Yoshimitsu in SFxT!

Okay, so by now you may have seen the gameplay trailers for Street Fighter x Tekken with Yoshimitsu...and it's all good. In case you haven't, check them out here: http://www.tekkenzaibatsu.com/forums/showthread.php?threadid=121550

I posted a thread for this on Tekken Zaibatsu, but I figured I'd put this here as well, since this is YOT:

Since there's a TTT2 thread here, I guess it's legal to put an SFxT thread. With Yoshimitsu's announcement came a short gameplay trailer, showing the following moves (correct me if I'm wrong):

- Triple Roundhouse
- Devious Plot and Sword Face Smash throws
- Manji sweeps (uncertain how many spins, or if it makes him stagger upon too many spins); also seems to have a shorter variation that uses both feet...like one spin kick plus a crouching kick (2nd video, 00:45)
- Flea stance
-- Running Flea (his 1-sword version from T5 backward)
-- Ducking Flea
-- Flea hop
-- Diving cranium (does a short hop up on block)
- Slap U Silly (also uncertain if it makes you dizzy after too many spins)
- Suicide/Double suicide (Double suicide may be EX version)
- Indian Sit / Teleport (seems to be an instant move, so Indian Sit may not be an actual stance)
- Poison Wind -> Stone Fist -> Manji Flip (can go immediately into indian sit teleport)
- Gehosen (very, very fast), launches high.
- Sword Poke Windmill (instant, uncertain if it's a followup from sword impale that can come out instantly or not...in any case, he does a one-legged pose, like his old taunt dance, while doing it, and it sucks in and multi-hits)

He seems to have a stance like Mitsurugi's Relic stance from Soul Calibur, where he holds his sword up by his face (reminiscent of some old TTT art). Correction: That looks like it's just his normal stance...odd that they wouldn't just use his Tekken stance...

He also has a diving sword windmill attack. Looking forward to pressure games.

At about 00:58 on the second vid, he does what looks like his SC 2B, but this is probably not a special move.

This is all I'm catching right now, since a lot of the moves on display are just regular LP, LK, etc. Feel free to correct me/add more. []

god, gotta love eventhubs ^^
also, I'm loving yoshimitsu's new fighting stance, the relic stance like that of mitsurugi's.

There was a lot of gameplay footage of yoshimitsu during the comic con stream last night, there's also some more gameplay footage of yoshimitsu tagging with steve in the 2nd vid of the ono x harada challenge:


for the raven fans out there:

New videos posted with Yoshi gameplay:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_4pqCG4ts2Q& and

Confirmed new moves:
- Poison breath (comes out instantly, without going to bad stomach first)
- Tag on/off involves Dragonfly stance fly-in. Can perform with Hidden God throw on tag-in (unsure of mechanics).
- Kangaroo kick (his command launcher, since all characters now have a launcher)
- Ninja blade slice (his f,f+2 -- is a charge-up move, can be charged up to super. Unblockable?)
- "Super" Sword poke windmill (super combo, has same vacuum property as regular, and, like regular, can be blocked)

Also confirmed is that Slap U Silly will dizzy after too many hits. Spun too fast for me to count, but it seemed like about seven or eight sound effects. Doesn't seem like it affects the EX version, though.

Will continue to update as new videos are posted. Please comment with corrections/additions. []

Added 16 minutes later:

@AngelBoy Thanks for the links! Saw the following in the gameplay clip:

- Possible to tag out during animation of Sword Poke Windmill, while opponent is stuck in block animation. Good setup opportunity.

- Poison Wind -> Stone Fists -> Poison Wind combo possible, so he seems to have most of his options from Poison Wind intact.


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official character discription and information on the sfxtekken site:


The Inheritor of the Demon Sword

As the mysterious head of the Manji clan, Yoshimitsu steals from evil companies and spreads their wealth to the poor. Although he has a serious temperament, he also shows flashes of stupidity.

Also, poison, from the final fight series and tag partner of Hugo's, is a dude. Just mentioning.

interview with Seth Killian about the latest version of SFxT (+ yoshimitsu gameplay)

Added 10 days later:


Added 1 day later:

Street Fighter x Tekken G4 gameplay breakdown


note: Yoshi doesn't get KND after his harakiri (suicide) move, pretty awesome if you ask me!

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I for one am not to excited for the new game, it seems to "cartoony" and I feel like it doesn't support the fluidity that I love about tekken. Anyone else feel the same?

It's because it's not tekken !! you probably won't like it.

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# Ralenzo : It's because it's not tekken !! you probably won't like it.

Yes its because its a 2d fighting but calling him out like that seems a bit harsh to me, he might find himself possessively surprised with the game when its out, besides looks and first impressions are a big deal for me when I first check out a new game and I'm not thinking graphics.

Asides from that I'm not to found on street figher myself so I kinda understand the dude, the first and last I played was the EX plus Alpha one which was awesome and one of the main things why I enjoyed the game, was the non street fighter characters and the music which kick major arse :D

Voice selection screen for SFXT!

apparently, you can't give yoshimitsu a different voice (English for example).
I can understand why, but on the other hand it got me curious on how he would sound like.
It would ofcourse be too much to ask to make him sound like his english-voiced funny SC persona xD.



There's a well-known player named Spab_rog who was given a chance to play the latest build of SFxT.  He wrote a rather informative review on the game in terms of mechanics, and he even wrote some reviews of a handful of characters.  Here's what he had to say about Yoshimitsu:

"Yoshimitsu - My main..sigh, hes funky lol. Normals are slow and seem like you are at disadvantage, alot of his specials are unsafe except stone fists (low sword spin) if you space it out right, but hes very unique, windmill is charge cancellable, But he has safe cancels and his super is pretty good. windmill trip guards, but doesnt anti air that good. EX windmill is pretty good, does good damage and easy to hit confirm into. He's just slow and his throw range sucks sooo bad, but thats just the game mechanic. He has good team synergy though. Ill be nice and give him a 5/10. he's gonna have to take a while to master, he's not someone your gonna win with day 1."

It sounds like Yoshimitsu is going to be on the lower end of the tier spectrum (again), which is kinda disappointing.  But I'm still going to main him in SFxT, and I think that has at least something to say about my love for him. :)

hm definitely still gonna main him as well. I wouldn't have liked Yoshimitsu being toptier and getting the excuse from people I beat that I'm a tierwhore. (It happened a lot in the past)

 Same here really, I couldn't care less if my character is top tier or not. I pick my mains in any game very personal, based on there design and background story if it is likable to me.Compaired to stats and abilities in the right hands.

It just seems to me that if your are starting to learn a character in game for that sole reason to have an advantage and max possibilities, then I don't think you are really for the work, because that equals a hint lasyness in my book.

I'm sure that enthousiasm behind the player, is the best fuel to make you reach the goal no matter you have set yourself to accomplish of cause i'm not sitting the difficult possion of making myself tourment competition worthy

P.S sorry for off topic I just had to write this 

 He didn't seem that bad to me tho. Kuma on the other hand, he looks really bad. I think they wanted Kuma to be like Dan, a character to mock or taunt with, especially with his super :D
Paul looks also really slow, but yeah can't really say much already. Gotta play it first =3

hehe, yea, even though Kuma looks and fights like a joke character in SFxT, I'm gonna kick everyone's asses w him!! Sakyo Style!

I'm certainly excited to give it my all.