Tired of Getting My Ass Kicked

Hey Guys, I play Online Tekken 6, For Xbox... I need a teacher... because they nerfed out yoshi in tekken 6 and now he's absolute rubbish now, at least in my hands... I used to be a god in tekken 3 and TTT with yoshi. But now i'm nothing but a dissipated dream. But to my surprise i saw some videos on here that you gods put up that makes yoshi look like a top teir character in tekken 6!
I need some help guys, m tired of getting my ass kicked by those other characters that require no discipline whatsoever to use, bunch o' tae kwon do spammers, and everybody's using law now.... as a matter of fact, to me, all the characters in tekken 6 are friggin cheap... namely alisa, law, paul, hwoarang, baek do san, feng!! these characters can stand up straight and do a move that hits waaaay low.... yoshi's [u+1+2](eight crows) get knocked up by any high an opponent throws during the move. i thought i understood the soul steal [2+3] but i have no idea how it works now, whenever i use it it doesnt work, and if it works the opponent gets flashed and i get hit at the same time, and the list of troubles goes on n on......

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You are right, Yoshi really has been royally screwed over in Tekken 6. I keep on trying to improve, although I don't really get to play as often as I would like. In my heart, I kinda know I'll never play like the great minds here on Manjikai, although I admire them soo much and some of them have given up so much of their precious time to tutor me and pass on the hints and tips that they themselves had to learn the hard way. For me, watching Yoshi played well is like tasting a fine wine or admiring a beautiful painting. It takes my breath away and I just want to shake that person by the hand and let them know how awesome they were, even if they lost the battle overall!!

There isn't a T6 FAQ here but there are some discussions in the threads that contain useful information that you might find helpful to you.

Really, I play T6 not to win or be the best, but for the love of Yoshimitsu and the joy I get when even the smallest thing works right for me. Losing often, just seems to be the natural fate of anyone bold enough to stand by their Yo-man, but that's okay, because having that much loyalty that you don't quit when things get rough, makes all T6 Yoshi players winners in my book!!!

Gambatte Yoshidivine!!

Yoshi's actually much better in T6 than T5 (and especially T4). You just have to learn how to use him. His df+4 has very good range and punishes, and his uf+3, in addition to low crushing, will actually high crush a lot of moves, in addition to being his standard juggle starter. Just learn what's safe, what isn't, and get your combos down to reaction. Also, PS3 > 360. Namu! []

I wanna be on a noko level or something, because i know i have the potential too, u know how horrible it feels to be defeated by ppl like bryan and law and feng and the rest o dem frauds??! i do however have respect for dragonov and king... i've never used them b4 though. yoshi is just beautiful in his fighting style, but every other mainstream character is faster than him. his stage however is the best in tekken 6, best music too! btw, is the jungle stage his as well?


^^i wanna reach that level^^

and yoshi isnt better, because everybody's arms are now made of high composite metal. didnt u not notice them blocking swords with bare hands now? I almost broke my disc in half when i first saw it....

Thanks for the replies guys....

Wow... I am Sad to Say but yoshi in tekken 6 is a Joke ! Really... U know all the other players they got lots of frames and stuff... Look at law man ... His mixups or what not .... frame advantages like +8 frames on some Yoshi doesnt have any advanatage...

The field in which yoshi suck

1. Launchers ??? Dont get me started on back turned opponent....
2. He moves so slow ? For lack of his abilities and frames or mind games .... he should have relative good
3. No Oki... What do u do when a Person lies on ground... I mean bryan can luanch and all stuff... whats yoshis
thing ?
4. Stance ? Tell me a good stance... his meditation stands pretty good for evasion... other than that everythign else.............. BIGGGGGGGGG JOKE...
5. Oh Yeah... Punishers ... which Idiot in game gets - 4 Frames on standard punisher ?????? Yoshi does .. i dont know about other charcs

Sorry i might sound little aggressive.... but thats how yoshi is .... thjere are many things that suck about him... still he IS my fav

my point exactly vijay! yoshi forever! but he suck big donkey balls in this game..... everybody's faster than him, he doesnt punish people so easily but yet he get's punished so easily. and they have the nerve to claim he's an expert character, its just an excuse if u ask me. we should get together an sue them! the only proper launcher he has in the d/f+2 when he's in no sword stance.... and i absolutely refuse to use anybody else other than yoshi.

# YoshiDivine : and i absolutely refuse to use anybody else other than yoshi.

A man (or woman :p) after my own heart!!! Me too, never used anyone else other than a few drunken goof abouts where I picked random, or we both chose mokujin (have to agree it's addictive fun seeing who is first to guess who's style he is using ^^). Anyway, I know that skilled individuals can make good use of what Yoshi has but it is sad that anyone of equil skill using another character, will always have the advantage. Namco have let us all down. They seem to like Yoshi, so why are they so unkind with him? Okay, I know he can heal but really, against skilled players, how often does one really get to use this? These people aren't stupid, they know the game inside and out, so why can't they give Yoshi a fair chance? Maybe then we can start seeing his name amongst the tournament winners and those loyal players who have mastered him with every ounce of their skill, can finally get the recognition they deserve.

this is sad, anybody wanna save me from breaking this disc in half???

You'll need to be a lil' more specific Yoshidivine. What exactly is it that you think needs improving? Is there a specific difficulty that has not already been covered in the forums? I am sure there are plenty of members who could help but they will need more than 'make me better'. Whatever they suggest, you'll still have to put in the time and practice (don't I know it I-) ). There is no quick fix but if you give the clan a starting place, I'm sure they'll have suggestions for you. As you already had previous experience of Yoshi, you'll most likely pick things up faster than I do though ^^

If you're struggling to think of where to start. How about thinking about your old Yoshi, what could you do back then which isn't possible now? (besides 'win' that's a lil' too vague ^^). For example, I never mastered Tekken 5 Yoshi but I loved his upper cut as a combo starter, that's either a side step move (a lil' tricky for Jembrus) or NSS now so the clan suggested some different moves I could try instead (Angelboy's been coaching me through a new rising knee juggle, I honestly don't know how he has the patience and can only assume he meditates for 6 hours a day to keep calm ^^).

best of luck to you!!

Hmmm why do wanna break your disk for namco's fault... You bought it Damn it.... I sincerely suggest that you try using other characters as well... Cos you will learn some moves better... Like devil jin's life depends on his ewgf... Or king's more dependent on tomahawk for juggles so if you use many characters you will learn different kind of gameplay... Since Yoshi's back dashing sucks.. You might want to depend on sidestep... The key with Yoshi's more than any one else is patience and knowing punishable moves... Like i would punish law's junkyard kick no matter what... Like wise you have to know when and how to punish....Etc... I got more to tell but typing is boring in mobile... XD

YoshiDivine, do you have any possibilities to record your fights and show me? I can point out what you'd need to improve in.

As for online, Yoshi isn't that bad. I started playing online not so long ago (a week ago? maybe two?) and by now I reached the Destroyer rank (or was it "Conqueror"? I have a small TV and can't see clearly :P) with about 87% of winning ratio. I'm probably 26th Yoshi in PSN character ranking but still aiming high ^^

Yoshi has many online tactics that make him good. Also you need to be familiar with other characters online tactics. Many people use unsafe moves: you have to always punish them as good as possible.

If you complain about Yoshi's speed, use punches, d/f+1 and d/f+4 more. In online reality, nobody should sidestep it that much. Generally keep your distance and attack with Yoshi's great ranged attacks like 3~4. Also, beware throws, they're extremely hard to break when fighting online.

Most other things... is your experience and character knowledge. Learn and adapt... most of players have their playing habits. If I happen to lose with somebody, next time I learn and apply counter-strategies.

Baek doo san is a very hard opponent online due to high priority of kicks. It depends on the player but generally you've got to know that many of his moves are very, very punishable (with a launcher). Are you familiar with frame data? (www.avoidingthepuddle.com -> frame data is in the menu). When he spams kicks, go around him and launch.

Fengs aren't that bad, just keep your spacing and always punish him wherever applicable (Feng's d/b+1,2 as a prime example).

With Hwoarang, again you've got to have knowledge. They might be killing you with a post-block guarantees you might not know about.

The list continues... what you'd like to know?

ahh yes, i was actually explaining my problems in detail, it was a long article, but it got erased when i tried to use the quote function. but here goes.... yoshi for some reason feels stiff or sticky. like his back dash seems like he only moves a few inches backwards. i cant backdash cancell, though i know how to do it, even worse is the side step cancel, i can do it but i get my face smashed in often while am at the side of a character. my rank is [MASTER] 57% winrate, ive bin demoted about 3 or 4 times. i have no knowledge of the frame data. as for the move d/f+2~2, that move is sad, when block it leaves yoshi as a sitting duck... in tekken 3 and TTT, [hold d,b+1]sword trip, was alot faster and easier. and i use the xbox 360.... am not sure how i could send you the videos, i dont even know if its possible to take the videos off the system on onto the pc then i could post them on youtube or something, i'll do some research and see if its possible.

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Tenshi... Can you list out moves that give +frames on block...and on hit.... Pls... And Pls tell me is there any chance of playing mind games with Yoshi.... and what combo would you use on a back turned opponent with slight off axis..and is there a way to micro side step cos when i see people do side step +1 it looks like as if Yoshi is ducking and going go....if i do that it doesnt look like that... I will try to find a video to make it clear... Thanks

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Oh and one more thing .... Can any one list the list of moves that are 100% punishable by flash... Like rising knee of Yoshi or king f 2+3....

oh yea!!! i forgot to mention the flash/soul steal thingy. i need indepth information on that move. any info on it is appreciated. thanks!


+ frames on block:
- u+3+4
- 1 punch
- b+1,1,1... (all of them, very important!)
- ... that's it I guess ;)

+ frames on hit:
- deathcopter, every version: u/f+1+2
- FC,d/f+4
- 1
- 2,
- 2,2
- d/f+4
- 3~4 (beautiful frames on it, yeah)
- f+2
- d/b+2,2,2, and b+1,1,1,...
ehm... check them out here: http://www.avoidingthepuddle.com/yoshimitsu-tekken-6-frame-data

2. Microstep is doable, just do SS~b... but what for? Only to avoid fast moves in close distance? It's OK in this case, but other than that, it's not that worthwhile.

Rather focus on well-timed sidestep walk. And generally, pay close attention to your movement and never move in vain, just for the sake of moving. There always has to be a reason for movement: gain better positioning, enclose opponent between you and the wall, provoke whiffs... or evade opponent's strings that are sidestepable. There are loads of them. Like Jin's 1,2,3, Anna's u/f+1,3,3+4, Julia's u/f+4,3,1 ...

3. flash... you can flash inbetween some character strings, flash-punish e.g. Lee's u/f+4, Alisas running 3+4,3+4, you can flash where opponent has on-hit advantage and wants to keep a pressure (like after Bryan's QCB+3, Bruce's CD+3 (when he does things slower than punches), you can flash every spam of d/f+1s (opponent keeps on doing d/f+1, pretty usual when facing Feng Weis). If opponent is really, really, REALLY close to you and you know he doesn't have above +4 frames of advantage, you've got him here :) It's all about prediciton and pure maths. You see that he's close: and you have to only predict whether he'll continue mashing an attack or not. Just like with any reversal/parry, but a bit different (flash applies to any range of hit)

Don't get me started on NSS flash, it's a completely different story.

Pure maths also apply to Yoshi's setups. He has awesome mind games. It's the topic for another post since I would have to write a lot about it.

He has many knowledge-based setups, just as... did you know that just after your blocked d/f+1, if opponents go for any punches, u/f+3 will crush them?

Generally, with Yoshi it's the battle of knowledge, spacing and timing. Also, remember that the beginning of fight, the first hit: is extremely important. You've got to be in control on what's going on on the screen. Don't rush, be patient and persistent. just like Yoshi now seems to be: look at his focused battle stance. :)


What is most important, you've got to know Yoshi in and out. From what I see, you've got to do your homework... learn by heart his frame data first: you cannot jump over it. It's like you'd like to be a maths teacher without the ability to count.

After frame data (and so the basic knowledge of which moves are faster and which slower, and the safety of them), you've got to know crushing properties. Which crushes what, and how well.

Then, you've got to know tracking. Which move tracks to which direction, and which one doesn't track at all. Extremely important or everybody will kill you on Sidestep-walk cheese.

Then: which move has good range, and which doesn't have. to whiff is Tekken's worst mistake: just don't whiff.

Of course I don't mention launchers and juggles, it's obvious that you have to know them all.

At this point, if you can APPLY this knowledge (between knowing and applying can be sometimes a long road to go...), you should already have about 70% of winning ratio.

Then, there is anti-character knowledge and setups, and experience, and good habits (as for movement, retaliation, etc). The more of it, the closer you're to 80~100% winning ratio.