Tired of Getting My Ass Kicked

Well, the unblockable argument is pretty valid. Most characters have 1-2 unblockables, Yoshi has what... 18? 19?

There's lots of ways to set them up also :D

Sidenote: I'm becoming pretty fond of bb1+4~ 1+2. A bunch of my friends had never even seen that move haha. The range is amazing, and juggle on CH <3

@Tenshi, i see, but how long did it take you to become as powerful as you are now?

What a funny coincidence Junon. I recently found that move by accident and have been practicing with it. I never used to really use unblockables but I have started to use them quite a lot. Someone played me recently and thought it was someone else on my account, so I must seem quite different because of this. Well, this, and a few hints Tenshi has given me. They must look and think, 'nah, Jembru can't use those moves, this must be her friend using her account'. There is still a very long road ahead of me if I want to catch up with the rest of the tekken community, but if you look behind you, that little dot on the horizon, bobbing back and forth and getting slightly larger as time passes, is me!!!

# YoshiDivine : @Tenshi, i see, but how long did it take you to become as powerful as you are now?

Well, it's been a long time since I started playing. I can say that i play at competitive level for about 6 years (and started playing more than 10 years ago).

But I can distinguish some "levels" that I had before. The levels of understanding a game...

1. At first, it was learning all Yoshi's moves and how they flow together, which move is best used after which, okizeme, custom strings, setups (Tekken Tag, Tekken 4 times).
2. Then, it was all about spacing and learning how to play in different ranges (Tekken 5 times)
3. Then, additionally, I learned what can limit my opponent's options against me (Tekken DR times)
4. Then, it was learning opponent's common reactions, and how to make them react I want them to react (mind games) (Tekken DR times)
5. Then I realized, that the only thing that matters is the timing of using moves. But you have to know the moves of Yoshi and opponent's moves in order to apply correct timing. (Tekken 6 times)

In Tekken 6, the true idea of how to play appeared in my head when I started playing other characters. I noticed differences in the way of thinking and building strategy between Yoshi and my subchars (Jin, Lili, Dragunov, Feng, Alisa). Yoshi has to know his opponents in and out. My playstyle is truly all about adapting with only a few universal strategies.

The more experience you have, the stronger you are... so it's a never ending process I suppose.

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@ Junon: yeah, I agree! b,b+1+4~1+2 is greeeat. Just setup b,b+1+4 properly a few times, and then CH from ~1+2 is guaranteed. And it looks so nice! True crowd pleaser :)

@Tenshi, what could be linked with uf + 2 on counter?

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strange, i realise that, on counter: uf + 2, df+1, 1, b+2 ~ 1.
but: uf + 2, d+1, 1, b+2 ~ 1 is not possible, d+1 keeps u in a WS position while df+1 throws u out of it, i discovered this by accident. anyone else had notice this?

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@ YoshiDivine...

Of course we knew it. FC low punch leaves you in crouch recovery, but even though it does so, you can still do a crouch cancel. (~u). But d/f+1 is stronger, so why low punch?

Anyways... you don't make a 'bound' in your juggle. Why is that?
You should be doing d/f+1, 1, f+1+2 B!, b+2,1

If you don't make bound, you should be doing d/f+1, 1, b+2,1~1+2(KIN),f+2.

Some stronger juggles are also possible.

Added 8 minutes later:

I'll copy-paste the juggle list from TekkenZaibatsu thread:


ff+4, BT+1, BT d+2, ws+3,2 B! b+2,1 -- 70 dmg
ff+4, BT+1,3 (in case you're off axis)


u/f+3, 3, 1, f+1+2 B! f+3+4~FLE+2
u/f+3, 2, f+1+2 B! b+2,1~KIN f+2 -- 64 dmg
u/f+3, b+1,1, b+1,1, b+1, f+1+2 B! b+2,1 -- 63 dmg
u/f+3 b+1,1,1 b+1,1 f+1+2 B! b+2,1 -- 63 dmg
u/f+3, b+1,1, b+1,1,1,(1),1, f+1+2 B! b+2,1 -- 63 dmg (requires dash)
u/f+3, b+1, 2, f+1+2, f+3+4~FLE+2 -- 63 dmg


d/f+2,2, d/f+1, 2, f+1+2, f+3+4~FLE+2 -- 75 dmg
d/f+2,2, d/f+1, 1, f+1+2, f+3+4~FLE+2 -- 73 dmg
d/f+2,2, f+1+2, b+2,1~KIN f+2 -- 72 dmg
d/f+2,2, 1, b+1,1 b+1,1 f+1+2 B! b+2,1 72 dmg
d/f+2,2, d/f+1, 1, b+1,1, f+1+2 -- 70 dmg

CH FC,d/f+4

FC,d/f+4, u, d/f+1, 2, f+1+2 B! f+3+4~FLE+2 -- 68 dmg *slightly strict timing
FC,d/f+4, ws+3,2 B! b+2,1~KIN f+2 -- 67 dmg *inconsistent
FC,d/f+4, u, d/f+1, 1, f+1+2 B! f+3+4~FLE+2 -- 66 dmg
FC,d/f+4, u, d/f+1, 1, b+1,1, dash 1,1 B! dash b+2,1 -- 64 dmg
FC,d/f+4, u, d/f+1, 1, b+1,1, f+1+2 B! b+2,1 -- 63 dmg


u+3+4, d/f+1, 2, f+1+2 B! f+3+4~FLE+2 -- 73 dmg
u+3+4, f+1+2 B! b+2,1~KIN f+2 -- 70 dmg *use this on range where d/f+1 won't pick up


dgf+2, dgf+2~d f+1+2 B! b+2,1~KIN f+2 -- 67 dmg
dgf+2~d, 2, f+1+2, B! b+2,1~KIN f+2 -- 64 dmg
dgf+2, 2,2, f+1+2, B! f+3+4~FLE+2 -- 63 dmg
dgf+2~d, 1, b+1, b+1,1,1, f+1+2 B! b+2,1 -- 62 dmg

CH ss+4 / CH KIN 4

KIN+2,1+2 B! b+2,1~KIN f+2 -- 83 dmg
d/f+1, 2, f+1+2 B! f+3+4~FLE+2 -- 77 dmg
ff+3+4 B! b+2,1~KIN f+2 -- 76 dmg
iws+3,2 B! b+2,1~KIN f+2 -- 76 dmg
f+1+2 B! b+2,1~KIN f+2 -- 74 dmg
1, b+1,1, b+1,1, f+1+2 B! b+2,1 -- 74 dmg
d/f+1, 1, b+1,1, f+1+2 B! b+2,1 -- 72 dmg

CH u/f+2

u, d/f+1, 2, f+1+2 B! f+3+4~FLE+2 -- 73 dmg
ws+4, 1, f+1+2 B! f+3+4~FLE+2 -- 72 dmg
u, d/f+1, 1, b+1,1, f+1+2 B! b+2,1 -- 68 dmg
ws+4, 1, b+2,1 KIN f+2 -- 66 dmg
ws+4, 1, f+1+2 B! b+2,1 -- 65 dmg

CH ff+3

ff+3+4 B! b+2,1~KIN f+2 -- 74 dmg
ssl, f+1+2 B! b+2,1~KIN f+2 -- 72 dmg
f+1+2 B! b+2,1 -- 61 dmg

CH f+2

ssr, f+1+2 B! b+2,1~KIN f+2 -- 69 dmg
ff+1+2 B! BT d+1+4 -- 68 dmg *deals damage to self
ff+3+4 B! 1+2, 3+4 -- 64 dmg
ff+3+4, B! b+2,1 -- 60 dmg
f+1+2 B! b+2,1 -- 58 dmg

4~3 / FLE+3+4 / IND+4 / IND+(3),4 / (ff+3+4,1+2)+3+4

4~3, U/F,n+4, 2, f+1+2 B! f+3+4~FLE+2 -- 85 dmg
4~3, U/F,n+4, f+1+2 B! b+2,1~KIN f+2 -- 85 dmg
4~3, 1+2~KIN 2,1+2 B! b+2,1~KIN f+2 -- 83 dmg
4~3, U/F,n+4, 1, b+1,1, f+1+2 B! b+2,1 -- 80 dmg
4~3, bb, ff+4, BT d+2, ws+3,2 B! b+2,1 -- 79 dmg
4~3, ws+3,2 B! b+2,1~KIN f+2 -- 76 dmg

CH (d+2),2

d/b+3,3,4, qcf+1 -- 48 dmg *last hit requires tight timing but consistent
d+2+2, d/b+4 -- 46 dmg *consistent, also allows f+1+2 B! wall splat if the distant is right
d/b+3,3,(3),3,4 -- 43 dmg *seems to work better slightly off-axis right. ok wall carry
d/b+3,3,(3),4 -- 41 dmg *easy and consistent. ok wall carry

*these juggles work also with regular Flash (1+4). To calculate damage for these Flash juggles on non-CH, just add 1 more damage.

Low Parry

d/f+1, 1, b+1, b+2,1~KIN f+2 -- 42 dmg
d/f+1, 2, 1, f+3+4~FLE+2 -- 39 dmg

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@Tenshi heres another question... how the f**k do u beat a gud steve fox? he seems to be flawless, doesnt suffer from lack of speed nor power, nor does he suffer from a DISTANCE disadvantage [for some dumb reason.]

Added 42 minutes later:

i just saw something amazing. a yoshi was wall stunned, but before he fell to the floor, he disappeared and reappeared in indian stance...

Added 18 minutes later:

am ashamed... i had to spam d/b + 3 in order to beat the steve fox, the kid was a monster... i had no choice. i just kept my distance and make my manji boots make love to his shin.

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I haven't got a hint for you simplely because I have never faced a seroius steve player, so it would be a stupid move from my side but what I can tell you is that you can do indian after a minor wall stun for exsample f+3+4 or f,f+1+2,3+4

@YoshiDivine - the way you described it... that Steve had to be some masher if you beat him with low spins mainly... It's hard to give you advice when you refuse to learn the matchups...

What's you attitude to playing Tekken and Yoshi, really? Are you ready to sit down and learn hard for a few hours a day? If you want a fast progress, it's inevitable. In addition, Yoshi should never leave your thoughts.

When I'm walking in a street or doing shopping, I have constant thought processing going in the background of my mind, Yoshi doing this, Yoshi doing that... reminding myself the moves I don't use... my opponent's doing this or that and my reaction to this...

... sounds scary? It's the Yoshimitsu Obsession Team, babe :D Don't you forget it! :P

Scary Indeed !!! o_O

Well, there was even an experiment involving both training physically, and visualising the activity.

There were three groups of people who were told to practice throwing a basket ball into a basket.

1st. group - they were only practicing it, physically
2nd. group - was lying on sofas, doing nothing and visualising throwing a ball into the basket
3rd. group - half of the time they were visualising, and the other half they were practicing.

Guess which group had the best success ratio?
... the third group. They were the best in throwing the ball into the basket.

Want to be good in Tekken? Not only play it, also think a lot about it.

Thinking about an activity makes you subconsciously strain muscles that are used in it. Your nervous system is adapting... connections in brain established... don't underestimate the power of your mind :)

I have heard about racing drivers has been using a technique a like when they couldn't test out the track them selfs because of distance issues, some actually played video games to gain knowledge of the track because of that they were able to visualise the track and tackle the corners right.

I'm sure supriced that the human body has an inbuild system like that but how skill the test subjects level because It seem strange to that you can become better at something without a true feel of the task just curoius XD

@Tenshi, You're right, but little do you know that i train mentally every single day. i have meditation periods. i even got in trouble the other day for having my eyes close while around the work station, the supervisor thought i was sleeping. there are times i would just space out and jump right into tekken, thats how i'm now comfortable facing any form of jin, i can now hand his ass too him. i cant even tell when last i've been beaten by any form of jin. and guess what, i started learning yoshi frames last week, and the reason why fengs been beating me is because of that twin dragon move where his arms tackle you, i learned that you can just parry it, it never occured to me because i thought you could only parry low kicks. i still dont know what that panda bear was doing though...
and yes, that steve fox was a masher, meaning he rarely block, but the funny thick is, he seems to know how to back up his moves. if u block any move for him, and you try to attack right after, he'll either do that dodge move where he leans back or he does a quick move or something, so it seems as though he's flawless. poking him with d/f+4 help slow him down a bit though.

Well I play basketbal and I can say for sure, that method of working half the time and visualising half the time doesnt work on me =p I perform much better on my matches if Ive been training the whole week. Its by training every day that I maintain my good shot accuracy, but hey thats just me ^^ btw sorry for my messy post im on a iphone and have no good view of what im typping

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Hey, I got a question. How do you beat nina ??? I was playing against this PRO nina, and yeah I believe he was a pro cause I couldn't add him his list was full, and others said he was pro. But anyway I was only able to beat this dude with luck, random shoulder attack (I use paul) and random scissor kick.
Nina is too fast for my eyes, and she can cancel her moves which makes it harder to tell what she is going to do. She has a great wall carry so It's hard to keep a distance cause I end up against the wall or the corner after every launcher or stun. After some matches I was able to predict ninas moves a little and counter it with b+2+4 but she is still sooo fucking fast and hard for me :p all her moves look alike to me XD
Some tips could help :p

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What's his nickname?

Gosh... it's hard to give you tips as all her moves look alike for you... :)

... noob tips:

- spam d/f+2 more, it's the best move Paul has. High-crushes punches and has great reach.
- spam punches more,
- Deathfist versus QCF, n, d+4,2,1+2 - it's the main Paul's 50%/50% mixup you're not using at all,
- use d/f+1 into sway back and hunt for Sway~3,2 (on CH you have a juggle, yeah?). d/f+1~b, d/f+1~b... dance, dance.

... pro tips:

- can you f,f+2~cancel? Learn to use this, the justframe version, the non-justframe version and the cancel to mess up. It's one of Paul's main offensive tools. Also, know the limitations of each version.
- ... the rest is probably too much into details and reactions.