YOT Awards - fun categories voting

Who should be 'the one' in one of the fun categories? Chose your type!

The fun categories include:

Most like Yoshi
Most obsessed with Yoshi
Brainiest Member
Most Helpful
Most lovable
Member I'd most like to have a drink with
Best DTPA poster
Biggest Soul Calibur fan
Funniest poster
Most active

Most Obsessed: TheYoshimitsu
Brainiest: Noodlehead
Most Helpful: Tenshimitsu
Most Lovable: Jembru
Most like to drink with: Noodlehead

I think I'm too much of a noob to vote on the rest :p

Congrats on the 10th anniversary, Tenshi!

For the benefit of our newer members who are not so familiar with DTPA, I would like to share the link here. Destroy The Poster Above

Oh yeah, I'm being sneaky and chose to post the page where I joined in. Not because I want to win this one though. It's just that it got pretty crazy from here and it would take hours to read the entire thread. I'll save my votes for nearer the time so tha new members have time to join in and make an impression in the forums.

Grab yourself a drink and some snacks, put the phone on silent, enjoy the carnage and then, by all means, join in the fun!! Don't worry about making a kill that's been done before, no one will notice and it's all just for fun.

Most obsessed with Yoshi: Jembru
Most lovable: Jembru
Member I'd most like to have a drink with: SumSamurai
Biggest Soul Calibur fan: Ralenzo
Funniest poster: vijay_kumar_cute
Most active: Jembru

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I don't know about you guys but Its hard for me to pick one this year. perhaps its because I have got to know people I little better or least it feels like it ^^

Most like Yoshi:

Most obsessed with Yoshi: Like last year Tenshi and the same reason for it

Brainiest Member: I have a feeling some is way smarter than you count them for but you can't go wrong with Tenshi

Most Helpful: vijay kumar cute those mini guides, game play hints and for being able to ask those questions nobody wants ask. little thinker for you, just because we don't answer your posts doesn't mean we don't wanna read them ^^

Most lovable: Hard one but jemma, that nice welcome and those answer to my japan questions where awesome welcome

Member I'd most like to have a drink with: hard one people really nice and all but.... yoshimattsu for a fun music convo

Best DTPA poster: sumsamurai one of the easier ones

Biggest Soul Calibur fan: thats an easy one Kagekiyo

Funniest poster: aozame. those posts in the paring thread where funny as hell

Most active: Jemma for sure not that bad thing though

I will opdate later when I figure out the last one

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Most like Yoshi : Tenshi
Most obsessed with Yoshi : Tenshi
Brainiest Member : Tenshi
Most Helpful : Tenshi
Most lovable : Jembru
Member I'd most like to have a drink with : I dont drink :P
Best DTPA poster
Biggest Soul Calibur fan
Funniest poster :ihopethisnamecounts
Most active :Jembru

Considering my poor exposure in Manjikai... I vote for the above people...

Most like Yoshi; YoshiDivine Because he is really humble about his abilities, doesn't worry about what others think, and is focused on being the best he can!
Most obsessed with Yoshi; Tenshimitsu for sure. She made this forum and kept it alive all this time, works hard to show the world how awesome Yoshi is, and is the only person I know who might possibly be more obsessed with Yoshi than I am (it's close).
Brainiest Member; This is hard, because most Yoshi fans seem like pretty brainy people. I'm going to go for Junon because he seems pretty switched-on and has some good advice and seems to know his stuff. So yeah, Junon for Brainiest!
Most Helpful; after her contributions to the 'tired of getting my ass kicked' thread, it wouldn't be right not to vote for Tenshi. Sorry to vote for her twice.
Most lovable; Sumsamurai!!!
Member I'd most like to have a drink with; All of you!! But as I have to choose someone, I'll go with Aozame. She seems really sweet and I bet she is a lot of fun once she has a drink and starts obsessing about Yoshi!! ^^
Best DTPA poster: Sumsamurai is probably the all-time champ but as she hasn't posted for over 2 years, I will go for Angelboy as the best newcomer to the game.
Biggest Soul Calibur fan: No one really bothers in those forums now. My boyfriend is a big fan but he hasn't joined YOT so... I vote for TheYoshimitsu for being the most active in the SC forums this past year.
Funniest poster:Sumsamurai. She always finds amusing vids and stuff.
Most active: Aaah.. dunno. I can think of a few I could vote for in this. Yoshidivine has been posting a LOT recently, and yet Angelboy is always helping to keep the dust of the forums during quiet times. Gonna have to cheat and share half a point between them. So Yoshidivine and Angelboy.

If only there were a "Most Absent Member" category...[]

I don't know no one actually but from what I DO know heres my list

- Most like yoshi: Junon, why u ask; well I don't know really he just seemed to be the "most like yoshimitsu" :p
- Most obsessed with yoshi: Well that's easy Jemma !! or is it...
- Brainiest member: I'd go for my brother cuz he is really smart, but I'm going for Kumar. I mean the guy is a DOCTOR.
- Most helpful: Tenshimitsu, it's hard to discuss that.
- Most lovable: Jemma it's impossible to hate her.
- Member I'd most like to have a drink with: AK47 Fan, cuz he keeps it real !! And I think he's the coolest guy around (also Junon tho).
- Best TPDA poster, don't know what that is...
- Biggest soul calibur fan: ME ofcourse XD
- Funniest poster: Kumar, the way u post cracks me up
- Most active: My bro Angelo for sure !!