YOT Awards - chit chatting

Do you have any comments or questions as for YOT Awards? :)

question; Do we also have to register for the fun categories?

Nope. Fun categories will be held just like two years before: everybody vote for everyone. :)

I was wondering. Many members here will likely start working on writing or art projects in order to take part in this competition. So would it be possible to also have runner up prizes in the main categories? This could just be the same as the prize for the fun categories so that it will be at no extra cost, but it means that more people will be rewarded for their efforts. It's just an idea.


Yes, it sounds good, Jem :)
I'll wait with final award list until I hear a feedback from Namco... maybe, MAYBE they'll drop something for us as well. I don't have much hopes, though... but maybe a miracle will happen.

That would be so great if they got back to you! :D

Although, they seem to be really busy lately, so I don't know. :(

They told me to contact them by phone. Gosh, my spoken English isn't that good. :/

Wow... Dream come true.... So what you gonna do tenshi....

if you have an idea about what they would like to ask you about, you could perhaps write some notes and a speech sort a thing and ask our some off our english speeching members to test your presentation, and to feel more comfortable with it before making the call.

besides any one of us would be glad to our great leader if the chance came by.

The main problem would be phone bills. Maybe I'll be able to phone them by Skype... I have to check the opportunities.

Since it benefits us all, isn't there a way to split the bills with all of us ?
I wouldn't mind paying some share of the bills ^^'
And yeah I can't speak english that well either XD I sound like apu from the simpsons when I talk english >.<

AK.fan practices his English via webcam chat sometimes and his spoken English is actually much, much more accurate than his written (hope you don't mind me saying that AK, it's a compliment!!). If you want to practice speaking with a native speaker, you know where I am and I'm sure others would gladly help out too.

However you do it, this is indeed a fantastic opportunity and too good to miss through fear. Easy for me to say, I know I'd never have the confidence to do such a thing in German or Japanese. Good luck with this Boss!!

Added 7 minutes later:

Oh oh and as Ralenzo said, I too would be willing to help out. We are a clan after all and that's what we do, we work to gether and fight at one!!!

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Wait, what country would you be calling if you called them? Maybe someone who lives there could call on your behalf?

On behalf... I dont think so... Its best for tenshi to call... I would also be glad to help... But my currency would turn into penny.... Indian currency you know... Still something is better than nothing... Tenshi dont you have a local friend who can help you out and talk... If its on skype ... Put a conference... Yikes......

Now that I think about it, if you're calling to Japan, then I don't think your english would be a problem ^^'
But hey isn't there a namcobandai here in europe ? I thought in france