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Hi, I'm an animator- i'm currently working on a birthday present for a pal of mine- it's a big ultimate showdown of all the toughest fighters, from comics, from movies, from anime, and of course, from games, including (tekken) yoshimitsu fighting a predator (using his harakiri, no less).

anyway, i've been digging around all night looking for sound clips for yoshimitsu- the closest i'd come was trying to extract them from the tekken advance GBA file, just didn't work.

someone said somewhere that you guys had them, but you kept them under lock and key. i'd really like access, the guy's birthday is tomorrow!

i'm not a bot! i'm not a spammer! if giving me forum authority is an issue, could you email the files to me at

thanks guys, i really appreciate this!

Well well well! welcome :) happy birthday to your friend, and I hope one of our admins come in time, I don't think I have access to everything either, since I'm fairly new

Well my friend kort.. You request is genuine and i wish i could help but i am surfing from mobile... If you can be more specific some one else would help you... Most probably Jemma...

Added 3 minutes later:

I think kai can also help... I mean you can download specific file he asks and mail it to him... I dont think any admin would mind you helping share some media.... And afterall... We are Manji's and we shall help... Adios amigo...

:) I'll help but i'm clueless just tell me what you need

Edit: Sorry dude I gotta head to bed, gotta wake up at 5:30 am tomorrow morning, maybe even 5, and I won't be online till maybe 10 or 11, probably will be too late to help you, I'm handing off this responsibility to some other, more responsibly Yot member :P tootles, good luck, and good night

Oh and edit edit: I don't have access to the files anyways 0:

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Hi. in terms of specific files, being an animator, i'd love to save everything you guys have for later use- yoshimitsu's a favourite character of mine, it's likely i'll be animating him again and at greater length.

if there's issues with that though, what i need for this animation specifically is his (tekken) "i'm being hurt" and "i'm about to do harakiri" voice samples, as well as his sword noises would be awesome, if you have them.

i think i read somewhere that only...uh...elite? admin? members can get at the files.

thanks for being so cool about this, guys.

I will try to go to cafe... And try to download it for you... Actually there is a Yoshimitsu remix song which has most of his sounds.. Try searching in google also...

Hey guys, how're we going? I finished the animation, it's here- -you'll notice there's a big hole in the sound where yoshi's noises should be! i'd still really like to add them in. what's happening?

Hi kort ... Sorry dude i couldnt help.. I am at a counselling for my post graduate....This is the thing that will give be bread and butter for rest of i cant make out time for you... Though its a very small thing you ask... I am really sorry... I wish some one else would have helped... Btw did you try to search in youtube or else where for Yoshimitsu remix... Oh and try posting the same thing in general discussion forum also cos its the most active forum... See Ya.....

thanks vijay, it's cool, i'm at uni too- i know how it can be.
i found some sounds for tekken 2 yoshi, but the noise i really want, i can't find. the one just before harakiri- that howl he does. might be post tekken 3 only.