Tired of Getting My Ass Kicked

@Ralenzo: in setups, it's a calculation - because you risk being panic-buttoned (e.g. hopkick) ^^. But in field combat, it's what you described. :)

@Jembru - most probably your main problem is that your fingers might be too tense. Your hands have to be relaxed until you press buttons. Input commands as effortlessly as you can.

Is hopkick like jump 3 or jump 4 ? cuz if it's that what you mean, then...I hopkick ALOT :p ( but it's also save most of the time XD)

I played Tekken 5 a few times(very few) at my boyfriend's home about 3 years ago, and it was basically mashing because I had no idea what I was doing. Then a year later I got a PS3 and started to play DR on there. I spent almost my entire time just in practice mode, beating up a dummy that didn't fight back. I always had Lili's pink stage because I thought it was funny and the music reminded me of being in a Japanese ammusement arcade. I never really played real people. My boyfriend sometimes, Sumsamurai and Fastlegs maybe once or twice online and when they visited me (I played you, right Sum? wasn't it you who showed me how to use the shoulder buttons when you saw my weird method of holding a pad??) and that's all. No wait, I played Gattsu too I think. Anyway, whomever I played, I tended to lose.

I then had a year where I played no tekken at all and finally got T6 about 10 months ago. Again, I hid myself away in practice mode, just learning very, very basic moves. Realised I struggle with the simplest of input. I finally reached a point where I could SOMETIMES beat online opponents, was brave enough to play against a few YOT members although tended to humilliate my self. And THAT is all of my experience. Not much really. Do I enjoy it? Sometimes, when I learn something new I enjoy it. But then I try those new things in battles and realise they're not as good as I'd hoped, or I time them wrong. I tend to react 5 seconds too late to just about every situation I find myself in.

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You told me that once before Tenshi, I'll work on it. But I tend to be so nervous when I play that I can't help tensing up. I started doing yoga again to practice relaxing!!

Yep, this is it.

If "a lot" means "predictable" then you'd have a hard time with me. :) I don't fear hopkicks that much. What I fear is sleepy mind (predictability, forgeting things) and stiff hands (unproper movement).

The setups are usually built to have options to four different situations: unblockable/fast move/retreat/custom string. Unblockables for turtles, fast move for panickers, custom string for usual "continue pressure" situations and retreat if you're unsure or want to test reactions (I call it "red bulb flashes in my head" - I'm feeling endangered).

Fast moves and retreat(&punish) are for hopkickers. :) Hitting them in midair, allowing for short juggle or full whiff-punish.

Indeed, we think the same but I think most of the players with a brain think like that. And yeah I don't know if it's predictable.
I probably shouldn't give away my secrets :p but I don't use it when I panic, I use the hopkicks mainly if the opponent is in a ducking position and I don't know if they are gonna do low or mid. It either gets hit or blocked, it happens rarely that it whiffs but if it does, it's painfully that's true :p
And yeah I'm happy that people don't fear my hopkicks cuz it's easy damage for me >.< my brother also doesn't fear it but if he did he'd win much more I think =D

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@jemb well it's obvious that you don't have much experience playing games. You can train as much as you want in training mode it won't help if you are not able to react on time. you should just keep on playing and playing and not only tekken also other games and you will get better eventually. Tekken is not like mario that u pick for the first time and enjoy, it's different cuz you really need to react on EVERYTHING all the time, you don't get much to think, you're muscles needs to do most of the work. And I still believe that you don't suck that much, I'm pretty sure you could beat my friend and he has played games for whole his life.
It's like playing soccer for the first time, you can't expect to be able to compete and win with the people in the UEAFA cup, even though you train everyday for a whole year it won't get anyway near them. Ya just gotta keep on playing and playing with others and after a while it'll feel normal :)

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I don't fear hopkicks, because people fear to do hopkicks in my presence :P That's the full story :D

But online: yeah, hopkicks tend to be very effective.

No I do them offline, but thanks for the tip. I've never done that, maybe now I'll be able to win some more >.<

# Ralenzo : I have a question, what's there to practice with yoshimitsu ??? cuz the only time I'm in practice is when I'm trying to figure out combo possibilities, and after I've figured that all out, I don't see any reason any more to practice with my character in training mode. Unless you're trying to train your just frame moves like EWGF with kazuya or heihachi or somthing.
Cuz I read that a lot of you players spend hours and hours in practice with yoshimitsu and get your ass kicked, but maybe THAT is the problem. Maybe you spend too many hours in practice... ?

Just a note about practice mode: I'd encourage to practice BT inputs. Being consistant with these can be problematic in an actual match, and one incorrect input can be the difference between a bait, or a BT jump punch potentially netting the loss of half your life. Start with ind b_f:u+1+2 to get an idea of the timing. Doing so opened up my BT game so much, then I expanded it to other moves throughout gameplay to confuse people. Then there's other inputs I practice such as BT flea transitions, med b~db, etc.

Practicing combos is one thing. Learning to apply them and alter them for oki options is a whole nother monster. Yoshi is all about training the opponent to react to oki situations to your favor.

There's no such thing as too many hours in practice. Yoshi has way too much to be learned to say such a thing.

what is BT ???
And I don't know any moves of yoshimitsu by name cuz I don't play with him, I was just wondering that's all :D
But all of you cleared that up, it seems yoshimitsu takes a lot of practice to play with him.

Back Turn stance

I'd really like to play all you yoshimitsus now :)

yea sorry about that, its not 3~4 its actually 3~2.... fc d/f on counter give you a full leg sweep then its possible to connect it with WS3~2....
like someone said or implied, one hour in the practice mode with yoshi equals 10 minutes with marshall law in practice mode, its frustrating on my end especially. i was demoted 3 times due to some sad and depressing nights. and if the connection between u and your opponent isnt good, then your toast, at least I'm toast. and btw, i play for honor, i feel like shit when i loose in a certain way or if i loose too often, even when my opponent has a way higher rank than mines i still expect to win or at least come very close to winning, but when am being mauled by cheap ass characters over and over again and then being demoted by the hands of these b*tches it pisses me off honestly, there are only a few characters that have earned my honest respect, and DRAGUNOV is one of 'em. [992W 688L 59.0% <<<those are some sad numbers right thar].
@Jembru i have a cure for you... its called history/background or base. my first fight was MORTAL KOMBAT 3, that will teach you the basic, your fingers will automatically know how to relax because the game is slow and you'll be able to see everything or at least most things, then move on to a game called KILLER INSTINCT 1, this is a game for gods i tell you, its eazy to understand and ALL the CHARACTERS ARE SUPER BALANCE, every last one of them are balanced to the tooth!! No character in that game is fast than the other they are all equal, so it all comes down to your mind and match experiences, however now that am thinking of it, the boss [IDOL] is cheesy, but theres a cheap way to kill him because he suffers from a weird habit. Now Killer Instinct 1 teaches you how to observe and it builds the foundation for your reaction time and the most beautiful thing about it is the fact that it keeps on surprising you with new facts each time u play it, as a matter of fact, KI is where i learned how to connect and explore possible combos in many other fighting games even juggling was taught to me in KI, i am a BEAST to this day with SabreWulf and CINDER. KI also has a feature way u could tune the speed of the game to your liking with a few simple cheat codes, the game and frames itself could go from slow to medium to fast and then superfast, so KI 1 is perfect for you, KI Gold is rubbish sigh. after youve mastered Killer Instinct 1, then its time to put yourself in the middle of the forest and let the animals have their way with you,> RIVAL SCHOOLS [UNITED BY FATE]. this is a game where you could test your IMAGINATION. in this game there are COUNTLESS types of combo possibilities and countless possible styles of juggling, and a sweet character roster. its a true game you could rock to while listenin to some very nice stage BGMs while kickin ass and visa-versa. Playing Rival Schools [UNITED BY FATE] is like having a graduation party. its a videos game that makes you feel like 15 again! by the time u reach this rival schools stage your fingers, muscles and mind are able to make sweet love with each other at anytime you want, except for tekken 6. in T6 you'd have to learn everybody elses char in order to have fun with that game.... and i just realised that yoshi has no backdash :( you backdash and even after its completed you still eat specials. oh and one last thing, those games i mentioned earlier could be downloaded and played on your pc via emulators Super Nintendo Emulator and Playstation 1 Emulator, if u have any trouble or any questions pm me.

oh, yea, I use that combo all the time lol xD

Well, I guess it's time to switch on the playstation again. Oh gosh, look at that dust!! Hehehe. Gonna try my best so wish me luck everyone. Come on Yoshimitsu, together, we can do this!!

Do never feel bad when you lose, it's only a waste of energy. Instead, focus on analysis to defeat that guy the next time.

I've lost countless of fights in my life, they all make you better... but only if you treat them as lessons to be learned. People that expose your specific weakness, give you opportunity to fix that hole in your strategy. The more you analyze, the faster your mind becomes, and so you'll soon find out that you're coming up with a counter-strategy the very next round after the first lost - which will end up in not losing a whole fight.

If you feel sorry after a defeat, you'll only feel sorry, and gain nothing from it. Just gather yourself up, analyze the fight and look forward to play with that opponent again and show him what you've learned. :)

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@Jembru - good luck with Yoshi! He sometimes acts on his own so don't worry :P Hmm, I wish I could give you some lessons, the moment PSN goes online again (will it? hehe), maybe we'll meet in a private room to have some Yoshi training :)