Tired of Getting My Ass Kicked

lol @Tenshi "noob tips..."

Yeah sorry, I'll look his nickname up when I play on ps3 again.
And yeah I think the problem is I have never fought ninas before, none of my friends played with nina and the only tekken online I played is WELL tekken 6 I just have to play against more ninas so I can get familiar with her moves I think. I don't know when her move strings end, I use df+2 with paul alot, I love that move, but it's not so handy when you are getting attacked all the time, the move is too slow given in that situation, I try to spam punches then. It used to work most of the time but it's hard against nina cause if I guess wrong I get counterhit which leads to a stun or a launcher. (I really have to play against more ninas or try playing her myself I think).

I indeed have to use pauls demolition man more often (d+4,2,1+2) it does good damage, but I hate to use a lot of low attacks, plus I'm also afraid of it getting blocked since it gives you a huge frame disadvantage. And I find it also hard to use online because of lag...(it works perfectly offline but not online)
I also use alot of his df+1 into sway back, it gives paul alot of mobility, and can bait out attacks that way. And yes sway back + 3,2,1 gives you a juggle on counterhit, but it is also only effective ON counterhit !!!

And yes I can cancel f,f+2 I learned that on accident the first time I played tekken 6, I was holding back when Using that move cause I was afraid it would whiff so I could defend after it. Turned out the move got canceled :p
And yes it's a great move to close in the gap between you and the opponent, well that's at least how I use that move. I can use both, just frame and non just frame.
d+1 is also a good move paul has, it has good reach, safe on block and is pretty fast, a good way to use it, is to mix it up with d+1,2 and d+1,2(hold). It forces your opponent to block more.
Now that I think about it, I think I know how to defeat that due O.O

Yo tenshi thanks for the brainstorming ;)
and why do you know paul his moves and strategies >.> it makes it harder for me to defeat you that way :p

Well, there's nothing too sophisticated about Paul, he's made that way: simple way. 'Big hits' boy. :) Also, I can play some Paul as well, and some of my friends are very good with Paul. He has no mysteries for me. :)

If you know and use these strats, then besides using them more confidently and precisely, the biggest problem would probably be to hit Nina out of her sidestep canceling. Always have in mind that her SS+2 can beat most of fast options you have. Use your homing move more often (b+2).

Other thing would be just to know Nina and her punishments. She's not super safe, she has many launch-punishes around which you probably don't use. She also has many -12s which you can punish very well with either b+1,2 or with d+1+2. Just learn that and you'll be more confident with your defense.

Yeah it's like you say knowing Nina and her punishments, those are the things I should work on. Well just gotta play Nina more I guess ^^'
Btw I know his name, but He's not famous I think, looked him up on the web and didn't find anything really. His name was shadow_raikga

ok, some videos of me n yoshi coming soon

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oko, it took me nearly 5 hours to get this uploaded to youtube. here's the first one.


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Quick notes about that fight:

- do a better juggle after u/f+3. b+1,1, b+1,1, f+1+2, b+2,1 would be enough for online.

- you always do the same thing after 3~4. If you get blocked, you'll be juggled out of it. There are many options after this move. What do you think, what options do I mean? (I've got to make you analyze Yoshi, not only read the ready stuff)

- most of the fight you don't sidestep or sidestep-walk. You do it only when far away. ... But it's online. Online doesn't have a proper movement. But anyways, you should be stepping some more. It also makes you not use sidestep moves, which in case of Yoshi are quite useful.

- you don't have a feeling of moves range. Lots of whiffing. Try not to whiff. Be sure your move at least connects on block. Go to practice mode and see the farthest range in which Yoshi's moves connect. That's essential.

- you don't use some of Yoshi's best moves. Only opt for "big hits" (and slow hits). Where are punches? d/f+1? d/f+4? low moves?

- pretty much a very basic play. Lots of things to do, lots of things to learn. It might hurt your feelings but that's the truth.


Some of threads in these forums (this thread and "top 10 moves" thread) contain a lot about Yoshi and how to play him. I'm amazed how you don't use these pieces of advice. Maybe try to collect the information in a document somewhere on your desktop and read through it, collected in one place? (just as Jembru does?)

I also recommend you watching the movies "Level up your game - Tekken 6 system mechanics".

I'm under impression you still don't know a lot of things about Tekken. Unfortunately, Yoshi on higher level relies mostly on pure system mechanics, doesn't have too many of his own, brainless tools. Please mark my words and get through that 'Level up your game' episode. Don't sleep-over, skip or underestimate any part of it. The knowledge of system mechanics in detail is what distinguishes "the best from the rest".

Hey, all of that applied to me too. I feel like an advice thief. Although in my case, I kinda knew already what my weaknesses are. It's just not so easy to fix. I keep trying though. Anyway, good luck Yoshidivine, I know it's hard but you'll get there!!

I'm looking forward to the second one :p

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Btw how long have you been playing tekken ???

Kingheim, one of top European Yoshis, playing online:

@tenshi, all of what u said is very true. my moves are easy to read and repetitive. my combos are wack and seem childish. lol, but if u look closely you'll see that my rank is berserker, remember i said am no longer a berserker? i got demoted way down a long time ago, and after i got demoted i stopped playing ranked all together. am actually alot better than this now, but i wish i could save and replay player matches... is there anyway i could do that?

@Jembru Thanks Jemmy, i looked over my shoulder the other day and saw a dot on the horizon the size of a football :-)

@Ralenzo on n off for about 13 years, but on a stretch about 2 years on tekken 3. and 2 years on tekken tag.

As Tenshi mentioned my Yoshi notebook, it got me to thinking. It's not just a collection of information gathered through yot and private chats (and indeed things I found purely by accident), but it also has a training schedule that I designed based on some of the advice. Much of it is very noobish, because I was learning all the basic moves and getting a feel for the ones I planned on using regularly, you know, their range, their properties, etc, but it builds up gradually (and still has long to go). Would it be helpful if I maybe type this up and share it on yot? Not my notes, just the basic plan session by session? I don't keep my 'diary of a tekken noob' blog anymore because my notebook became more precious to me. Maybe people could even comment on my plan and make suggestions. Just an idea.

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Yikes, lots of missed launch punishment opportunities in that vid (you can get eddys headstand type launcher with df22, the yoshi player just paused each time) :x Pretty solid play overall though. I like his use of b33.

Yeah, Kingheim has nice shenanigans :) I was doing *facepalm* every time he didn't punish Eddy's headstand launcher, just as you :) Probably he just doesn't know it.

But overally he's doing very well :)

@Tenshi. I realize alot of yoshi pros often use d+2,2 as a combo finisher, why? is it because it creates a comfortable distance for a run off and possibly a shoulder charge? and tenten, you forgot to tell me one of yoshi's main attributes, lol, he's a well armed man. i fought a really good yoshi player and i realized two things, [1] fighting another yoshi is THE HARDEST thing you'll ever face in the entire world. its like fighting your own shadow. [2] yoshi has moves that will counter every single thing in the tekken 6 roster, for example... steve fox's barrage of punches, the only thing that can put an end to those is good distance + df+4, just kick his fu**ing guts out. Jin? no problem, distance + backstep (because alot of jin players are impatient and tend to whif when u back step) + df+2,2. side step does not work with jin! [I cant figure out the Panda thing yet]. Eddy? too eazy, sweep distance + block high + b+2,1,KIN+f+2. with eddy alot of his moves seem to be low blows, but thats just becuase he's always laying low, i just often block high and jab his punk ass with df+1 or b+2...
FENG! yay i learned this while experimenting in the practice menu, you see that tripple fang thing that killed me often? if you get hit the first time [thats if the 1st hit isnt a CH] the second hit could be blocked and the third could be parried! LAW and PAUL still seem cheap to me, everytime i see them i wish i could reach into the game and kill them myself.
oh tenten, heres another question, it seems as though this move has no real purpose, because lets say the enemy whiffs, how can i punish them? f+3+4,b [charging bull cancell]
and isnt there a longer combo for a 1+4 CH? i have so far [CH]1+4, d+1+2, 2.

d22 puts them FDFT (I think?) which isn't the best position to be on the ground. Also in some cases you can use unblockable traps.

Are you asking what the point of f+3+4~b is? Just tack it on to his deceptive movement. I like to use it towards the end of the round when time is running out... when he wants to be, yoshi is VERY evasive. I tend to follow f+3+4~ b with CD1 (crouch dash 1; f, n, d, df+1 -- towards the opponent) for a BT CD1 which basically puts yosh on the opposite side of the arena. It covers a lot of distance.

In regards to flash combos: I typically stick with:

1+4, d+1+2, 3+4 for oki (you can sword sweep as a tech trap from here).
1+4, d22

and vs bigs

1+4, d+1+2 > 1+2, b21 kin f2. Do note that there is a slight delay between d+1+2 and 1+2. If you don't delay, the combo won't connect. This combo is the reason I love fighting marduk players. Not to mention his crazy NSS wall carry combos :P