Yoshi diiscussion topics in one easy place

TheYoshimitsu and frahzt were the inspiration for this thread. I have gone through the boards and found all the discussions on the mysteries surrounding our favourite space ninja. I hope this glossary will help people to find this information more easily as it has become a little scattered throughout the boards.

I have put it in Manji Village rather than hard core, so that it can be seen by everyone (although unfortunately, some threads are out of bounds to non yot members due to their placement in private sections).

Happy searching and please feel free to add your own ideas to these discussions.!!

Yoshi's story

Yoshi's Tekken 6 Ending

Yoshi's left hand

Ninja or Samurai?

Yoshi under the mask

Yoshi's face

About Yoshi's Hair

The meaning of 'manji'

Blue Yoshi

Yoshimitsu's name

Yoshi's T6 customization instrument

Is Violet an important colour for Yoshi?

If I have missed anything, let me know. I'll also add to it as and when new topics come up.

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That's very helpful Jembru, I'll make good use of it! ;)

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