Why and when @ YOT

Hehe, I was actually going to ask you if you were purposedly provoking everybody to charge at you. :)

I know Street Fighter a bit, played some games many years ago at the arcades. It didn't draw much of my attention, though.

You know.. you say you know all Yoshimitsu's tricks.. well really, you know all of your BROTHERS Yoshimitsu tricks, I'd love to see you play some of the other YOTians, you might just get a surprise (of course I don't mean myself though ^^).

# Jembru : Is that because not enough good players use him? Or because it's so difficult to develop ones skills to a level which would allow his potential to be realized? If it is the latter, then it kinda IS unbalanced when you consider other characters can be mastered much more easily. I'm taking a break from playing but just before I quit, I started using different characters who I knew nothing about, but was winning online while I just can't win with Yoshi, no matter how hard I trained. That's kinda why I am taking a break/giving up.

Also, Ralenzo, coming on here and saying Yoshi sucks? That's like farting in a busy lift :)) Is it frustration because u miss playing Tekken against the awesome Jembru so much? Tee hee.

It's more because if a good player has the choice between a character that can be mastered in two weeks and the one that can be mastered in two years... then he choses the first.

I started with Yoshi a long time ago, when he was still pretty simple to use, and finding out the tricks was just an addition to his normal, successful gameplay. Nowadays, without tricks it's hard to win. Without knowledge and experience... it's just really, really hard.

I kind of pity new Tekken players since it's difficult to find all the needed information about Tekken to fully understand this game. That's why I will definitely write a mini-guide to level up your game with Yoshi. :)

Thanks Tenshi. It's nice to know I'm not just a moron. I actially KNOW I'm not stupid, but this game was starting to crush my spirits a little. A guide would be awesome but your tips in the forums have already been a good help (although I still lack too much of the basics to see much benefit).

Also, just wanna say it's really great that you're around more at the moment. YOT rocks with you around! ^^

Ah, what am I doing? I should be doing my German homework!!! Okay.. logging out now or I'll never complete this course ^^

It's like you say jembru, you lack too much of the basics that's why u lose with yoshimitsu, I think. He's a not so forgiving character with lot's of frame disadvantages. I use yoshimitsu for the lolz and I win often, and that's just because I know like the basics of the game plus I also know what he can do because of playing against my brother.
Anyway, it's true that I didn't play against other members from the community except for you and rusty, I've only played against my brother. But I really think that my brother is one of the best yoshimitsu player this community has to offer really.
I'm just average not bad not good so yeah I'd probably lose against some of the better yoshimitsu players here I honestly admit that.
Btw jembra when psn get's back up let's play again then okay ^^

And for the rest of y'all if ya wanna try and change my mind about yoshimitsu add me and beat the crap out of me =)
psn: Ralenzo (only people from europe pls, me hates lag)

We will meet one day online... when PSN goes online again. Heh...

Hhahahaha I'm glad to hear that tenshi, I really am, and don't expect much from me. You seem like one of the better players on the forum and I really hope that by playing you I can learn something.

We all are constantly learning, I'm no exception. :) Actually I expect you to be a good player from what you're saying, adding that you're playing vs Yoshimitsu frequently, you might have good anti-Yoshi basics.

We will see. Hope our fights will be lag-free :) It shouldn't be that bad, we're not that far from each other, we should have 3/4 bars.

Oh, BTW, what's your main char?

I'd like to get in on some online matches as well (lag permitting, and whenever PSN is up). I only have 3 yoshi players on my list, one being noodlehead where we have a mediocre connection, Zen (yellow bars, but it was playable iirc), and another person whom I'm training.

PSN: ForMyNinjas - if anyone would like to add me.

You had yellow bars with ZeN? I wonder how it would be with me, I live just a bit farther. My PSN is pretty straight-forward: Tenshimitsu.

Hmmm my main, that's pretty hard for me to say. I don't think I have a main I use lots of different characters but the characters who I have used since tekken 3 are paul, law and jin =)
The first character you'll be fighting when facing me WILL be paul without a doubt ;)
I hope that answers your question

I mast grow up ?! Sorry but u cant tell me what I suppose to do...
U do not know what I can..
I can realy much for my age


Hey there TheYoshimitsu. I don't think Ranlenzo meant to offend you. I understand how you understood it though and why you are offended. I think he just meant because you are young yet and have time to grow. We are all growing, whatever our age, with every single event which occurs in our lives, so don't worry. Self-development is one of the most precious gifts this life has to give us. No one is perfect but we continuously move closer to that ideal.

We must remember that not everyone speaks English fluently here and even amongst those who do, misinterpretation and poorly chosen words can occur (lesson I learnt the hard way for sure!!). So lets always give one another the benefit of the doubt. You are a welcome and valued member here TheYoshimitsu, so if someone says something that offends you, either try to ignore it, or if it is serious and you really feel victimised, speak to the admin or another yot member you feel comfortable with, in private. On this occasion however, I honestly believe he meant no offence.

Added 5 minutes later:

Oh and Ralenzo, if you DO ever want to rip on someone for liking Yoshi too much, you know where I am. I kinda enjoy it!! :))

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Good words, Jem. I don't have anything more to add. :)