Samurai Cutter

Since Tekken 4 I've been finding Samurai Cutter an awesome move, you know, just tackling someone with a sword like that. The only problem is: I can't do it. If I do the attack (WHILE CROUCHING) (V >) + [] he will just crouch and do a low punch. After he does 2 or 3 low punches, he randomly performs the Samurai Cutter. Is anyone able to do this attack at once?

while crouching, you have to hold forward for a split second and then he'll do it.
Go in training mode and try to master the timing, it's easy.

Thank you, I will.

 Great move, I use it a lot in Tekken 2. Here is my tip- Hold down, take a small pause (think about it in your head) and then finish the move like normal. Hope that helps ;)

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