Tired of Getting My Ass Kicked

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Seem like you got a good feeling of f,f+4? :D

# Tenshimitsu : Seem like you got a good feeling of f,f+4? :D

Yeeeeeeeessss! you guessed right! lol, its beast! like u said, after they do a move that leaves them in a minus frame they tend to back step. and yoshi's back turn position has sum quick moves to recover from whiffs and block, totally awesome! thanks TenTen!! ^_^

Divine, any luck with those vids? I'm interested to see your progress.

am on it right now

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One piece of advice and so much change... Proud of you .. Yoshidivine...

thanks kumar! ^_^

ok, first things first guys, am gonna upload videos of me loosing battles. these battles are against the LAW & PANDA i was complaining about earlier. i suspect that the law is a booster, his rank is tekken god or lord. but his style still pisses me off. but the panda is legit!

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aight, so heres the video of me getting my ass handed to me by that seemingly invincible Panda.


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i'd like you guys to point out to me what exactly is going on here, what i'm doing wrong, and any other skills am lacking so i could step up my game. the video with law is coming next. thanks for everything everybody!!! ^_^

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The Panda was decent, surely not invincible. The player just knew what he was doing. He killed you with jumping low move (u+1+2 maybe) which is launch punishable and with a series or mid,low punches, which are also launch punishable, and should always be blocked (since it launches on normal hit). The command is b,d/b,d,d/f+2,2.

No other way than going to practice mode, defensive mode on, select these moves and learn animations. And block&punish.

- after being hit by Panda's hand sweep (d/b+2), sidestep to right in order to avoid both WS+4 or WS+1,1. In case of WS+2, it will track, so beware. But it's not as often used as WS+4 or WS+1,1. Of course, launch-punish on whiff.
- if Panda is grounded, don't approach her, or if upclose, keep sidestep walking. It's better to keep distance since she has the waking up double hand hit into a low/mid guess up. I would not place myself in situations in which I would be forced to guess the ending in online, but offline it's possible.
- after Panda quickrolls, you attacked her and got hit by her mashed hopkicks. Usually moves done just after quickroll have better crushing priority. Don't attack people just after quickroll (unless you know that you're well-aligned AND you know you'll be first, AND you attack with a lower mid than usual)

And... don't throw online unless you're facing a thrower. It's considered a bad thing.

That would be things that I noticed at the first go.

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# YoshiDivine : am on it right now

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Nice work your getting up there. As for me i stop playing online Ranked for Xbox. Too many rage quitters. I would still be up their with Thinkbig321 if not for quitters and boosters...maybe.And Divine who was that panda in the video?
o and Kai i see you on xbox but your never on Tekken. I am very interested in fighting anyone from manjikai.

I can see progress, good stuff Divine.

- Learn your juggles, you're still missing out on a lot of damage.
- After the first grab, you followed with uf2 which made pandas attack whiff. Not a bad idea. But on hit, the panda slept for a moment, and you went for a FC attack thus getting you hit before you could get anything out. If you catch the opponent sleeping, I'm in a habit of uf+3+4, d+1+2, ff and you're in Flea for mixups. Gives good damage and carry, and kinda intimidating.
- Same right after when panda went for the slide and slept.
- Still using the uf3 to flash I see ;) You might get lucky from time to time with that, but more often than not, you should be getting punished from a blocked uf3. Be careful at the times you throw that out.
- KIN 1,1 is pretty useless. I only use this when I'm trying to toy with the opponent.
- More WS mixups. ws1111 is nice vs people that don't know yosh, but vs a better player, you will get duck punished. All of yoshis WS strings have that flaw where they can be ducked, but mix them up. If you find the opponent ducking strings, stick with simple ws4 or ws1+2. ws2 isn't bad since it's difficult to step on hit, but the followups can be ducked.
- Look for whiff punishes. At the start of the last round, panda whiffed the launcher, and you stared. There was plenty of time for a launcher of your choice.
- More healing when you have the space :D

Good work though bud, keep it up. I can see the gears turning in your head with the new attacks compared to your older clips :D

thanks tenten & moshi! and yes moshi, its true, there's a shit load of boosters on the leaderboard, even for yoshi! I'm currently ranked #32 on the leaderboard. but cant we just report them?

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thanks JUNON! i'll keep those in mind, but that video was recorded when i was a marauder. i'll upload some berserker, warrior, avenger and vindicator clips real soon. look out for them. ^_^ thanks again everybody!

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does anybody know off hand what bruce and alisa's weakness [against yoshi] is?

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Bruce - sidestep walki him to Yoshi's right. Know his move series and parry all possible lows.
Alisa - know her moves, play defensive, hunt for whiff, punish all possible moves on block. Like: her b+3+4,3+4 can be sidestepped inbewteen or Yoshi can do u/f+4. her WR 3+4,3+4 can be flash-punished.

These characters are about knowledge and your basic play.

thanks, holy shit, am craving frame data now :O :O

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Promoted to JUGGERNAUT

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Indeed, DON'T throw

ok, next problem on my list is feng wei... i seem to cant find an opening. i understand some of his moves but the way they are put together by people seems to be invincible. any tips?

Try to speak with more details.

How can you expect me doing efforts to answer you, as you don't put any effort to describe your problem? There are as many "ways of putting moves together" as there are players. Think about specific situations which cause you problems. For sure he repeated some patterns that were hard for you to get through.

Can't analyze = can't learn = can't adapt = can't play well.

I'm really sorry, but I won't tolerate laziness. To answer you, I have to know the moves that are the opening to you problems. Something to start with. Otherwise, I would have to write here an elaboration about Feng's movelist, but I don't have time for this.