Tired of Getting My Ass Kicked

i wish that tekken replay data couldve been saved on a flash drive... oh well... i dont know yoshi's frame data all too well. but i'll start on it right now and see what happens. Tenshimitsu, how long did it take you to get his frame data down?

How much do you know about frames? I just ask because I think I pretty much get it and I'm a total noob. I really think it is just a matter of reading the data and then committing that to memory. But, (and feel free to flick me with a spoon if you already know this stuff), AK.fan posted a cool link in this forum if you need to get your head around the basics. After that, I guess the rest just comes down to good timing ^^

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Oh erm.. scroll down to near the bottom, before my cheesy reply, you'll see it there. Actually, all the links in that thread are cool, although maybe more so for total noob-heads like me ^^

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Wow... That was very very very informative and inspiring tenshi... thats for all the info... And the tips.. I wish you would come back with a super duper guide for Yoshi...but not should have restricted access.. Atleast make some guide like Level up your game... I really wish they would invite you for Yoshimitsu coverage on level up your game... Thanks again..

I might soon post a word or two to our online guide, which is shamelessly empty now. If not my work which is consuming most of my time, I'd surely write a guide. But I'm usually free at 19:00 my time...

As for frame data: memorizing Yoshi's frames is like you would learn the rules of a chess games and memorize gambits. But without knowing other character's frames, it's like you'd like to play chess with somebody who operates with invisible figures. You play and then he says: "check mate!" ;)

Yoshi's frame data must be learned very well. Then, you fight other character and learn them in the process. First, focus on their basic frames and the data of their most used attacks (just to cover some basics of playing against them). If something particular causes you problems, then launch practice mode in your console, grab your notebook, enter the internet and browse opponent's frame data to learn about this move. Many times you'll see that:
- gosh, it's punishable and I didn't know it
- geez, it's a homing move and I wanted to sidestep it
- haha, if I knew I could launch it on block...

And that's it. Fight, win, fight, win, fight... lose -> wait a sec, I lost because of that freaking move, let's check it out... mhm, mhm... okay, I see it can be evaded by this and that... it's punishable by the way... he always does it after this move, which has big negative frames... I could fit flash inbetween if I were more decisive... and so on.

If something causes you problems, you have to always find out where you made a mistake. If you want to make a constant progress, there's no other way.

Also, the thing about sidestep is that you can't always sidestep a move if you block, get blocked or are hit. What do you think, when you can sidestep a move and when can't? (something to warm you up ^^)

Here's one of the vids from me over the weekend:


I was pretty wasted at the time, so you'll see me drop combos and other random mistakes (and scrubby excessive swordsweep use :P ). But you may find some usefull tricks. I'll link some more when they're uploaded.

thanks for all the helpfull comments guys! am actually seeing an improvement, but i discovered something. jin kazama and devil jin! they seem to have no weaknesses. i keep getting baraged by his 3 ring circus combos... any tips??

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alright guys, here's an update on my progress. since receiving all the tips especially those from Tenshimitsu about frame data and sidestepping, i only managed to memorize a few key aspects about yoshimitsu's repertoire including frames and sidestepping. and within that one night of putting all he said to practice [lastnight: 18/4/2011], I BECAME A ROUGUE :O >:) >:) lastnight the server was throwing some people at me with some ranks i've NEVER seen before in my life, and i handed there asses to them.... i even sumarily executed a BRAWLER with a combo i imagined out of thin air. [the combo isn't so unusual though, but its kinda weird since i never did it before]
However, something's bothering me. i came across a JIN Kazama lastnight and he was either a master or a mentor, and i cant seem to find my way out of his combos... i used to use Jin back in the days of TTT.... so i recognised i was being stoned constantly by combos that seemed like variations of his infamous 3 ring circus combo. side stepping doesnt work, hmmmm. flash doesnt work hmmmmm. knee launcher doesnt work hmmmm and d/f+1 doesnt work. however i must admit i didnt go into the practice mode to find out more, but i just wanna know if anybody here has ever faced this kind of problem with jin or devil jin. :/

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It's tough to give advice without seeing your playstyle. Do you have any vids uploaded to the PSN (or maybe youtube) that we could take a look at?

What kind of moves do you find most usefull when you play?

Read through the following thread, if you haven't already. There's helpful info in there.


@YoshiDivine - congrats on rank up! :) as for Jin, his 1,2,3 can be sidestepped, other than that, keep your distance. He can only suprise you with b+2,1 f,f+2 and f+4 from medium distance (and of course CD moves), but his upclose game is more dangerous than Yoshi's so stay out of there even if it means being endangered by his flawless b+2,1.

As for his moves that cause you problems, did you mean 1,3,2,1,4 or maybe d/f+1,4, 2,1,4? It happens that I'm also a Jin player so I know this character very well, enter practice mode with Jin and tell me which moves cause you problems.

@Junon - there are some very nice matches you have shown us! :) You gave me a couple of inspirations. My style is more stiff and timing-oriented (Noko-like, unfortunately), but I started to polish my shenanigans more (since I think my basics have improved enough). The only thing I saw is sometimes careless sidestepping, and trying to break through situations in which you'd fail anyway (due to frame disadvantage).

Haha, for the moment I thought you are playing online since you were doing 3~4-> DGF... on block... :P

Please forgive me for cutting in, but I must say this. Thank you so much for your input Tenshi. You truly are a Yoshi legend and I am sure I speak for everyone when I say, your advice has been really useful. It's great that manjikai is gettng back to talking about the game. Funny youtube vids and silly comments are all well and good, but this right here is the business!!!

Also, Junon.. I loved watching you play. At the moment, I lack the basic communication between hand and brain, but I am taking everything in and trying my best to improve enough to start implementing my knowledge of Yoshi. You're an inspiration for that and it's people like you that keep me trying.

and to everyone else who joined in, and to Yoshidivine for starting this, YOU ROCK!!

Okay, I'm done.. please.. carry on ^^

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Oh and Yoshidivine, you meantioned that you're having issues recording your gameplay. Can't you just point a webcam or mobile phone at the TV and do it that way? Sure, the quality will suck, but we'll be able to see well enough to get the idea. I have a few such recordings and heck, as noobish as they are, I'll share if you do ^^ (did I really just say that? Oh dear).

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Share your vids, don't be ashamed: it's the best thing to show us how you play, and to give direct tips... kind of like a doctor prescribing you pills for specific problem :P

Blah blah, I'm getting into comparisons too much. Slap me overhead when I do it next time :)

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I'll show you my vids from recent tournament, in which I won second place:


They're not neccessarily my best fights, I was after two beers when I played them. :) Generally this tourney was very easygoing, everybody was drinking... besides that Steve who won. .... he had a hangover and didn't want to drink anymore :P

@Tenshimitsu, LOL where i come from, alcohol actually improves ones performance LOL :)) thanks for sharing that vid with us.
@Jembru, i totally agree with you, i cant believe it up to now, after one or two nights of cursing and complaining about yoshi i got promoted to a rank i thought was impossible to achieve any time soon, i've manji slapped some brawlers senseless and sent rogues home smelling like poison breath [i actually killed someone with a higher rank than mines like that]. Obviously Tenshimitsu is a god in his own rights. he has helped me restore some of my honor by just departing 0.1% of his knowledge to me. and i honor him for that.
and yes i was planning to use a cam corder or somethign to record, but u read my mind, i was worried about the quality. but i'll upload them nevertheless.
Oh, and the jin combo, it involves something like a [1,2] then a standing low kick and some other mix up, i'll definitely research it and get back to you....

Haha, thank you both for the kind words :P It let's me know that my style is progressing in the right direction. There are a lot of aspect of my gameplay that couldn't be implemented because of the calibur of certain players (they're no slouches). Regardless, keep an eye on that VaTekkenRage channel: there's a few more vids up, and will be several more videos of my gameplay being uploaded from over the past weekend -- the one I'm most looking forward to was the match with Grimey Grizzley. Even though I lost (and got a hurting put on me on round 1), it was certainly the most fun.

Tenshi, I'll be looking at your videos once I get home from work. I'm looking forward to seeing how you use yosh.

Sorry for the threadjack! :x

What threadjack, Junon, your tips will help other players improve very much. :)

Just as I said, I won 2nd place in that tournament mostly due to unpredictable timing, you'll see me pause in most suprising moments. The rest was decent at most. My style right now is a bit different but still pretty cautious. My opponents don't allow me to go wild as much as in tekken 5.0/DR times. :)

My Tekken 5.0 match is on my youtube channel:

As you see, I used to play more shenanigans. ^^

YoshiDivine... khem,khem. I'm a girl :) Yeah I know, unusual. :P (and no, don't call me god, it's too much ^^ I just happen to be a long-time, experienced Yoshi fan and Yoshi player)

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@YoshiDivine, with Jin you probably meant 2,1,4 mixed with 2,1,4~4. It's actually easy to spot the difference, launch defensive mode on PS3, put these 2 series on the list and practice a bit: after 5-10 minutes you're done with that lol-mixup. :)

Just first block mid, and if mid kick doesn't connect on block, then switch to low block. Don't forget to launch Jin's ass on low block :) (u/f+3)

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@Jem - thank you for your kind words. I'm gathering myself to put some bits of info in the YOT online FAQ... but my uncomfortable perfectionism says "no, if you want to do it, do it right, with some youtube movies and so on..."

... and it ends that I don't do anything. But it will eventually end. :)

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Hmm.. sharing vids? Dunno Tenshi... I suffer terrible anxiety when I play which results in a playstyle which is basically a button masher, with very little control over Yoshi's movements, but who clearly knows a few basic moves well enough. It's not a pretty sight. I DO win sometimes, but it is mainly because my opponent is so bewildered by my panicky mashing that they can't read me and are in a state of shock ^^ Not sure there is much anyone can suggest to help me until I gain a little more control over our special guy!!

Hmm, Jem, did you read the basic part of my Tekken 5.0 FAQ? I'm pretty sure I put there some basics as for movement and tekken system. Also, the mentioned "Level up your game" series is very, very helpful. If it's really that bad as you describe it, I mean... but I think you might be exagerrating :)

If not, you can always show me the vids in private if you wish me to comment them.