Tekken 6 and SC4 questions

Heya guys n gals! I'm getting back into Tekken and SC (and of course, Yoshi =) so I guess I'll post in the noob forum!

Tekken 6: What are some good staple combos off his main launchers? (literally, I got the game today so I'm clueless, he's changed so much). Also, does he have any more secret moves like the ones he had against Bryan in Tekken 5, and how do you do them??

SC4: How do you do the Tekken-inspired secret moves, like Xioayu's wave and Heihachi's shadow step??

Thank you! And apparently relationships flourish, when individuality, freedom and growth are respected. So yeh, respect..


ff+4, BT+1, BT d+2, ws+3,2 B! b+2,1 -- 70 dmg
ff+4, BT+1,3 (in case you're off axis)


u/f+3, 3, 1, f+1+2 B! f+3+4~FLE+2
u/f+3, 2, f+1+2 B! b+2,1~KIN f+2 -- 64 dmg
u/f+3, b+1,1, b+1,1, b+1, f+1+2 B! b+2,1 -- 63 dmg
u/f+3 b+1,1,1 b+1,1 f+1+2 B! b+2,1 -- 63 dmg
u/f+3, b+1,1, b+1,1,1,(1),1, f+1+2 B! b+2,1 -- 63 dmg (requires dash)
u/f+3, b+1, 2, f+1+2, f+3+4~FLE+2 -- 63 dmg


d/f+2,2, d/f+1, 2, f+1+2, f+3+4~FLE+2 -- 75 dmg
d/f+2,2, d/f+1, 1, f+1+2, f+3+4~FLE+2 -- 73 dmg
d/f+2,2, f+1+2, b+2,1~KIN f+2 -- 72 dmg
d/f+2,2, 1, b+1,1 b+1,1 f+1+2 B! b+2,1 72 dmg
d/f+2,2, d/f+1, 1, b+1,1, f+1+2 -- 70 dmg

CH FC,d/f+4

FC,d/f+4, u, d/f+1, 2, f+1+2 B! f+3+4~FLE+2 -- 68 dmg *slightly strict timing
FC,d/f+4, ws+3,2 B! b+2,1~KIN f+2 -- 67 dmg *inconsistent
FC,d/f+4, u, d/f+1, 1, f+1+2 B! f+3+4~FLE+2 -- 66 dmg
FC,d/f+4, u, d/f+1, 1, b+1,1, dash 1,1 B! dash b+2,1 -- 64 dmg
FC,d/f+4, u, d/f+1, 1, b+1,1, f+1+2 B! b+2,1 -- 63 dmg


u+3+4, d/f+1, 2, f+1+2 B! f+3+4~FLE+2 -- 73 dmg
u+3+4, f+1+2 B! b+2,1~KIN f+2 -- 70 dmg *use this on range where d/f+1 won't pick up


dgf+2, dgf+2~d f+1+2 B! b+2,1~KIN f+2 -- 67 dmg
dgf+2~d, 2, f+1+2, B! b+2,1~KIN f+2 -- 64 dmg
dgf+2, 2,2, f+1+2, B! f+3+4~FLE+2 -- 63 dmg
dgf+2~d, 1, b+1, b+1,1,1, f+1+2 B! b+2,1 -- 62 dmg

CH ss+4 / CH KIN 4

KIN+2,1+2 B! b+2,1~KIN f+2 -- 83 dmg
d/f+1, 2, f+1+2 B! f+3+4~FLE+2 -- 77 dmg
ff+3+4 B! b+2,1~KIN f+2 -- 76 dmg
iws+3,2 B! b+2,1~KIN f+2 -- 76 dmg
f+1+2 B! b+2,1~KIN f+2 -- 74 dmg
1, b+1,1, b+1,1, f+1+2 B! b+2,1 -- 74 dmg
d/f+1, 1, b+1,1, f+1+2 B! b+2,1 -- 72 dmg

CH u/f+2

u, d/f+1, 2, f+1+2 B! f+3+4~FLE+2 -- 73 dmg
ws+4, 1, f+1+2 B! f+3+4~FLE+2 -- 72 dmg
u, d/f+1, 1, b+1,1, f+1+2 B! b+2,1 -- 68 dmg
ws+4, 1, b+2,1 KIN f+2 -- 66 dmg
ws+4, 1, f+1+2 B! b+2,1 -- 65 dmg

CH ff+3

ff+3+4 B! b+2,1~KIN f+2 -- 74 dmg
ssl, f+1+2 B! b+2,1~KIN f+2 -- 72 dmg
f+1+2 B! b+2,1 -- 61 dmg

CH f+2

ssr, f+1+2 B! b+2,1~KIN f+2 -- 69 dmg
ff+1+2 B! BT d+1+4 -- 68 dmg *deals damage to self
ff+3+4 B! 1+2, 3+4 -- 64 dmg
ff+3+4, B! b+2,1 -- 60 dmg
f+1+2 B! b+2,1 -- 58 dmg

4~3 / FLE+3+4 / IND+4 / IND+(3),4 / (ff+3+4,1+2)+3+4

4~3, U/F,n+4, 2, f+1+2 B! f+3+4~FLE+2 -- 85 dmg
4~3, U/F,n+4, f+1+2 B! b+2,1~KIN f+2 -- 85 dmg
4~3, 1+2~KIN 2,1+2 B! b+2,1~KIN f+2 -- 83 dmg
4~3, U/F,n+4, 1, b+1,1, f+1+2 B! b+2,1 -- 80 dmg
4~3, bb, ff+4, BT d+2, ws+3,2 B! b+2,1 -- 79 dmg
4~3, ws+3,2 B! b+2,1~KIN f+2 -- 76 dmg

CH (d+2),2

d/b+3,3,4, qcf+1 -- 48 dmg *last hit requires tight timing but consistent
d+2+2, d/b+4 -- 46 dmg *consistent, also allows f+1+2 B! wall splat if the distant is right
d/b+3,3,(3),3,4 -- 43 dmg *seems to work better slightly off-axis right. ok wall carry
d/b+3,3,(3),4 -- 41 dmg *easy and consistent. ok wall carry

*these juggles work also with regular Flash (1+4). To calculate damage for these Flash juggles on non-CH, just add 1 more damage.

Low Parry

d/f+1, 1, b+1, b+2,1~KIN f+2 -- 42 dmg
d/f+1, 2, 1, f+3+4~FLE+2 -- 39 dmg

Stolen from Tenshi (from the tired o' getting my ass kicked thread), which was taken from TZ :P

Vs Bryan: 1+2+3+4~ b~ f~ u~ d~ 3+4 to copy his taunt/ spit poison. Do note that the taunt does not have the same properties that Bryan's does -- It's blockable, though it can be cancelled... either way, it's pretty much for showing off, as you can imagine.

That SC4 move should be in Yoshi's movelist, it's called "ironfist possession"...

Hmm, I googled it out and found this:


Welcome back to Manji business, BigChief! :)

I love the Ironfist possession in Sc4, I always look at the time whenever I can use it successfully (absolutely love drunken master dodge) haha but most of the time it will rarely come in handy and it will just be for the lulz and wtf's, but it's pretty satisfying to win this way

Quick replies, thanks!!
Cheers Junon for your help, and it's good to be back Tenshi =D

Its Good to have u Back Big Chief... Oh Can u give me ur Display pic... its awesome ;)

Hey vijay (hmm, I worked with a guy named Vijay..)

Sure, just right click and save it. I don't have the original anymore so you're stuck with the fancy "BigChief" writing in the corner though.

Cool.. About the display pic.. I just asked original for clarity ...and there is nothing to Mind about the big chief.. Its very nice font... And Yoshi is the Big Chief... Though he is not from Halo... XD by the way where have you been... Its really long time since i have seen you... Are you still into Tekken ?

Well I stopped playing video games for a long time and went traveling and got into sports and stuff. But now I hear TTT2 is coming out, so I bought a PS3 in advance :D Tekken 6 gets me through exam time now..

Sorry I am late with the welcome back!! Are your exams over now BC? Hope they went well. I'm not sure T6 is the BEST way to spend study time but whatever works for you :)) Did you happen to pass by Japan while travelling? You guys are fantastically close to that wonderful island!! Wish I wasn't 11.5-12 hours away by plane.

Will you be taking part in the yot awards? PLEEEAAAASE!!!!! At least write 'yoshimitsu' on a potato and call it art or something. ^^

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