Tired of Getting My Ass Kicked

YD, you most likely did FC d/f~n~f. This is one way to mix up f,f attacks from FC. :)

aight, just uploaded sum more of my battles. please criticise. m gettin better at this. sum of the vids are old though.




Hmmm... YD, where are you from? If you are not from A&B and are actually in the US, I can help you out w/ the flows w/ Yoshi. :)

yup, am born n based in antigua, quite a far distance aint it? lol. theres a problem, i lost my internet for over a month because i moved to a different location[house]. so for over a month i've been forced to stay in the practice mode and beast out. Now that the Fuckin internet company has decided to come hook me back up, i go online and i play like shit simply because am used to the offline timing[no lag]. now that am online everything seems slow. :/

here's two more links



HAHAHAHA, boooooo. It's fine. It was worth asking. :)

But yeah, do you have any offline footages that I can take a look?

i wish there was an effective way to record offline and non-ranked battles. so no. i play pretty beastly offline because there's no lag. i got demoted twice yesterday simply because am no longer used to this online fuckery.
by the way guys Which transition is faster? KIN,1,1,1?
KIN,1,1,1,2+3 to whatever mixup, either Flash or 2~1 combo.

and one more thing why the heck is d+2,2 has such a slow recovery even on hit?

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YoshiDivine, Your video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KoiczAOMOJU vs Wang made me Smile. I lOVE comebacks like that, and that first round was an excellent example of what i love. You were really down, and nailed the juggle. Also, in the second round, at 1:45 where you miss your kick, you recovered very well, Thanks for sharing!

# YoshiDivine : and one more thing why the heck is d+2,2 has such a slow recovery even on hit?

No clue, but at the wall it's a good flash bait. I like to wallflip over the opponent and if they whiff, d22 (hitting the opp bt) on hit will give a free flash attempt. The only thing that will interrupt to my knowledge is a crouch punch. However most people panic and eat the flash, it's rare I've had an opponent stand still and actually block.

d+2,2 should be 0 on hit iirc.

# NoodleHead : d+2,2 should be 0 on hit iirc.

Indeed, it's 0 on hit, it just feels strange. That's why people usually attack there... and that's why it's sometimes nice to flash there :)

Caribbean Tongue: "A wa da fuck ya", wait i though the thing on yoshi's back was called a shamisen, when in fact its a PIPA??!! :O

yea, flashing after d+2,2 really works, its a murderous combination. thanks guys!

@MaSumEx: that guy was probably pissed. kuz everytime he came close to winning i came out of no where with rage combos. if u realised i did one combo over n over just to make sure i didnt mess up.

Wheres Jembru?

# YoshiDivine :
Wheres Jembru?

Everyone come and go as they please. :)
Why don't you ask her directly?

Lol same here about playing offline, you're awesome till you go online and you're like... what the hell this guy's owning me! :))

Hehe yeah, i saw you do that combo, still rocked though!

ehem, hisashiburidana ne? @Tenshimitsu i'll hail her right after this.

has anybody here ever played against Noko? or Inca?
is Inca Female??!!!
What are the odds of Noko knowing how to use a character other than yoshi?
What about Knee? anyone here ever played against knee?
To generalize, has anyone here ever played against a GOD?

I just wanna hear yall experience. wanna hear how you guys tackled a mahogany tree with a butter knife...