Tired of Getting My Ass Kicked

@Jembru, yea the level up your game vid, i found them on youtube, thanks guys. I'm going to be uploading a ffew videos shortly, and i'll post the links here. the quality will be sucky though

Inca's tutorial movies (they're from online battle so you can gather inspirations from them)


Yeah they are very nice... and suggest that yoshi is a Crazy Warrior... very Creative.... after seeing the video i think the potential of yoshi even in High end players level is released to lesser extent...

Still waiting for the Godlike yoshi player who will show what is yoshi :)

my god, yoshi takes so much of concentration.... and the ability to know other characters is even more vitalk than knowing yoshi himself... i know every move for yoshi and yet i get my ass kicked, now the other characters dont require this, so the people behind these cheap characters spend ALOT less time in the practice room than we of the yoshi clan...sigh... However i learnt something, that (hold) d/f+4 on counter could be connected with WS 3~4... this i NEVER knew... wow. learnt that from another online yoshi player during a match, when i first saw it i released the controller and lost that round, but he was still defeated in the next battle anyway..... Oh one question, how do you reverse tackles with yoshi? the one where he flips you over and then stab you in the face... i must learn this. lol

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oh i almost forgot, can anybody tell me the story behind yoshimitsu's packman costume? how can i get this costume?

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Welcome to the world of Yoshi .... :p practising and still getting your ass kicked ... That is Yoshi.... Its not like you cant defeat with Yoshi or something... Its like you have to practise Yoshi for hours together and still 1 hour of practise from opponent is enough to make all your practise look like shit...

the yellow custome is a from online comic the cardboard tube samurai

# YoshiDivine : However i learnt something, that (hold) d/f+4 on counter could be connected with WS 3~4... this i NEVER knew...

What is WS+3~4? There's no while standing move like this. d/f+4 on counter doesn't do anything.

I think he meant fc d/f+4 WS 3,4

Still, there's no such move like WS+3,4, only WS+3,2

I have a question, what's there to practice with yoshimitsu ??? cuz the only time I'm in practice is when I'm trying to figure out combo possibilities, and after I've figured that all out, I don't see any reason any more to practice with my character in training mode. Unless you're trying to train your just frame moves like EWGF with kazuya or heihachi or somthing.
Cuz I read that a lot of you players spend hours and hours in practice with yoshimitsu and get your ass kicked, but maybe THAT is the problem. Maybe you spend too many hours in practice... ?

Just as I said, we practice mainly vs character strats. They're quite specific in some cases. Then, we figure out (mainly with a sparring partner) the setups. If there was record mode in practice, we would do it by our own.

The ones who don't spend too much in practice with Yoshimitsu are those who get beaten. ^^

But don't you gain those strategies or develop those strategies by playing with other players o.O
I don't see how you can acquire them in practice you're just fighting against a lifeless dummy and yeah sure there is a mode where you can highlight specific moves from the command list but it's hardly the same as actually playing someone. And yeah it sucks that they don't have a record mode in practice that would've been convenient ^^'
But It's by getting my ass beat and getting punished for the same move, that I learned that I shouldn't use always that particular move cuz It puts me in a big frame disadvantage and should use more of that move cuz it scares the opponent or give them delusional ideas. I dunno maybe that is just the case with me, just trying to help ^^'
my brother rarely goes to training and maybe he IS just a good player overall but he wins far more often only than I do

It's not that easy.

With setups, you have to be confident with them in order to use them successfully. Meaning: you have to get them down in practice before using them to know in which situations they'll fail and in which succeed.

Imagine e.g. an opponent quickrolling after juggle ended with b+2,1,1+2~u+1+2 (DGF):
- will DGF 4 hit before he punch me?
- will it hit him when Yoshi is slightly at the angle? What to do to align myself?

There are many setups which involve additional things: Like DGF 4 hitting at the edge of range SSWing person because you pressed "f" for a brief moment. You won't see it in a movie, but it's there. If not this "f" (which came out in practice mode while practicing if that setup is possible), during a fight you'd come to conclusion that "eeeh, DGF misses here, I get completely SSWed".

Yoshi is full of such things.

You have to know it, not guess it. Know what is happening when and why. If you guess, you're more likely to fail.

I love reading all of this stuff, but it is so overwhelming for me too. I haven't played in over 3 weeks now, maybe it is more like 4 actually, because I was just so disheartened. It seems that every small improvement I make, is just a drop in the ocean. I still can't do every move in his command list. Many are just too complicated for me and I seem to have no communication between my hands and my brain. Someone once told me that if the path ahead seems too long and daunting, just don't look up. Focus on where you are now and where you have been and take it one step at a time. However, with tekken, I see the WHOLE path each time I log in here, watch yoshi matches, or speak to those better than me, and it is a constant reminder of the impossible goal I have set myself. I don't want to give up, Yoshi is too important a feature in my life, but I also need to be realistic in what can be achieved. Apparently, for me, that isn't very much. :(

Yeah that is true what you just said, but I'm wondering are you still having fun when doing all those things ? Aren't you becoming a robot like that, trying to out max every opening and possibilities. Minimizing your opponents changes of winning and increasing your own. I mean isn't it more thrilling when you have to guess and not now when you can get a hit or not, cuz it gives you that EXTRA boost of accomplishment and happiness when you win.
But you are right, and it's also different for you cause you play on a much higher level than me so I can't really compare myself to you ^^'

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@ jembra, you've said to me more than once that you don't like fighting games. And maybe that's the problem, you love yoshimitsu very much and all, but in the end tekken stays a fighting game XD. You shouldn't force yourself in playing something you don't like just cause you love yoshimitsu, you can still idolize him without playing tekken ya know.
I mean are you even having fun ? If you are, then theres no problem, I kno a guy who loses in EVERY game MOST OF THE TIME, when you play him it's like he plays the game for the first time even though he plays the game for years. But he's still having fun.
But how long are you even playing tekken or games in general, cuz I think most of the people here have been playing games for a very long time and fighting games too and that has a huge effect on our performance

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