What do you think about...

...stage's music?
What are your favourites?
the question is not relative only to the yoshi's stages :)

Well *ahem* stage music... hmmm... I actually like nearly all of the stage music in T5, except for "poolside" and "polar paradise". In T4, I liked the statue stage with all the classic stage music.

My favourite Tekken song is "Black Winter Night Sky", the Tekken 2 intro. As for stage music, it's a toss up between any Tekken 2 song and Yoshimitsu's Tekken 3 remix.

I like all T2 music, better than T3 music... In particular Yoshimitsu's music of T2 and T3 (I have dreamed to walk in a enormous house with yoshi's t3 music :D)

i really dont like any of the music (tekken 5).
cant remember the muic from tekken2 and 3..
I prefer to hear some real music during my tekken playing.

My favorites (in the order of from the best to the OK)

1. Tekken 5 - Moonlit Wilderness (practically speaking, I can't say a word during this. :D)
2. Tekken 5 - Ka-En-No-Mai (Hell's Gate) / Unforgiven (Urban Jungle)
3. Tekken Tag - Yoshimitsu BGM (I use the "No eye, no ear, etc." thingy as a mantra quite often)
4. Tekken Tag - Unknown (both good AND scary!)
5. Tekken 4 - Didgerrhythm (The Jungle)
6. Tekken 3 - Yoshimitsu (I just love the guitar there)

i like yoshimitsu,s tekken tag song. i think it,s great. i hae it on my mp3 :)

When TK5 was a new game i Liked to hear music from Moonlite.... but now the song I like is: Formless Like Water. I like it but I don't play tekken with MUSIC cause after sitting maaaaaaaany hours and practiciing , music can be really boring.

Hmm... let's remember...

I really like Bit Crusher from Tekken 4, and The Strongest Iron Arena. Good and powerful tunes. Tekken 4 has some really good BGM's. I can't remember them all now...

TTT... my favourite is the Credits theme... always liked it :)

T3 had OK music, but that's all about it :), while Tekken 2 has the best BGM (in my opinion). Most of the music is amazing, and my favourite is probably Yoshi's Arrange music. :) Oh and King's arrange is also brilliant! Short but sweet!

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Kinda hard to think through all the past games but I've always liked Arena's music from Tekken 4.

Tekken 2's Yoshimitsu Remix is a song for the gods. I also love Bit Crusher from Tekken 4, and the Ending Theme from Tekken Tag is moving.

u got tht right.......... TTT ending rocks........ plus, the T5 Snow Castle

i was ever in too that but, Armor king T2. when i closed my eyes could see the place and yoshis and kazuyas were great too

Yoshimitsu T3 (arcade music):yes

tekken tag : yoshimitsu's stage
no body , no ear , no nose , no mouth
tum tum tump tump tump