Why and when @ YOT

Some times Yot becomes so silent.... I was thinking ....why people were not around... Then i thought why do we come to Yot .... So.... Why and when do you come to yot... ? I think tenshi has the most obvious and lengthy answer... but please tell us your feelings... Every one are welcome no matter what... Oh and I think Jembru is addicted with this site :p

I come here because Yoshi's my boy, and I come here whenever I can to check out if somethin new popped up. Sure Yot is silent a lot of the time, but knowing how popular forums are there are a helluvalot of flaming, I'm glad this place is kept clean, after all there aint much to talk about since Tekken's settling down.


Hope you're right Kai, although I hoped that too when T6 came out but actually, things didn't really heat up around here. YOT is a quiet site but it's our peaceful home and you get used to it ^^.

Why am I so active? Well, of course Yoshimitsu is the main reason. I am not exactly skilled at the game, but I just really, really adore Yoshimitsu. I draw him, I write about him, he's like an icon to me. It's not cool, I know I am not cool, but this is the real me. In my desperate attempts to keep this forum active, I write a lot of silly and surely annoying long posts (sorry for that). I also put myself down on here alot, saying 'I suck' over and over, although really, I'm just very self-concious about being bad at the game and it's like, if I say it first, it stops the taunts from hurting ^^. Still, that is probably annoying for most of you.

At one point, I had yot as my homepage so I was online here EVERY TIME I opened my browser. So I must surely have the highest log in count of anyone on yot!!!

These days, it's not my homepage but I come here as often as I can, mainly because, as previously stated, no other forum is as friendly and family-like as this one. I've met some great friends here, and although we are friends off the forum now, I still feel that our roots are here. Friends are the family you choose, so if my family are here, then this is surely my home!!


I read somewhere that home is where Mom is but I have to totally disagree with that statement and I'll have to go with Jem's definition, friends are the family you choose.

Sure I haven't been able to talk with a lot of you much, and a lot of the members here I have never even talked to or mentioned, which is a shame because I know this site can be much, much more. Like Jem, I'd want to get this place more active, although she's been doin 500% more than any of us I think I need to get my ass up and do the same, maybe invite a few friends or post the link up somewhere, mention it here and there. Of course I won't put it up carelessly though, I'd like to keep this place as un-flamed as possible.

Jem, don't think any of your posts annoy us :)

Well Gnite :P

Yot goes through waves of activity. There are a few reasons for the inactivity really, such as...
A) Lack of active members
B) People don't go into the individual forums to check for new posts, so if 2 threads are posted in the same forum, only the most recently updated is read and replied to.
C) Until recently, people didn't seem to want to talk about game strategies and suchlike much, and most other Yoshi topics have been covered already.
D) The forum is a little untidy so finding the good older threads is like finding a needle in a haystack (incidentally, should you ever wish to find a needle in a haystack, fire is the fasted way :)) although it's really best to avoid doing your needlecraft on farmland if you can :p ).
E) Our admin are a lot busier and have much less time than they used to.

There are other factors of course. I'm not sure advertising is the answer thought. We'd get dabblers who don't share the real love of Yoshi that brought us here. After all, we only needed enough love to put his name into a search engine. Advertising would only catch those who never do that and.. what kind of Yoshi fan doesn't google him? Saying that, I have started trying to befriend the yoshi players I meet on PSN and I plan on dropping a mention of this place.

Oh and of course another reason it's quiet here is that YOT's second most active member, Angelboy, is currently having internet issues so can't come here right now. I'm super-active right now though because it is Easter so I'm not working.

Miss super hyper active Jemma... You missed the point... I think you are testing us to see if we read proper enough... XD forgot to add :p spoiler alert XD

How'd I miss the point? You asked 2 questions and I answered them ^^

Why? Because this is my home.
When? As often as possible.

So what did I miss?

What i meant was you missed the point B...XD

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Or in german ... A is followed by C XD

Oh hahaha, yeah :)) There WAS a point B, I deleted it and then forgot to change the others. Well, I was tired from all day at the funfair with my friends!! lol

Oh and I assure you, in german, a is still followed by b.. although in Japanese a is followed by i. :p a, i, u, e, o is the first line of their syllabic 'alphabet' (kana table).

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I come here every dey..
Becouse I read meny things.. these things can help me in some another things xD
I feel here like in my home, sometimes better..
I was telling before, that I wanna by like Yoshi, like a Ninja or Samurai..
I wanna be a part of Japanese powerfull warriors-assassins.
Yoshimitsu was whole time with me and I even did not know..
Tekken 1 comes out on 1994 exacly like me.. ( Yes I am 16 ) :P
My two cousins they are twins..
They like Japanese stile to.. They show me many thing as I was 8-9
They show me how to shot with bow (We did the arrows themselves). They show me how to fight with a sword.(1kg stick)
On the back of their house, there are swamps..
We were walking there at night.. yes at night as I was 8-9 (of course I was afraid)
We climbing on trees.. and I learn meny thing but I mast learn more..

This site is like my family...

And as always: Sorry for my english :P


# Kai : I come here because Yoshi's my boy, and I come here whenever I can to check out if somethin new popped up. Sure Yot is silent a lot of the time, but knowing how popular forums are there are a helluvalot of flaming, I'm glad this place is kept clean, after all there aint much to talk about since Tekken's settling down.


Couldn't have said it better myself! :D

We ninjas come and go at will, disappearing like melting shadows in the pale moonlight...namu...[]

Wow... so many answered so nicely. Thanks every one... oh plz keep on adding other thoughts u might get about YOT

When i first came to this site thru a Guide of Tenshi..( the Guide itself is Shocking ) and i was more shocked to see how much knowledge she had on Yoshimitsu. Clearly Every one Agrees with me . So when i first came i there was no youtube.. all we had was download videos from Our gallery... and i watched every videos in the gallery... Got New Ideas... This site is The best for me as far as yoshimitsu is concerned.
I was not active on forums but I tried to help anyone ... i cross my path with. with tenshi getting busy and other admins almost invisible...Forums are getting dull.. I mean people play more than they talk... but for me this site is a Blessing cos no one here plays with yoshi Other than me... and I pick yoshi for 90% of game... even when i am on Loosing streak...so my friends know what yoshimitsu can do... but i didnt know what more i can do... if not for Tenshis Advice last week....I would have still be cursing Namco for making YOshi so Weak...

But today after 2 hours of Practise and felling yoshi ... I feel Good...I handled yoshi in the best way possible....I am not Tourney stuff or anything but still Every Punish everything was going so good.....

I wish some one could come up with a Mini guide....for Newbies like me.... I have the will but no knowledge...so Fellow Yots with Knowledge ...Its your Bound duty to do a mini Guide...So please ... kindly... for heavens sake do it plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

1) Basic Punishment guide.. (Cos even Pros dont know how to punish... I can prove it... watch justframes playing with majin) and u will see ...
2) Keeping Pressure on ...??? well for starters making moves that are safe ( good reward and less risk kinda moves )
the point i just mentioned may look like trash to pros but believe me... keeping pressure exists... Simple thing is
how tetsu used to do fff+3, repeat,repeat and then go for u/f 1+2 Grab.... Tenshi used to end the Juggle with d/f+3
to go into crouching position and keep the pressure on the opponents... things like that...
3) Oki.... I know okis of other players but not yoshi? why cos yoshis oki is not good :( I think so... may be i dont know ... but still plz Oki is very very important right ?
4) Trackable moves ??????? I play yoshi solo... so must most of u... no yoshi opponents? then host to learn which moves tracks and which not ? oh ...to catch back dashers ... ?
5) Special Tips and Tricks ?

I think I should have created a new forum Make a Guide please and posted there ... but i was in a flow so ...

Oh ... Once Special Request to .... Jembru.... Since u said u were free... can u kindly Find all combo videos of yoshi and keep them Uploaded on our site? so if Youtube user closes his account we can still have the vidoes ?
if possible put 2 sections 1) Match Videos 2 ) Combo vidoes .... Thanks in Advance...

I Hope i have not offended any one... If i did... plz Forgive me... I am still a Noob who loves chippy :|

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*Correction its Skippy

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OH...and if any one is writing the Guide.. plz Include Stance in detail ............. Plz plz plz....

Do you mean collecting together the vids from this forum into one place? Or do you want me to search youtube for vids? Either way, I am afraid that once linked, if the uploader closes their account, we will still lose that vid. Still, if you want me to, I can see what I can do.

I love when the random quotes says:

"Tenmo kaikai so ni shite morasazu"

Cuz it got mah name on it ^^