Tired of Getting My Ass Kicked

I am so pleased that I have 4 days off after tomorrow. There is so much of this thread that I want to record in my Yoshi notebook. Thank you to everyone who contributed. Yeah, yeah, I've thanked you all before but hey, it's really valuable info.

Frames eh? Well, the concept makes perfect sense. Of course, I don't think too much about it at my own stage. Got too much to learn as it is. I have a rough idea of which moves are faster and actually, now I think of it, I actually do know the number of frames for a handful of his moves. There is no way, when I still sometimes even mix up the names of the other characters, that I could remember such details about their moves. Gosh, I couldn't even remember 40 birthdays :)) So my approach will probably be a mixture of trial and error, and looking up the more annoying moves' frame data. I'll most likely think along the lines of 'scissors beat paper' than actually knowing the exact frames of every move.

Have you ever heard the proverb about eating an Elephant? Well, it basically means that when a task seems impossible, it can be achieved if you break it down into small steps. SOME idea of frames is better than none, so just start with a few key moves and experiment with those. Give me a few more months, and maybe I'll join you in this task.

I think it is too soon to be saying 'this is not a game for you'. There is always time to change the way we think and feel about a situation. He's just learning. I too went through a frustrated phase. Now, I just enjoy doing what I do, even if that means I lose EVERY time. Because the 'dance' between myself and Yoshi, is the most important part of the game for me. Sometimes I step on his toes, sometimes he throws me and forgets to catch me, or we're off beat, miss a step.. whatever, it is this dance, that I want to improve. When I know we played well and did everything we knew how to, losing just won't matter.

# Junon : YoshiDivine, any chance you could upload some of your gameplay videos to youtube or something? It would be much easier to figure out what you're doing right and wrong that way, rather than general conversation.

Tenshi: I randomly looked at your vids the other day (via psn), I believe you are a conquerer :P

I don't get it how can I view other people's vids... and how people can view mine. I'm still quite new to Online, LOL. Haven't used it much previously. So... is it 5 last saved replays or maybe 5 last fights (non-saved)?

If 5 replays (offline and online), then LOL: you probably was viewing my poor replays saved only because there was an evident bug somewhere within the rounds. :D

Yeah, I wouldn't put too much faith in it cause online is garbage (as we all know). But to view others vids, I go to the online menu, leaderboards (I think?), then search by character or whatever. You can press 1 to filter where you are in the leaderboards, then 1 again to filter by your friends. When you click on a player, it'll give you the option to download replays or their ghosts.

I dunno how videos show up though, cause I never save my replays but I tend to have several under my name (which I typically delete -- because I don't want any secrets or traps getting out in the open). Granted, my online yoshi is a very basic version of how I play offline, but I still use a trap or setup here and there if I find the need :P

I did notice that the videos that get uploaded are typically losses for me... I'm under the impression that if an opponent saves a match with you, it will save it to your account as well. I believe this because I ran into this one player on several occassions (freaky styley, I think), and you could obviously tell he was getting angry from losing from his playstyle. After I beat him 4-5 times, I ran into him again and he finally beat me. Lo and behold, the loss was online. This doesn't happen everytime I lose, though. Or maybe it does, and I don't lose often enough ;)

So i can delete these fights? I'll try to find that out :) I don't like being watched *ninja paranoia* :D

Hmm, Tenshi, I see no replay data uploaded for you on psn. If you don't remember physically saving the replay and then uploading it via the online mode menu, then you haven't uploaded anything. So this really IS a mystery. Maybe Junon was looking at a different account? You have more than one, don't you?

If you want me to explain how to download people's replays, just ask, it's pretty simple really. I'd love to downlod your ghost. I'd play time myself like its a survival game ^^

Hmm, I didn't upload anything.

... now that's getting strange :D How did you watch it, Junon? :D

I filtered by character, then friends, then checked your name (Tenshimitsu) and there was one replay available. I believe it was vs a heihachi (he was a conquerer or somewhere around that rank). Maybe they get deleted after a certain amount of time? I believe it was last weekend when I downloaded it. Nvm that, I recall seeing peoples videos from months ago that are still online... hmmm....

You can delete the fights, but I believe you can only delete the ones that are featured under your account. If the opponent saved it, you cannot delete their data, unfortunately. Again, most videos that I see uploaded of my gameplay are from people that beat me. I think it's cause people take offense to losing to yoshi for whatever reason -- I even got defriended by some guy after running into him during a ranked match. Then got a message saying "Looks like you got something to prove with Yoshi, FT5?" I thought it was hilarious.

I might still have the video on my ps3, but I'll have to check once I'm home from work to be sure.

Indeed there's a match under my profile... i can't see how can I delete it, though o_O

I'll have a play around and see if there is a way to delete these. I don't view them Junon's way, I just view them through my friend list on 'download data' or whatever it is called. I guess I only get to view replays that the user uploaded themselves, but Junon must see ANY match in which that person played. This seems kinda unfair. It's sharing data about you without your permission after all. There must surely be a way to remove this. I'm on it!!

Also, little side note, I have a lot of respect for people who upload their lost battles too. Dunno if any of my replays are currently losses because you can only have 3 at a time, but I often do share them. I like to get feedback from wiser players, who can tell me why I suck and what I need to improve. Last two I uploaded were two wins, one sober, one a little drunk (for contrast, as the drunk version shows what I do automatically, like, 'worst case scenario'). The other, dunno if it's win or lose, but it's quite a lot older and although my newer ones are sloppy and noobish, this at least shows what I have learnt and the slight progress I have made.

So naturally then, if anyone wants to have a look at my replays, so long as you don't tease me, it would be nice to hear some tips on what I can work on next. Timing probably, I pause after EVERYTHING I do and these pauses make me very vulnerable, and better all-round knowledge of the game.

Added 9 minutes later:

Scratch that.. I CAN see your replay data now Tenshi. This must mean it was uploaded since last time I checked, which was about a week ago. I guess people AREN'T being noble by uploading losses after all ^^

Added 23 minutes later:

What the hell? People have uploaded battles of ME too. Good lord!!! This is just not right ^^ Proud of beating up a noob?? Where is the nobility in this world? I wouldn't dream of it and I'm not THAT nice!! The plus side to this, is I have now discovered that it DOES remember more than 3 uploads, so my older ones will show how bad I used to be. That's a good thing because I like having my own little training montage. Cue 'Eye of the Tiger'!! Also, gosh, the leaps between replays is HUGE!! I've been watching and I really can see an improvement.

If anyone does check them out, the last two lars and raven battles (offline, against my friend, rusty) are the latest ones I uploaded. Think Lars was the slightly drunken one.

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# Jembru :
Scratch that.. I CAN see your replay data now Tenshi. This must mean it was uploaded since last time I checked, which was about a week ago. I guess people AREN'T being noble by uploading losses after all ^^

What are you talking about? I didn't upload it, at least not consciously.

No, I didn't mean YOU did it. I mean the other person in this battle uploaded it recently.

Junon, you mentioned that you delete replays you don't upload yourself so can you please tell us how you do this? Or were you thinking about something else? I spent quite some time playing around with it and it doesn't appear possible. I even googled it and the concesus seems to be that data can be uploaded, but not deleted. The only options I guess are..

Don't play in ranked battle because quick match data can't be saved. Not good for people who actually care about online rank though.

Save EVERY good fight you have and upload them. Apparently these will overwrite the ones you don't like although I'm a little skeptical about this.

Sorry I couldn't help Tenshi, I did my best.

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Well, yes and no. I'm not 100% sure, but my train of thought is that if an opponent saves a match, it will save to both yours and the opponent account. From there, you're allowed to delete whatever videos that are just on your account -- I can't remember which button it is (I was supposed to check yesterday, but I forgot so I suck :P) I think you hit 2 and it'll give the option to delete? I could be wrong, but it only deletes it from your account, not who originally saved it.

If memory serves, this may be true, but I'm not 100% certain. I'll figure out for sure this weekend, or today after work -- since it's pretty much a ritual that I come home from work and fire up the ps3 for tekken. I'm a dork :P

Random note: I'm still looking for some more yoshi practice partners, so if anyone would like to add me, my psn is: ForMyNinjas. Just say you're from ManjiKai and I'll add you. Just hoping the connection will be decent, since it seems that I'm one of the few americans on this site :X

Thanks so much Junon, that's all I wanted to know. I can play around with that now. It really doesn't bother me if these are visible on the profiles of others. They have a right to show off their best matches, even if it was against a noob. It would be nice if the names could be hidden, but it's no biggie so long as I can remove them from my own profile.

I would love to add you, despite the lag. I recently switched to a wired connection and this has made it a little better anyway. It's just that right now I would be no where near a level that would be good enough to play against you. For now, I'm focusing more on my offline game anyway so it will be some time before I'm no longer 1st Dan!

Also, you're not a dork, dedication is cool and admirable.

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Nope, I can't even see how to view my own replays. I viewed them only on my other account. Never mind, I'll just live with it! Thanks anyway Junon. If you do work it out, give us a nudge!

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Welp, I was wrong. You can't delete online replays like I thought, atleast that I can see. Guess I was thinking aBout something else. :/

Not a problem. It was probably another game you were thinking of. I searched online for ages last night and foundnothing but 'it's not possible'. Kinda sucks but it's not worth sweating. Thanks for trying though, it's appreciated.