Tired of Getting My Ass Kicked

Good translation Tenshi!! It's one of those expressions, like 'natsukashi' which is really hard to explain in English because there is no exact translation that can be used in all the same situations. But 'I miscalculated' seems to work (unless you're getting your maths sums wrong, then saying 'honmatsutentou' might confuse your teacher rather a lot. I think they'd assume you were telling them that they underestimate your maths ability ^^). Translating into English has never been a strong point of mine. I once tried to translate a song and it was frankly surreal! Guess my Japanese was always a bit sketchy, lol

Aaanyway, the mashed potato thing is funny and I've had a similar experience with Soul Calibur, although that was misheard English ^^

Oh and btw, guess who went out and bought herself SSF4 today!! Well, it's research, and proof that I do actually take the advice I am given in this thread!! ^^

YAAAAAYYY !!! SUPERSTREETFIGHTER4 FTW !!! everyone here should buy it and play !! :p

@Ralenzo, Street Fighter EX3 is THE best street fighter of all times, the ability to jungle was almost infinite. for example: ALL FULL GUAGES---> BISON>KNEE-PRESS NIGHTMARE to PSYCO CANNON, then TAG with VOLCANO RUSSO>HAMENIKINO, then RISING VOLACANO!! in sf4 the combos are rubbish, simple stupid punch punch kick kick then one moronic super and thats it. no super dream cancels, no tag abilities, no transitioning, no nothing, only thing sf4 has is graffix, the rest of the engine is crap. and bison in ex3 looks alot better. and in sf4 bison doesnt even have his psyco cannon! in ex3 BISON>[KICKTHROW(HOLD)], then REVERSE KNEEPRESS NIGHTMARE mid CANCEL to PSYCO CANNON----> TAG with RYU weak DRAGON PUNCH transition to SUPER SHOURYUKENN (SUPER RISING DRAGON UPPERCUT), then EARLY CANCEL to SUPER HADOUKEN, then CANCEL to SUPER TATSUMAKI (SUPER HURRICANE KICK).... thats some beautiful combos right there, its art, it'll bring tears to DAVINCI's eyes! B)

@Tenshimitsu, oh! such wisdom coming from the master... (i misscalculated) hmm, so yoshi does calculate and does have patience. from his statement alone, he really is into couping and just waiting for the right moment to punish. hmm, my style is the opposite, i've been using yoshi like a pitbull, thats why am always whiffing....hmmm back to the drawing board...again.

@Jembru, congrats! now practice like Might Gai Sensei and take everything slow, and you'll become wonderbar. ^_^

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Well, although I haven't improved massively in style, I am finally starting to win online with Yoshi. It's hard, because some players are just sooo relentless, spamming the same crap over and over and not giving poor yoshi a chance to get to his feet ^^ This just means I need to keep practicing though and makes me more determined, because I know we can do this, Yoshi and I. Anyway, a HUGE thanks to everyone who has been advising me here. The road ahead is long, but with Yoshimitsu, and you guys by my side, I am actually not too intimidated by this anymore.

Oh and I'm cluless with SSF4 but I was somehow able to beat my friend several times in a row the first time we played. lol

@yoshidivine, go check out combo vids of SF4, try them out and then say they are simple. And ofcourse bison doesn't have that move. SF4 is right after SF2, they wanted to give SF4 a classic feel like SF2. So no bison doesn't have that psycho move, no ryu doesn't have shinku tatsumaki, and ken doesn't have shinryuken etc.
I also like SF ex don't get me wrong bro, it looks cool and is fun and all. But sf4 is just far more in depth, sf4 has focus attack and that changes the whole gameplay. You can only cancel supers in ex, but you can cancel almost everything in SF4 ;)

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And I admit that combos in SF4 don't look cool like in sfex3 but that doesn't make it a bad game, and just looking cool doesn't make a game good either.
I'm not saying you HAVE to like sf4, I'm just trying to explain why I like sf4 more and why it is more in-depth that's all :)

many people are gonna hate me for this, but am gonna say it anyway. ANY game that is too in-depth is rubbish. KI1 is a game where all frames are equal, and yet its the most notorious nintendo game ever, in 1994 if you have a SNES and no Super Mario & KI1 the common advice was to honor kill yourself immediately to savor any last dignity the individual had left. all equal frames, all equal opportunities [with the exception of idol]. the point of the game is to look for nasty habits in the formidable opponent, because the kids in my neighborhood were gods. its that simple. sigh... ever played Garou Mark of the Wolves? jeez... Rival Schools? jeez. listen... i play chess, i'm rated 1664 [yea, a 1700 is good, anything below is rubbish]. but at least, chess is a game where both players have equal power, and its up to the kings to use that power in such a fashion that would cripple the enemy's defense. but when u have a game where its so ridiculously indepth where you have to be writing down frame numbers and learning every last thing about other ppl's characters before knowing your own and to top it off they dont even have to know your's is frankly bullshit. ever played ultimate ninja storm 2? jeez... sigh, yea i know, i sound like a bitter old man, but am old school, am 21 years old and i feed on games. i had an ATARI while i was in the womb dammit. give the enemy and i a sword and a shield and then tell us to kill oneanother, dont give me a sword and shield and give my enemy grenades and rocket launchers and tell me to figure out a way to kill em.... just venting. ok i feel better now. but sfex3 is the best though, and do some research on sf4 and you can see the its not sitting well with MANY of the original street fighting fans. but i guess some ppl are different....

@YoshiDivine - it's not as bad as you might think. As for Tekken, it's been about balance for ages. Every next Tekken, the balance is better. It's hard to balance characters with different moves. If you want perfect balance, there would have to be 40 Steve foxes but dressed differently. :)

hahahahaha 40 steve foxes ^^' that would suck :p

I don't get it, you play chess. Chess is the most in depth board game that I know off, I myself also play chess but I can only think like 2 moves ahead. I'm wondering if you even know what in depth means. I played garou mark of the wolves and that's also an in depth game, and I also played rival school a really underrated fighting game btw !! they should bring it to psn :(
And yeah well I don't like fighting games published by bandai, like naruto and dragonball etc. It are fun games but not games to get good and competitive in. The games that bandai releases are just eyecandies, they aren't meant to be in depth and are just bland and easy for everyone to play. For me it's fun for the first couple of hours but after a while I get bored. I just like hardcore in depth games that takes a lot of time to master, but hey that's just me :D
And I don't need to do research about SF4 I'm one of the sf4 community I know almost everything related to SF4 bro :D
But I respect your opinion nonetheless and here is some research done for you.

SF4 93,63%
Overall Rank: 79
PlayStation 3 Rank: 10
2009 Games Rank: 4
2009 PlayStation 3 Rank: 3
Score based on 49 reviews (those are from gameranking sites btw, like ign, gametrailers, gamespot etc.)

Sf EX3 68,72%
Overall Rank: 6541
PlayStation 2 Rank: 875
2000 Games Rank: 404
2000 PlayStation 2 Rank: 27
Score based on 29 reviews (same as above)

And I believe that those numbers come from a reliable source and not from fanboys ^^'

I disagree, yoshidivine. A game with no depth/ variety has no replay value. What's the incentive to keep playing if everyone is the same, with the exception of a few special moves?

Some people like repetitive games :p that's also why people keep buying dynasty warriors and naruto etc. They just wanna have fun and don't think much I guess

The only street fighter game I have ever tried was the ex version for psx, I though it was cool game back then and I would love to play a game with that kinda feel, I loved the characters especially Garuda, I love him that much that I would buy a street fighter game if I know his in it, just like I did with soul calibur because of yoshi

And rival schools rocked :D

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Yeah man garuda ROCKED, he was like a yoshimitsu version of street fighter to me.
But my fave is still Hayate :D

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Man, now I wanna play sfex again >.> shouldn't have watched those hayate movies on youtbe XD

@Junon, define VARIETY in your terms. identify a game out there that has NO VARIETY.

@Ralenzo, you misunderstood my statement. chess is only intricate because of the human mind. and i love chess because both me and my opponent have the exact same opportunity, my pawns aren't stronger than his, his wired rooks aren't stronger than mines. unlike t6. and mark of the wolves aint in depth, because you dont have to wright down any frame numbers. the only hard part about MOTW is the JD system, which is rubbish as well, because if you tap db before any special moves the opponents moves WILL be countered, and i know this because i've done it. and ive played MOTW online vs japanese and usa players and they abuse the system. its a fact. and ninja storm is not a repetitive game, because there were tournaments being hosted all over the world where professionals came together and beat the living hell outta each other. like i said, any game thats too indepth is annoying and rubbish. like just a while ago, i faced off with a PANDA, and the person abused the friggin frame rate system, all he knew was that when he throws 75% of his moves he'll be up a massive frame advantage, and me like an ass just gets beat simply because of that, how many moves yoshi has that has a massive frame advantage like PANDA and BRYAN?????!!!! its nonsense! [then why do u continue to play?] <--honestly i dont know. i like games that dont have no frame advantage [on block] story to it, once i can see the move coming and i block it, i must punish u! simple as that. t6 stresses the frame thing too much. look how simple KI and rival schools are, and yet with a simple system you can do waaaaayyyyy more intricate damage and variations than tekken. as a matter of fact, you more sound like them people that uses either LAW, BRYAN, FENG, or whatever, chracters that dont take much to do damage with them. and starting from tonight, am gonna start counting my wins/losses against those moronic"easy way out" characters. in sf4 the characters jump as though they're on steroids. ok, your numbers has proved your point, sf4 has received more blessings that sfex3, you win, but, sfex3 engine/system is better, at least in mines and a few others opinion.

aside from all the Cussing; am doing a check, i need to see how far down the list i am. and i'd like all you guys and gals who use yoshi in t6 to post/state your current rank please and thanks.

dude, DUDE, you do know that street fighte also runs on 60 frames per second right ? All fighting games run on frames, and they all got moves that gives them frame advantage and frame disadvantage. And bro even your mark of the wolves also has frame data, it IS in depth. If you want look it up here's an example of frame data of rock http://www.neo-geo.com/wiki/index.php?title=Rock_%28Garou%29
You should seriously do your research before you say something bro :p
And if you can abuse a system like in MOTW online without being punished then the game is just unbalanced, has nothing to do with being in depth or not. And you DONT have to write every frame data of every character...who told you to do so, it's even impossible to memorize them all. It's all just trial and error, you do a move and you see what you can do afterwards, it's all about memorizing what you see and learning from the things you get punished for. And looking up frame data just makes it easier for you.
And about your panda battle, first of all panda is considered low tier and in some tiers even lower than yoshimitsu. The reason you lost is simply because you're not used to playing pandas. It's true that panda has moves that gives him frame advantage but those moves are if I remember correctly a bit slow, plus he has lots of moves that gives him a big frame DISADVANTAGE. I know this not by looking up his frame data, but just by playing kumas and pandas.
And where did you get the idea that I play with characters like law, bryan and feng ? Didn't I said in my last comment that I like challenges that I like to spend time to master a character and a game ? If you must know tho I play with lots of characters: miguel, law, bryan, king, paul, yoshimitsu, heihachi, lee, jin, kazuya and bruce
I simply like variety ^^'
And it was not a game to begin with, you're saying I win I was just trying to show you why I think sf4 is better that's all. Like I've said before I also like sfex man :D I only have good memories about that game.

And indepth and balanced to me means, that you have more than one way to kill an opponent, more than one way to defend yourself against someone, just lots of ways to help yourself out in a given situation.
Heres an example of SF4.
The enemy is ryu, he keeps running away and spamming hadoukens to win. You are akuma, what are your options.
- you spam hadouken just like him and see who will win eventually
- you build up your super meter and use EX hadoukens to go through his hadoukens and hit him
- you simply time your jumps (ryu can't recover instantly after he throws a hadouken and is vulnerable to attacks)
- you absorb his attack and get closer (with the use of focus attack)
- you time your tatsumaki to go over the hadoukens
- you teleport to the other side with akuma
- You close the distance by forcing him to the corner

This is what makes a game to me indepth, balanced and fun.
And yoshidivine sorry if it seems like I'm trying to get under your skin or anything, I respect your opinion I'm just trying to show my kind of view
I would love to play tekken with you btw, we might learn something from each other :D

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@ Ralenzo, whats your yoshi rank? of course all games run with "frames" but your not reading my stress, i said tekken relies on frame data too much! and that panda that i played was a high ranking panda, he had a 91% win rate. i dont know his rank but i can describe his rank symbol for yuh, its pink orange and blue. and i never said you had to write every frame data, the fact that you have to right down several and know other ppl's characters as much as your own is not a gud sign. thats just a sign of a frustrating game, as a matter of fact, as far as i remember there aint no other games out there that relies on frame date more than tekken, simply because it takes away from the full enjoyment. i dont want to have to be counting frames or wait until feng law or jin finish doing 8 different types of consecutive combos [bit of an over-exaggeration] in order to get a chance to throw a punch. and am realising you didn't mention any frame stories with KI nor rival schools. i can guess why, because frame isnt top priority in those games, its eye-site and match experience, its all about remembering your opponents dirty habits and the things he/she is afraid of. look, this is my point: when ur opponent attacks and you block, you should be able to retaliate without hindrances, like in sf4 rival schools KI and MOTW. in tekken you have a situation where BRYAN is both fast and powerful and its ridiculous that after i successfully block his attacks i wind up having to wait until my character recovers from a stun. while i'm stunned and he's recovered i now have to guess if he's gonna hit high or low because if i retaliate right away i'll get punished by almost anything he throughs. thats my simple point.
nuff respect bro.