final trial.

EDIT: turns out I anti-jinxed myself, just did it.

Yeah, they really need to fix the poor guy up.

Beasting people out with my new team! Also, I discovered Yoshimitsu has armor property on his EX slap u silly and EX stone fists!

Polishing my general bread and butters, and I'm doing pretty good tbh.
So far, this is what I 'TRY' to use(pretty hard to get it to work 100% of the time):

- (jump-in, hitconfirm, poison breath or sliding headbutt) -> cl.mp , gehosen, cl.lk ->(chain) cl.mp , cl.mp, gehosen
- after a launcher from partner : cl.lk ->(chain) cl.mp , cl.mp, gehosen

but in reality I do this when shit matters during the match:

- (jump-in, hitconfirm, poison breath or sliding headbutt) -> cl.mp , gehosen, cr.lp, cl.lp (or cl.mp), gehosen
- after a launcher from partner :  cl.mp, gehosen

random supers + cross cancels:

super (corner required):
cl.mp , gehosen, cl.mp , cl.lp->(chain) cl.mp, Windmill super

cross cancel:
cl.mp , gehosen, cl.lk ->(chain) cl.mp , cl.mp, cross cancel

Added 36 seconds later:

also, I came across his frame data (and everyone else's)

Useful stuff!

Also, it would be rather fun to spaz people out with my meditation taunt. Everyone always thinks I'm gonna teleport in their face while I can actually just taunt away and bait things xD

Added 9 hours 15 minutes later:

changed some of my gems to fit my pokey style and sudden combo burst with Yoshimitsu:

lvl 2 power gem (+20% dmg -10% spd) : 10 normals
lvl 1 fortitude (+100hp): have your attack blocked # times
lvl 2 meter gaining gem(+40% meter gain): have your partner launch you in.

also what I've learnt is that Yoshi gains half of a meter bar or more, by just using windmill special.
Finsh this up with a tag cancel (where your 2nd team member comes in, requres 1 bar), by crossing your opponent up and doing a safe pressure combo when he's in guard stun and you get a solid 80% total bar gain.

So in theory:
- you only lost 20% of 1 bar
- good chip damage
- benefit of a partner switch with no risk
- IF you manage to hit your opponent with windmill, you've got a ridiculous hitconfirm going on, wich can lead to some full damage combo's from your partner.
- ridiculous low risk, high reward in general

so as you can see, Yoshi can be some pain in the ass for your opponent.
It really does feel he's made in this game to annoy your opponent and make him rage and join your puppetshow.

In closure, Yoshi can be a great asset in specific teams, you just need to know how to use him.

I'll update again soon, if I ever get to test how valuable his armored slap u silly and stone fists are as anti-air (or as good poking reads).

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 Hooray for the new yoshimitsu technology =)
U make him look great and not so bad after all !!

On a side note, I'm beasting with King and Paul.
Paul does good damage, but he is so freaking slow, has no tools to play footsies and can't handle presurre due to lack of a good backdash or reversal. And the only safe move he has, is his phoenix masher. Eventho he is bad in this game, I'm working him out, people cry when they face my Phoenix !!

Yoshimitsu lacks the damage and the tools to play footsies, but he has a decent mobility and with the new technology my brother found out it seems he can handle pressure pretty well.

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