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I have very mixed feelings about the gem system.
I'm very much looking forward to have a versus mode without having to equip them (though this is confirmed so no more worries).

But online mode... well, you can make it easier for yourself and take easy command input to make it more easy for newcomers who've never played 2d fighting games before, but this comes at a cost of another gem wich could have increased your power by 10% for example..

I don't really know what to expect of the gem system, but I'm not looking forward to it

 I on the other hand am really looking forward to the gem system (btw what u said about a mode with no gem is false, there is no mode with no gems)
The gem system just takes the depth of a fighting game a step further, and it doesn't make the game unbalanced by any means cause it always comes with a cost. The different ways of activating the gems is also something you should take in consideration.
You could use the gems to back up your weaknesses or you could use them to increase your strengths.

Here is an example you would understand, if you gave ryu power, speed and meter management gems, then he wouldn't really be overpowered cause it might come with the cost of a weaker defense. He would be just like akuma in this case, akuma has more power, more speed and fills more meter than ryu due to his longer combos, BUT he has little health. The gem system just allows you to create your own version of a character.
It really excites me =)

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I already changed my mind with the gem system's latest news, forgot to update

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So cool! :D

Thanks for posting that bro