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Hi Guys....
I was going thru tekken blood vengeance trailer and i came across a match... and tenshi told me the Name of the Dragonv player... and that he was the best in Japan or something...

So i was searching for his Videos... and i came across this... Its a Very Very Very good match for me..
I havent seen Better match... In spite of all the demoralizing shouts... the Match Turned out to be Good....

here is the Link

Oh.. if Any one can Find a Better Match plz post in this Forum... so that we can have decided... Only matches no combos...
Manji Ninja ... Vijay

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Did any one even tried clicking the link... :( Pls tell your opinion guys...

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you got love how the dragnouv gets 2 perfects and his use of high crushing moves not to mention a strong comeback in the last couple of rounds. Is that because he had to analise his oppenents before he can really dish out seroius damage or did he just getting started by that time

I still haven't seen the match. But the chances are that dragunov first had to analise his opponent before he could do serious damage. I think you should always play 3 to 5 matches before you can really tell who the better player is, a mistake is easily made and leads to really big damage, plus in the beginning it's a bit of experimenting what works on this dude and what doesn't.

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PUTAIN !!! No seriously man, this is by far the BEST match I've ever seen, damn man. The first time that tekken impressed me like SF4 does. There are lots of matches in SF4 that makes your jaw drop, I'd never found anything like that in Tekken 'till I saw this.

Nyway to analyze this a little, it's really clear that dragunov needed some time to adapt to law's playstyle. Cuz seriously that law player is GODLIKE, I've never seen a law player play like THAT.
He has opened my eyes in a lot of ways, the way he baits out his opponent is really something you should give him credit for.
Not only that, he is technically really really good and fast. If you're not a law player then you might not have seen it, but he canceled alot of his moves just to give him that bit of a frame advantage and he never failed.
Law has 2 stances DFS and DSS (it are his dragon stances) Law is able to cancel his moves to DFS, and from DFS to DSS. It's not that hard but you need to time it right.
But I won't go deeper into his Dragon stances, if you want to know more about it. Ya should check out his tutorials on youtube or click this link (the video is 8 minutes long).

And about that dragunov player, I can't really say much about him cuz I don't play with dragunov and have no idea how the commands or frames of his moves are. But I can say that he was better than law.
You can see that dragunov wasn't used to this law guy and got beat up in the first matches, but he figured that law pretty much out after the 2 or 3'rd match. He defended more and didn't got bait out by law anymore.
That law player was a fool and getting cocky when he was winning, but after his first loss you could see him getting desperate and going for the dragon tails (his sweep move) it was by then clear for me who was gonna win this match, that law player was looking for new ways to beat dragunov but dragunov was just better and outplayed him.

Well that's my opinion and how that match looked like to me ^^'

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Seemed like the law player got shut down once the drag player caught onto his db2~ db ~ ws1,2_ws2 shennanigan (which is something I'm definitely going to steal if I pickup law again). Solid gameplay from both players though.


The way the law player used dragontails wasn't out of desparation, it's guaranteed after ws1, 2 hits if you dash in.

Oh my, you really don't know top world players? I write it after Ralenzo said "This is the best match I've ever seen". I have seen countless of such epic matches. It's enough to list some of best players:

Top Law players:

Top Dragunovs:

Top Lars:

Top Alisa:

Top Bryan:
Mr Naps

... should I list all?

Also, I recommend checking for newest news from the Korean Tekken Crush League.

This is probably the best Tekken league in the world.

As I get home, I'll list you the best Tekken youtube channels, from Green Arcade for example.

@ Ralenzo... Good to know that Tekken has impressed you... And today i tried virtual fighter 4 and it was kinda hard to play after playing Tekken....and ralenzo.... The player just frames james is definately one of the best law player...he played his game well i think he did not work out on nobi...during the match...while nobi did... Same can be said about knee... I respect him also very much...

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@A.K fan... Bro find some good matches like these and post Pls... Oh bro.. In your location you said behind you... So i turned back with so much joy to look at you but you were not there... So Sad... Pls post a picture of you bro... Pls Pls....

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@junon ... I think ralenzo was talking about the dragon tail move which just frames did... Without any the end of a round...

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@Tenshi... Thanks for listing out top players...but as you can see we did not see enough of matches anywhere around so even this not so good matches sound like astonishing for us... So would be kind enough to post a few matches that would really make out jaw drop... Oh it might be obvious to you .. Who the top Yoshi players are... But considering our noob knowledge... Can you fill that out Pls....

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Now i have a question.... How would you have played with Yoshi ... Against just frames... Cos my stupid friend just browses thru stuff like this and tortures me .... Specially with the d/b2 stuff.... Actually he user 2,2,2 and goes all this torture moves... I really have sad time with him... Oh and tenshi must have missed one of my fav law player... Its R.I.P...he is good with lot of negatives frames game...and the main thing i love about him is that he can laugh about it... He is sooo full of nuts that he would sometime start the game with dragon tail ... Or some cheap tricks for which opponent and he would laugh... Right now i am using mobile to browse... But once i get on my pc .. I will post his videos... And if you have time Pls check out world cyber games 2010 finals knee(bryan) vs AO(alisa)... Thats how i became alisa user...

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Tenshi would be kind enough to complete the list of top players in the world for each character... Pls Pls Pls Pls Pls .....

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Haha, well that'd be a pretty long list to post all the top players. Just watch Tekken crash and you'll find match vids of this calibur all the time.

Nin and Rain are two names that come to mind. I had the opportunity to play Nin at my house one night: his reaction time is insane, and execution is flawless. Not to mention he's a goofy and very friendly guy in general. It was just a shame that I had only just started playing yoshi at the time (probably less than 2 weeks of practice), so he beat me VERY fast -- and I was forced to use Lars (my main at the time) to do any damage. The only advice he gave me at the time was "stop playing yoshi", haha. Next time we play, I'll hopefully make him eat those words :X

For anti character strats:

Inca's "yoshi vs bible" is an amazing tool. It's helped my game A LOT.

# Junon : Seemed like the law player got shut down once the drag player caught onto his db2~ db ~ ws1,2_ws2 shennanigan (which is something I'm definitely going to steal if I pickup law again). Solid gameplay from both players though.


The way the law player used dragontails wasn't out of desparation, it's guaranteed after ws1, 2 hits if you dash in.

I was talking about his first dragontail not the garanteed one ;)

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Nevermind, kumar already cleared that one out for me, my bad ^^'

@tenshi, yeah I don't know no top tekken players beside you. I know ALOT of street fighter players though :D
I watch american tournaments like EVO, CEO, Level up, and others but I always skip the tekken parts cuz it's always boring and not that hyped like street fighter.

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ow and kumar, good luck with virtua fighter :D ya know what I also find a bit hard with virtua fighter. It's hard to use alot of a characters ^^' I only play with 2 characters in that game Brad and Akira, my brother only with jacky. And that's because it really takes a while before you know how to play your character. It's much different than Sf, tekken or soul calibur.
What character do you use and on what console, I play it on xbox cause the ps3 didn't had any only function plus the xbox version got more moves.

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@Ralenzo - if you miss the hype in Tekken, you should definitely check out Tekken Crash videos in the link I provided.

@Vijay - I played Rip once, he's a very good Law. It was something like 25 to 17 for him in our sparring matches. But at that time (Autumn 2010) I wasn't that good with Tekken 6 Yoshi ^^ My best performance starts from February this year and still goes up.

I played with Malgu as well, lost 3:2 in sparrings and never played again, there was such a big queue to him. :) Though I think he doesn't play his best at sparrings. Sunchip completely devastated me, didn't have much time to start thinking like him because more players wanted to play. He eventually won a whole tournament. He's IMO best Bryan just after Knee.

You should also check out how JustFrameJames plays Yoshi :) He's actually good with him!

To write a whole list is a long go, maybe there are characters which are specifically interesting for you?

awww maaaayne. Your best performance starts from February this year and is still going UP !! I'm in a whole lot of trouble :p My best performance was tekken 5 since tekken 6 I've been performing BAD >.>
Still looking forward to play with you though :p
And yeah I'll check the link

# Ralenzo : I only play with 2 characters in that game Brad and Akira, my brother only with jacky.

YEAAAAAAH!!!!! Less talk, more action!!