YOT Awards 2011

There's awards?! :D This sounds fun! And the categories seem fine to me. When do we get to vote?

Haha, you're so quick :)

Actually, I'm going to give you real awards in some chosen fields of interest. :) Stay tuned.

Oooh?? Sounds exciting!! I'll be waiting.

Most Creative can be added, sure.

and hey Aozame, last time, I think we started to vote some time around June. For some reason, I thought you were already a member of this site during the last awards? Maybe I am mistaken but either way, it's great to have you joining in!!!

yea we just have continue traditions and make them stay, we really need those little events you can always count on it will make us prepare and drag a good spirit with it.

how about those the new categories

Most sword abusing member

Spin addict or twister

Member you most like to challenge in Tekken

Best newcomer

Award for the Most Lengthy post :P

What's with all the 'lets come up with awards Jem will surely win'? I do this for you guys to win stuff, not for myself ^^

LOL! Well, I probably was around for the awards, but I might have been busy at the time and just didn't notice them. My mistake. ^_^;