Tired of Getting My Ass Kicked

I've had Nin and Knee over at my place for an offline session (sounds crazy, but they were in town for MLG and staying with a buddy of mine, and he brought them over).

Knee was jetlagged so he basically came up, shook my hand, and passed out on my couch. I was able to get some good games in with Nin though. He's a really nice guy, (luckily my friend is korean so the langauge barrier wasn't much of an issue) and his execution is perfect. Insane character knowledge in that he pretty much knows what's coming all the time. Unfortunately, this was right when I picked up yoshi so I wasn't able to be effective with him, and had to use Lars to get what few wins I was able to. Nin did say to me that Lars is broken and don't bother playing yoshi :\

Ironically, I stopped playing Lars and just put more effort into yoshi.

In regards to Noko, I think he plays other characters, but I never bothered to look because he has the most boring play style. Very safe, very basic, very turtlish (without healing?!?!), and doesn't really use what makes yoshi, yoshi.

beautiful story, ^_^ now am wishing i had a ps3. ps3 sounds like it has alot more tekken fighters that xbox. on xbox its hard to find anyone good. oh and the fact that noko is safe makes him a well known BEAST lol lol. but nah, not me, i use yoshi like how people would use bryan; pitbull/bulldog style. i have no patients. remember when i first came to the forum how i was irate??? now, i keep hearing my opponents say the following: "THAT FUCKING KNEE!"
then after beating the mindlessly they would then say: "OH I GOT SOMETHING FOR YOSHI NOW"
the they'd go for LARS, BOB, LILI, ALISA or most of all BRUCE. then after they put up a good fight but still fail to deliver the killer blow, they then cry the following statement: "THATS FUCKING BULLSHIT, I BLOCKED THAT KNEE!"
makes me damn proud though, especially when the kick me out of the session because am too strong.
next on my death list is JAIMITSU[YOSHIMOSHI].

i have an important question for you guys though... whats the exact purpose of:

Ps3 has probably more tekken players because of the pad, xbox360 pad sucks ass !!
Street fighter has more players on xbox360 tho, because it's cheaper, internet is better and all the good players play with stick anyway

ok, so here's another question... how many frames are there in an initial hold? or how many frames do you have to be able to break free from a hold? and here's my second question... how can i practice efficiently on breaking holds? because it doesn't seem i have much frame to work with when it comes to breaking. is there a short cut?
and whats the exact purpose of:

Not sure on how many frames. But the way I learned to break was go into practice, set the dummy to do either a 1+3 or 2+4 break, and watch the hands. Opponents left hand means you break with 1, right hand means you break with 2. Once you get the hang of that, set the interval to fast. Once you get the hang of that, add in the 1+2 breaks.

Do it visually, as in don't guess what the opponent is going to throw. Don't mash either, you only need to input the button once.

NSS d+1+4 or the BT version is just a taunt.

thanks alot Junon. m now ready to get back to juggernaut.

Added 2 days later:

where can i find an accurate rank list for tekken 6?

Added 5 hours 45 minutes later:

another thing, Junon! i need your help... i need to know when to sidestep...every time i sidestep i get my face kicked in... so y question is, when should i sidestep? what signs to look for to decide whether or not i should sidestep?

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I'm not the best when it comes to sidestepping, I'm trying to learn it more and more every opportunity but it's tough -- so take what I have to say with a grain of salt. It's also pretty tough to explain because it's situational depending on what move you're blocking/ hit with.

Generally speaking, I side step after a blocked attack that doesn't visibly put yoshi at a disadvantage. Like say, generic df+1's and such. I think noodlehead stated that yoshi needs to be at -5 or better to successfully sidestep... maybe it was -4? Usually I will only attempt to step after a blocked attack, never after being hit (that's asking to get hit again). If you feel the need to step after being hit, use b33_b44. You'll take damage, but you have a better chance of escaping and if they're string happy, you may have time to get a free df+2,2_cd1 launcher.

Knowing which direction to step helps as well, and again knowing which direction to step is something that just comes with experience. Generally speaking (again), if I know what attack the opponent is going to be doing, I step towards the attacking limb. So for example, say you're playing Drag and he loves to spam that pesky while running 2 (the running overhand punch), Drag attacks with his right hand, therefore I step towards it to yoshis left (drags right). Some moves are better to side walk as well, I'm still experimenting with that (and after a quick search via Inca's yoshi bible, it seems this move can be SW'd to either side, but if you're going to step, you can only SSL).

Also, don't forget about flash. If you find yourself in a situation where you need to SS but don't have enough frames, flash might be a good option to interrupt the next attack if the opponent is close enough. Going back to drag, picture his b+1+2 (hammerfist) at the wall. Drag players like to use this because it keeps them at +frames and sets you up to possibly eat a ch 1, 2, 1 for a wallspat and big damage. Yoshi can step in between the hammerfist and punches, but he can also flash and interrupt to relieve the pressure.

I'd say to check out the yoshi bible if you're having problems with specific moves, it's helped me a lot. http://www.tekkenzaibatsu.com/forums/showthread.php?postid=3995314

Many characters tend to have a weakside as well (as in, they have tracking issues to that side), so what I did is make a "Step List" with all the characters on my phone, so I can check it real quick and know which direction is generally a good idea.

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YoshiDivine! Add me on Xbox live, My XblGt is Mr DeeKay :0

aight Kai. Mr DeeKay right?. just sent off the request. its DragonEmperorWu.

ahh, thanks Junon... your a big help, is Inca female??

i downloaded some player data off xbox. and saw a replay of the MONSTER Yoshi. it seems as though there's a hand full of Yoshi monsters out there. when i watch these videos, i realize that am still weak. these videos enlighten me as to what power is. Tenshi once told me, "learn other characters moves" & "learn frames". at first i thought it was a waste of time. but after seeing that Yoshi mauled Julia, i had to humble myself immediately. whats ur rank junon?
and thanks again everybody!

Got it, accepted (:

ok, m online as we speak.

More videos coming soon people! so look out!

Added 2 days later:

it seems as though the frame data for yoshi on avoid the puddle is outdated or for tekken 5, some of the things on there aren't correct and some moves mentioned aren't possible, like; 3,3,3 or 3,d+3+4.

Added 105 days later:

Yes people, am still alive. I was up in the mountains sharpening my skills.
am a VANQUISHER now, shouldve been DESTROYER but since i never rage quit, and i take my beatings like a true man, am at vanquisher.
but happy new year to the entire clan!
i bring to you gifts!!
new videos of me fighting online.
these videos are battles that i enjoyed and i thought they were pretty hype and epic.
videos of me in my vanquisher form are coming up soon.
theres a shit load more videos on my youtube chanel: http://www.youtube.com/user/JunareG

Enjoy! ^_^










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I only had a chance to watch a few clips, but good stuff so far.  Good use of db3s, but a bit too much ws1,1,1,1 for my taste, vs a good player, they will duck and punish you during the second and third hit, so be wary of that. 

- One instance you landed ff4 at the wall, and opted for bt d1.  When you hit ff4 at wall, you can do ff4 w! ~db ws32 B! and followup. 

- I really liked that CH you got from uf3, b11, b11, f+1+2 B! f+3+4 FLE1, ff3, I'm going to play with that.  

- near wall:  I saw ws1,1,1,1, uf3.  Try using:  ws1,1,1,1, b+1+2.  If they do anything, you get a wallspat.  

- after you land 1,1 as a punisher, you tend to just kinda stand there.  Try sidestepping afterwards, you might get some free hits or even a launch.  

- learn what's punishable, heal more, and do a bit of research on your combos, a few instances you lost out on some extra damage.  Great progress from the last clips I saw!  

Holy crap, I just realized I'm way late on this haha. 

You should get an easy cap. It's cheap and easy to use, it will make your videos look much better.

I know its been a while since u guys heard a peep outta me. well. your boy here has been busy kicking ass.
currently am a CONQUEROR and is currently #6 on the yoshimitsu leader board. I've regained most of my powers, [i kinda feel like madara]
i know that i can be even more feirce in battle. but tekken [xbox] has a serious problem: too much rage quitters, cowards, and weaklings are playing tekken.
i totally understand that i was once a weakling, but jesus, theyre weak and rage-quitting at the same time. its disgraceful.
and i realise that being strong has its cons, when ppl like me go into player rooms, you get kicked right away or as soon as they witness ur power at first hand they kick you. i beat a tekken god [heihachi] 5 times in a row and he wrote me a message accusing me of lag switching.... sigh.
i plan on retiring either as a SAVIOR or as a CONQUEROR with a 71% win rate. but i wanna retire while facing another god, one that is as fearless as i am. i dont wanna fight the fags that complain bout lag every minute. strange enough when they were winning in lag they never complain, but as soon as they loose, its the world of trouble, lag this lag that, bunch of fucking deep assholes. i wanna go into a tournament or something where i could get my ass kicked in peace, and kick ass in peace.

I'll keep u guys posted! ^_^

Well, if it makes you feel any better, I'm a "weakling" and I never quit a match! :P