YOT Awards - sign up thread

Here's the thread dedicated for competition submissions

Please make only one submission per member (double posts will be deleted)
You can edit your post at any time up to the sign-up deadline.
No Competition-related comments here, please. You can create topics and post comments in the YOT Awards forums.

The prizes

1x figure of Tekken 6 Yoshi (Super Modeling Soul Tekken 6 figure)
3x Tekken 6 Art Book with big poster (Yes, it's from Tekken 6 Collector's Edition)

+ other:
- special rights in Manjikai site (1. ability to chose the nickname's color, 2. custom title)
- a zip package of unique Yoshimitsu fan arts for personal use
- downloadable Manjikai "certificate" ;-)

Main categories

1. The best of the best (Best fan artist + fan fiction writer)
The reward: Tekken 6 Yoshi figurine

2. Best fan artist
The reward: Tekken 6 art book + big Tekken 6 poster

3. Best fan fiction writer
The reward: Tekken 6 art book + big Tekken 6 poster

4. Category "Open" - I love Yoshi!
- show other expressions of your creativity and write a short essay on why you love Yoshimitsu and why it should be you who should receive Tekken artbook.
The reward: Tekken 6 art book + big Tekken 6 poster

Fun categories

Please vote for the winners in this thread

Most like Yoshi
Most obsessed with Yoshi
Brainiest Member
Most Helpful
Most lovable
Member I'd most like to have a drink with
Best DTPA poster
Biggest Soul Calibur fan
Funniest poster
Most active

The rewards in these categories include:
- special rights in Manjikai site (1. ability to chose the nickname's color, 2. custom title)
- a zip package of unique Yoshimitsu fan arts for personal use
- downloadable Manjikai "certificate" ;-)

The rules

- In order to take part in the competition, you have to sign up in the dedicated forum thread. The sign-up post should include:
    1.) Links to your Yoshi creativity submitted here on Manjikai (fan arts, fan fiction) or elsewhere (youtube movies). Links to fan arts and fan fiction submitted in other sites won't be taken into account.
    2.) Short story about you and why you like Yoshi
    3.) Other possible reasons as for why you should win the prize
    4.) Categories in which you are going to take part

- The deadline of signing up is two weeks before YOT's 10th birthday (we all know the date... don't we?)
- Manjikai founder will chose the jury and organize an online debate about who should win in each of main categories. The results will be released to public in the day of YOTs 10th Birthday.
- As for "Fun categories" - all Manjikai members will vote for the winners in a separate forum thread.

A few pictures of awards

Art books and Yoshi figure

Yoshi from one side...

... and from another...

... the photos are a bit unclear (oh my shaky hand...), but he looks super cool!

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My name is Aozame and here is my submission for the Manjikai 10th Anniversary YOT Awards. :D

1.) Here is a link to the fanfiction that I have uploaded to the site. And here is the link to the fanart that I have also uploaded to the site. It's not much, but I've put a lot of effort into it. :)

2.) Well, let's see. A short story about me and why I like Yoshimitsu? Hmmm... Well, my screen name is Aozame and I've been a fan of Tekken- and a fan of Yoshimitsu <3 - for about 12 years now. Tekken 2 was one of the first Playstation games that I ever played, and I instantly took to Yoshimitsu. I thought he looked cool, sounded cool, and had an awesome moveset. I've been a Yoshimitsu fangirl ever since! :D I've never found another character that I like more than him. What I like the most about him is his personality. He's courageous, compassionate, and captivating in every sense of the word. I find myself trying to live by his example more and more every day, actually. In fact, I've been working for a local organization that helps refugees, and I'd be lying if I said that Yoshimitsu wasn't my inspiration for reaching out to those less fortunate.

3.) As for any other reasons why I should win, I'd have to say that... Well, I don't really have any other reasons. ^_^; I mean, I'd really like to win, but I don't really like bragging too much or being boastful. :P And honestly, if someone else beats me and wins the prize, then I think they deserve it. :D Lol! There's nothing worse than a sore loser. :P

4.) I would like to enter the "Best of the Best" category and I'd also like to enter the "Best Fanfiction Writer" category. Thank you! :D

Hey Aozame, won't you also take part in the open category too and enter your plushy? It's unusual and awesome so why not? At least think about it, pleeeeaaaaaase!!!!


# Jembru : Hey Aozame, won't you also take part in the open category too and enter your plushy? It's unusual and awesome so why not? At least think about it, pleeeeaaaaaase!!!!


I hadn't thought about that before, but that could actually be really fun! :D I'll try to finish it before the deadline and I'll add it to my entries. :D Thanks!

Okay, this were the last non-signup posts here. :)
Please move to chit chat if it's not a submission post.
(And yeah, your doll would be awesome ^^)

Using the opportunity, I encourage everybody else to enter: If you don't, Aozame will snatch all prizes for herself. :)

I will would like to enter the... artist category for drum cover of the tekken 3 yoshimitsu theme. I know a person who have a recording studio thats why so hopefully things go as planed.

I have gotten studio time the 5th in the next month, things can happen but I'm pretty sure it recorded by then

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Luminoseti here, wishing to take part in the contest

So, lets get started
1)Here's the picture http://www.manjikai.com/plug.php?e=usergal&s=viewfol&fl=0&fid=112

2)I love characters that are inspired by Japanese mythology. Yoshi takes it a bit futher by bringing in eccentric character traits and being really cool at the same time. Especially in Soul Calibur games he literally is the star of the show. He's move set is also great and he has a lot of nice, easy to pull off moves. Thats what I really like about him :)

3)Why should I win? I'm no better than anyone else here, we are all humans after all. It would be absurd for me to assume that. Of course winning would be nice, I have never won a contest in my life but winning can never be quaranteed. So I'll just end this by saying "let the best man win".

4)I would like to participate in the category Best fan artist

My turn to apply before it is too late.

1) I'm entering my Fan Fiction. This story does stand alone but is part of an on-going saga, so all of the characters in this story have their own stories and rich history. If I were a more talented writer, maybe this would be more obvious than I am able to make it. This story however, is where Yoshimitsu first entered this world and added to it's history. These days, he is part of the furnishings there :))

2) Why do I like Yoshimitsu? He is a shining light in my life. He gives me hope when times are dark, he gives me faith in others, not only through his stories but also though the wonderful people my Yoshi obsession has led me to. I've had so many adventures since finding this forum through Yoshimitsu. Some ended well, some ended in tears, some are only just beginning and others are still on-going. All of these advantures though, have enriched my life in some way, taught me things about myself that I'll hold forever. I have Yoshimitsu to thank for this and as such, I will forever be proud to call myself a Yoshimitsu fan.

3) Do I deserve to win? Maybe that is for others to decide, not me. Isn't it the taking part that matters anyway? Although, I can't help but smile when I recall something a fellow YOT member once said to me, 'winning isn't everything, it's just the only thing that matters'. I have no idea where he got this quote, or if he invented it himself, but I still say this myself sometimes and laugh.

4) I'm entering the fanfic section. I was going to use the birthday card I made for Angelboy to cheat my way into the fan art section too, but it's not really art, it's cutting and sticking. These are skills I learned in first school!!!

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Hi everybody, TheFumaken here.

1) I’m entering my fan art. Here’s the link: http://www.manjikai.com/plug.php?e=usergal&s=viewfol&fl=0&fid=116
I thought it would be cool if Yoshimitsu would forgive Kunimitsu, so that she can take an active part in the story once more. I kept Yoshimitsu in the middle though, cause he’s what this contest is all about.

2) I watched my brother playing Tekken 3 when I was young. It was the first Tekken game I ever witnessed. He always chose Bryan as a fighter, but once in a while, I saw this really odd fighter passing by in the Arcade Mode. The sword was the first thing I looked for, with which he could perform awesome attacks. His unusual moves and the deep concentration he's in during fights were the other things that attracted me to him.
The first Tekken game I played was Tekken 4. A great game, mainly because of the prologues they added. The first character I chose to play the story with was Yoshimitsu. The prologue showed me THE picture that has characterized Yoshimitsu for me forever (my avatar). He wasn’t the crazy space dude I didn’t know anything about from Tekken 3. He was pictured as a responsible leader, who was doing everything he could, to protect the refugees from all around the world. He was such a beautiful character, and on top of that a great fighter, which I’ve came to realize over the past 10 years playing Tekken.

3) I don’t really know why I should win the contest. I tried my best to make some cool Yoshimitsu fan art. If someone else should win it, I’d be happy for him/her. It's like playing Tekken 6 on line, I don’t mind losing, as long as I’ve put up a good fight myself =)

4) I would like to participate in the Best Fan Artist category.

The sign-up time is over.

In the meantime, I'll pick up the jury to decide, who should be the winner in each category.
Stay tuned :)

oooh, I can hardly wait ^^!!!

You wanted to submit something yourself, didn't you?

# TheFumaken : You wanted to submit something yourself, didn't you?
yea, but I'm backing out...

That's too bad...

check your PMs! ^^

Added 15 days later:

I'd like to ask you for a little bit of patience...

I should have some time for the custom titles setup and fanarts this Sunday. I'm a bit busy with my job, I'm sorry...

Added 10 days later:

I'd like to urge the winners to give me your postal address. Aozame? AK fan?

Added 7 days later:

Okay, I received all addresses besides Aozame's one. Tomorrow I'll send you the prizes.


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I must say that i have been playing tekken for ages (since i was 4) and i have always been a dedicated yoshimitsu fan, from tekken 2 all the way to tekken 6, "majoring" in tekken 2. If you need anything related to yoshimitsu in tekken 1,2, or 3, im ur guy.