Tired of Getting My Ass Kicked

this has been botherin me for quite some time now. anyone knows what that voice is saying in the manji valley song? "his girlfriends a bit scary isnt it?" or "his girlfriends sophisticated with lipstick" or is it another Buddha chant??

Nobody knows that yet :) I hear there ... words in my language, roughly translated as "Here is exactly Poland" :P :P LOOOOOL

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I tried to find out how to contact the music creators... but without any success yet. They're non-existant in the web, at least their contacts/website.

# vijay_kumar_cute : Funny that you mention it... I was actually looking at your and Yoshdivine's level... Both being 1st kyu... And would any one mind telling me that will it be possible to punish after whiff of ws1,1 and evading spin (b+3) and punish that whiff.. I think b+3 is -11...

It's situational, cause anything whiffed can mean death. When doing b3_b4, do it twice. You eat extra damage, but the recovery after the 2nd spin is better. This is great when you're low health at the end of a round to put yourself in rage; and it's twice as funny when you rage yourself AND force a whiff, then end the round with a meaty combo.

Use the opponents knowledge against them. Flash makes some safe moves unsafe and uninterruptable strings become interruptable; b3_b4 makes moves that can't be SS'd ss-able, etc. Not to mention the ridiculous array of unblockables.

Some of the messages I get after these types of shenanigans are hilarious. "You make yoshi look top tier!" No, silly. Yoshi IS top tier. Hopefully I can prove this over the weekend at a local tourny. Matches will be recorded, and I'll share my gameplay once they're uploaded. There's gonna be a lot of tough competition, though...

Yes... What you have said is true... Sometimes i get comments like that to... Except my friends say that the feel so helpless playing against Yoshi.. They say he got it all covered.. But getting into range at low life bar with chances of sidestepping is very hard and rare.. I use it ... When ever possible to get into rage... I dont think except Yoshi... Any one else has moves with frames more than 40... Yoshi has even 100frames move i guess... XD

Blah, tourny was horrid.

I wasn't nervous by any means, but something just wasn't right with me. I was dropping combos left and right, my gameplay was garbage -- just poor playing all around. I won 2 rounds vs some amateurs, and then lost vs a friend of mine (Millionz using Steve) and SMP using Roger (whom I have little to no experience with, plus he knows yoshi, so it was that much harder). The main reason I say the tourny was a disappointment was because I went with the intention of learning something, but I didn't :\ Amazing turnout with a great group of people.

I got a lot of compliments on my playstyle, but I really don't understand why haha. I was playing better in casuals using Heihachi than in the tourny with my main :\ Atleast I can wavedash now :P

As for me, I won a tournament in Poland this Saturday, against some best Polish players ^^ I was advancing from losers bracket, won the finals 5:3, 5:3. I hope the vids were recorded... but I wasn't playing shenanigans: just regular Yoshi utility gameplay.

There's still a big room of improvement for me. ^^ But now I have more energy to train in practice mode because I can see that it pays off! :)

Wow... I knew you could do it... So when are we getting your videos ? I cant wait... Oh by the way there is a tourney going on in India... With Tekken Dota C.S Fifa and NFS.... All games i like and adore... Sad i cannot attend... Too far and my pc is broken down... Does these things really matter ... Me playing Tekken and all ... Should i stop ? I am already 29 and .... This is India where only kids get to play...

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I am so full of negative bull shit... Tenshi ban me asap...

Why can't you attend? :) Take your family for a nice trip to the capital city and attend the tourney! It will be nice :)

By the way, I made a promise that if my concentration technique proves to be helpful, I'll write an article about it, available to the public.

So... here it is:

This is what mostly helped me win...

Lots of truth to that article :D

One word of advice I'd like to add: When it comes to breathing, it should rhythmatic. Effortless effort. Don't stray from your rhythm of breathing, because that means you're letting your emotions, fears, anxieties, etc. get the best of you, and it will most certainly show in whatever task you're trying to accomplish. Also, breathe in through the nose, out through the mouth. I won't get into too many details as to why (because it'd take wayyyy too long to cross-reference the reasons), but just trust me on this one. It will help keep you calm, and more alert.

Hehe, I thought it's so obvious that the breathing should be calm and rhythmatic that I even didn't mention it. :) Good point, I'll put it somewhere later. :)

Also... "Don't stray from your rhythm because you're letting your fears get you"... Don't you see a hidden threat here? ^^ So in other words, if somebody notices he can't hold on to the rhythm, he will be irritated and disappointed that he can't make it... and enter the "ego loop of fear". Fear that he can't make it feeds the original fear, and so he is even less likely to make it...

"Effortless effort" is a good thing. The most important thing in that breathing technique is not breathing per se, but trying to notice the moment in which inhale becomes exhale and vice versa. You'll never fully get it, it's faint and elusive ... but the closer you are, the closer to "this moment" you are.

Personally I breathe only through the nose (I concentrate shortly before the fight), so it's up to personal preferences I think.

Please post it also in the article comments. It should be commented there for future reference :)

Or maybe I'll post it.

Please keep commenting it in the artcile's comments.

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Fights from the tournament:






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Now as I watch these fights... there are holes in my game that are big like in a swiss cheese, lol...
But it was enough this time. ^^

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for some reason, when tenten came across zafina, its the same reaction as when i come across a gud law. that yoshi seemed stiff, confused and kinda outta wack. when i come across a really strong opponent that seems to kno more about yoshi than i do my brain and fingers tend to slow down and yoshi tends to feel extra slow and stiff, during this time i'd be asking myself "what the fuck am i doing?" but i have no fear against strong zafinas, i just spam all lows. zafina is a low hitter [at least the ones i've faced]. so i tend to beat them by slowing them down with d/b+3,3,3... or f+1+2 or d/f+1+2. b+2 doesnt work because she's lower than low. spamming u/f+2 and D,F+1_4 also helps scrape that bitch off the ground but D/F+1 [sword sweep] is slow and dangerous. i prefer D/F+4.
The knee however, is still a mystery. i'm using it more often though, but its still not as powerful as tenten and noko make it seem. d/b+3,3,3...to sword sweep is a perfect transition. b,b+1+4~1+4 is a wonderful okizeme, alot of people misjudge the length/duration of that move.
now heres the plan, am going to upload videos of me losing some battles. And i'd like you guys to tell me exactly why i lost these matches, and most of the time am not even panicking. remember that law i spoke about? his rank appearantly is tekken god, i have a video of him as well, but it seems as though he boosted there. but i'll upload the vids and i want all of you manji ninjas to tell me whats happening. they'll be up by tonight or early tomorrow morning. I'll notify the clan when they're up.

For Ever Manji,

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hmmm, am back to being a BERSERKER, that was pretty eazy. in other words, berserkers are weak :P lol

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Promoted to Warrior... piece o cake, apparently am more beast than i thought.

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Wow Tenshi ... I watched one of your matches ... Dont know which one.. But it had lars in the second round... You were playing real... I mean really good... This was the second time i saw you play... Last video of yours i saw was with sway(raven) in Tekken 5 but you are a monster compared to that video... Wow... Your backdashing is nice.. and you use 3~4 so nicely ... Along with f,f+4.. You never spam lows... But there were no sheningans anywhere around...i didnt watch it throughly though... Sad i dont have time.. Any how one hell of game from Manjikai Boss.. Waiting to watch your game desperately.. No internet access over here :( else i would have watched every fight in your videos atleast 10 times....

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Hey everyone I've been busy with work sorry, and now I've found out I might have to give my comp back to school so now I might not be on for a hell of a long time ._. but I'm trying to convince them to let me keep it, just givin you heads up

Hi kai... I am gonna miss you ... :( when will you get your pc back ? And Pls try to put your old display picture (the funny one) ... May the Manjiness be with you ...

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Hi kai... I am gonna miss you ... :( when will you get your pc back ? And Pls try to put your old display picture (the funny one) ... May the Manjiness be with you ...

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