Yoshimitsu impossible move

Friends can anyone tell me the move with button's about yoshi doing vaccum dance continously backward and forward of a opponent and surprise him. This is in ps2 tekken 5 game.

indian stance -> press forward or backwards

d+3+4 -> f_b

if you want yoshimitsu to float while in indian stance, you have to press and hold 3+4 when you enter indian stance

Where did you see it? Is there a video or something you could show? I don't recall ever seeing this in Tekken 5 or anywhere but if it is possible, someone here will surely know!! What does it look like? Are you sure he stays sat down? I mean, you could just keep pressing forwards and then sitting back down when you appear at the otherside and doing it again, but this isn't what you mean, is it?

:0 sounds so cool