Tired of Getting My Ass Kicked

That would be an honour, but I think I'd be too nervous. I can't battle Angelboy because I just tend to freeze and stand there like a rabbit in the headlights!! Somehow, I have no issue with fighting Ralenzo, even though he beats me of course and I know Angelboy is watching. I guess it's because he's not using Yoshimitsu.

Anyway, I tried relaxing my grip. It was harder than I thought because I've developed a habit now. So I wouldn't say my hands were completely relaxed, but some things were coming out more easily and also a lot faster. Some moves that never work for me, were finally appearing. Yoshimitsu DOES like to tease me, it would seem!! Oh and I was also surprised at how much I still remember after a 4 week break.

Relax... Jemma... The Problem is you know too much and u cant try every thing...
Empty your mind gal...
One More thing.. think of this as " Manjikai is Learning center for grammar.." but ... no offense though... u are still learning Alphabets ? ... So dont worry if u cant make out everything we discuss...

1.Next Time u want to play ...Play With Bots.. Have fun... Go campain Mode... beat all ... Buy dress.... Get every one
Geared up.....
2. Go to Arcade mode... Try not to make Moves... But Just One or two moves... to Help u win......... Dont think about elegance... or panic or what so ever... just do the Shark attack :D and Win... by doing this you can get complete hold of time sense...
3. Always Try to be Defense... Take 20 Blocked Hits... but Hit when u think u have perfect chance / whiff...ie complete miss of opponents hit...
4. CPU.. is Kinda Dumb... its keeps on Falling into traps..so use kamekazi... a lot and have fun...

Of course all of this Will take time..... so Go to The OPTIONS mode.. and put the CPU to Very easy or Easy Mode... and Have fun :D

It will take Time for u to get the Feel..... Dont Move... Just Block.. Remember that... Then u will not panic....
I wont Give up hope on u gal :D cos you love yoshi by your Heart....
And some one said.. when Heart Mind and Body work together... Expect a Miracle... You got the heart part.. Get Mind and Body.. together and u can Beat TENSHI also :D
Oh ... and Put some cool Name in Tourneys.. like the ZOmbie gal ........or skippyssword or something :D

@ yoshidivine, It is obvious that you DONT play with law, I play with LOTSA different characters and I know for a fact that yoshimitsu is not the ONLY character you need to train with. You're not the only one, there are more people like you who think other characters have it easy. IT IS NOT, it is true that yoshimitsu is a weak character and that you need to improve yourself and your gameplay a lot to win with him, BUT other characters also take dedication, training and hard work. The difference is, hard work pays more off with those characters then yoshimitsu.
Here's a job for you, try doing EWGF with heihachi and see how EASY it is to play with them, you see heihachi, kazuya and law players all the time in tournaments but without their EWGF and law's DSS stances they are shit !! (not really shit but you know what I mean :p)

And I totally concur with you kumar :D
@ jembru what kumar said is actually true, you think TOO much when u fight I think. Try using only easy commands and simple buttons. I ALWAYS use light punch as reactions, I rarely do big damage and combos when somebody makes a mistake or when I launched someone. It's better to do something like small damage than think too hard and miss your opportunity to do damage at all ^^'

Hopes Jemma has read previous post of mine... Hey guys... Pls watch a youtube video post of mine in media arena... Where you can see a match under the forum searching for inspiration... A match of just frame james (law) vs nobi (dragonv)...and post your opinion... Specially you ralenzo....

Okay is Good :D

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yo kumar, just wanting to let you know that I saw that video u posted :D
Thanks for sharing it with us btw

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Jemma... Pls read my previous post in this forum.... Plj

I DID read it and I'll try to keep it in mind. It's more or less what I do anyway though. Well, I sometimes forget to block and get too aggressive, -still need to work on that ^^ I mainly do stick to basic moves. I mean, just because I can do a few nice combos in practice, most of them, I would never use in an actual fight. They are sure to fail because there are so many other factors to consider (like the fact my opponent moves and fights back ^^) and I am very inconsistant. Some nights they come out fine, other nights I can't seem to do them at all!! I sometimes play around with them in arcade, to see how they stand against a moving target, but you'd never see me use them in a fight until I can do them without thinking and have a better idea of when to use them. Anything else is just setting myself up to fail. It's not that I don't use any combos at all, Angelboy taught me a few simple ones which are just about fool-proof enough even for me!!

My current strategy is begging Yoshimitsu to please do as I ask. I'll let you know how that works out for me, although you can probably guess the outcome yourselves. ^^

Anyway, thanks for the encouragement everyone. It really does keep me trying!

@Jembru, I can totally see where you're coming from with the inconsistency. i face that same problem too, sometimes its minute and sometimes its major. then i found out why it happens every now n then to me, i realised its because i forget what my previous strategy was, or that am overwhelmed by victory. another strange fact about my style is that if i'm facing a kyu or a dan, i tend to loose, simply because my brain/body refuses to put out its entire best against people of those levels.... pitty. i feel so evil powdering the weak ones. question to jembru, have you had any previous fighting experiences? i.e. have you played any other fighting games in the previous years?

I'm still 4th dan, lol :p

Hey Yoshidivine. No, I have not played another beat 'em up. The closest to a 'fighting' game I have played was Pokémon. I played Lemmings, Sonic and Tetris up until the age of about 11 and from then, I started to only watch others play games and never played myself, besides Pokémon. Watching always gave me more pleasure than playing, odd, I know, but this is how it is. I am inexperienced in most aspects of gaming, so I understand that there is a lot of work ahead of me. Things that seem like a no-brainer to others, need to be explained to me sometimes.

Wait.. although I never took it seriously, I DID play SC4 for a few months when it first came out. I stopped playing when I realised I couldn't switch between tekken and soul calibur input so had to choose one or the other to master. There seemed to be a lot more action in the Tekken world, so I chose to go where the adventure was!! I played SC3 a few times too, but I mainly just kept making Yoshi say 'onion' over and over and giggled a lot.

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I don't know how you would feel about this but I would recommend you to try out the new mortal kombat, I could imagine it would be very good to learn basics from and its surpriceingly fun to play, the moves aren't difficult to learn and there aren't a million moves like in tekken and it got a simple tutorial you will be starting with learning to walk forwards so thats taken care of.

I don't know how well tekken and mortal kombat go hand in hand with each other but you could rent it a find out for yourself

If you can play MK, you can play SF :p
Btw MK has weird input commands, at least the one that I played had weird inputs. Like "b,d,1" "d,f,1" "d,b,2" and you really had to do it like that you couldn't do it like tekken or SF like qcf or hcf you really had to input down, back, punch. It was a bit weird to get used to it's also the only 2d fighting game where you have a button to defend. But hey I heard lots of good stuff from the new MK, just saying that if you're going to play mk you should definitely pick up SF :D

street fighter 4 was a disappiontment compared to street fighter ex 3.... :( that game was a beautiful art. SkulloMania!!!!! but AK's right try out MK, i thought i suggested something similar but was totally ignored by the population. whatever. but i still believe that its important to have a fighting background in order to grasp certain key concepts. Killer Instinct is THE game for you to experience ANYTHING & EVERYTHING! its simple its eazy and its a damn good game. then comes Rival Schools where you could put all that you've learned into play. and i played tetris attack, and i still do now... start from scratch, and work your way up. and watch lots and lots of anime, it helps! especially shippuden and School Rumble!

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watchin these will teach you how to relax and believe in yourself!!!

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oh, and one more thing, i realized that Yoshi mumbles the word "MASHPOTATO" when he's K.O.ed LOL LOL i always found it funny, but because i'm familiar with the Japanese language, am sure he actually said something along the lines of "MASAKA" <--which means impossible or NO WAY! Yoshi used a similar term... it sounded like he said "MASATE TO"<--- It Cannot Be!!! or something like that... correct me if I'm wrong.

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You serious, you think SF4 is a disappointment compared to SF ex. The only thing good about sf ex was the art and characters.
Sf4 brought the community back together, it has never been this big since the street fighter 2 days.
I still play the ex series sometimes, cuz it has lots of cool characters :)
But you gotta be honest with yourself, SF4 is far more superior compared to the ex series.
And even though all those ex characters are owned by akira I secretly still wish that skullo and others will appear in an upcoming sf or capcom game.

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Btw you're the first person I know of that even like the ex series, I thought me and my bro were the only one ^^'

@YoshiDivine: Yoshi says "Honmatsu tenntou", which means: "I miscalculated!"