Hi all.
Five minutes ago I was thinking about something...
And I was thinking, maybe can I simply ask you guys and girls and Tenshi :)
I dont know if this is a good idea and if Tenshi has time for it.
I was thinking about 'certificate' or something with Tenshis signature for us...
For example, to hang on the wall, u all can say what u thinking about it.
It is definitely a cool thing.

''Manji Member'' or something like that
bla bla
bla bla bla
bla bla...

or tenshis real name...


lol.. weird ... But nice idea....

Of course I can make such certificate, no problem.

... But not with my signature.

Even though I'm the founder of Manjikai, I'm not here to receive any kind of applause, I'm here rather to serve you. As good as I can with my constant lack of time...

Hmm, I think he was intending for them to be send individually to members? Is that right TheYoshimitsu? Which is a nice idea but would be terribly time consuming. So how about making a blank one which is downloadable but available only to YOT Members? That way, anyone who wants once can fill in thier own details, print it out and frame it for their wall. Oh gosh, I want one now ^^

Maybe do another one for the yot awards so we can write on what we won and put THAT on our wall too. It's a cute idea actually. Also, if you don't have time Tenshi, why not see if one of us would be willing to design it?

Actually I was thinking if I should ask you for it ^^

By the way, YOT prizes arrived, I'm charging my boyfriends camera to take a picture of them. Soon I'll announce the beginning of YOT 10th anniversary competition. :)

Prepare, mwahahah hahahah! :D

How can one obtain one of those "YOT prizes" ?

Each of the prize will be a reward in a chosen branch of YOT activity. In order to take part in competition, each one of the participants will have to write an application showing his work, past and present.

More info very soon.

Whoa I'm excited :P

Indeed, I'm really looking foward to the YOT awards as well ;D