Tired of Getting My Ass Kicked

well. that does make me feel better. lol when one is weak, they must strive to be strong, not quit. anyone who quits should kneel, and should be handed a short tachi blade or tantou, and should stab themselves in the gut. {seppuku reference}

LOL!  Yikes, that's pretty harsh. :P

Luckily for me, I'm not really a competitive person.  I mean, sometimes I get this drive to improve- and Junon was helping me out with that- but I feel like I'll need to get that fighter's mentality if I really want to get better.

yes. the mentality is NEEDED. warrior style. i was born with it, strange enough. from since young i was competative, but i wasnt naive though. i eazily accept any opponent thats stronger than i am, however, no opponent can railroad me, ALL of them must play careful when it comes to me, even Jaimitsu>YOSHIMOSHI.
i wanna challenge junon and tenshi in the future.

Challenge accepted :) I hope we will be able to play offline one day.
Or TTT2 online will be amazing :)

Well, I hope we all manage to get to WCG finals so that we can meet together :P (I hope that WCG will be organized in a lot of countries)
At least I'll be doing everything to win next Polish preliminaries, the previous year I was really close :/

This is gonna be fun..
Be sure to record the matches if it's a yot member vs a yot member ^^

There's only one problem: him being on Xbox, me being on PS3 :)

Well...  My bro and I are finally hitting up an arcade to play Tekken 6. :D

I'll probably just play against him most of the time.  If the other arcade goers are friendly and not super-mean about it, I wouldn't mind trying my best against other players.  I can't imagine I'll beat anyone, though. :P

Added 1 day later:

So, my experience at the arcade was AWESOME!  I met a lot of really cool dudes and I even entered a tournament. XD

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 Great stream with Aris, you're so lucky to be in SoCal! I'm turbo Jealous! Enjoy Japan!!

Hey, thanks, dude! :D  Yeah, I feel pretty lucky to have moved to such a cool area.

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i must say, coming here for help was the best thing. i went from "tired of getting my ass kicked" to "tired of kicking ass"


Best Regards,
 The Emperor.

It's our pleasure :)

I'll seriously get into ranking stuff when Tekken Tag hits the consoles. :) I hope I will have enough time and determination to rank high :)