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# Aozame32 : So... Yoshimitsu wasn't in the movie. At all.

spoiler alert!??

If their is no yoshimitsu, that speaks for the movie itself. Its like GnR without slash... It just doesn't work.

You didn't miss out on the movie. I saw it during the premier night and was very disappointed. Major spoiler below:

All in all, it was a long drawn out story, stupid puns and quotes that didn't make sense. Fight scenes were OK at best, with the 3d it was tough to see what was actually happening the bulk of the fight. I think I only saw 2 ewgfs, too :\

I'm still going to buy the movie on Blu-Ray, but onlt for TTT HD and TTT2 prologue. I might watch the movie once more with subtitles in hopes that the translations were wrong, and makes a better story... but I doubt it.

Oh, the voice acting was horrid, too.

Junon funny you said about that as soon I saw a picture of this guy you mentioned, I knew something was about to go horribly wrong, but really hoped will would be alot better because of the whole anime world going on, but because its tekken I would still watch it sometime or not.

 So, fellow Yoshimitsu fans, I didn't catch this when I saw the movie in theaters, but I heard that you can see a dossier of Yoshimitsu when Anna is looking over files on some high-profile people that her employers are keeping tabs on.  That's a neat little nod to Yoshimitsu, if it's true.

Update: Well, I did a bit of searching, and the only spot I found that could possible be the moment is when Anna is showing Kazuya some files and reports.  It's about 6 minutes into the movie.  It's just a shot of a whole assortment of Tekken characters, nothing special. >_>

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