Re-Imagining Yoshimitsu!

Hey guys! I found this forum as I was doing some research on Yoshimitsu. I am about to do a redesign of Yoshimitsu so I thought I might listen to some oppinions of true fans of his. It's a personal project of fan art. I want to take a little bit of the best designs that I find and spice it a little bit with my own. Personally I like the Tekken 3 design the most, I also like some interpretations done by other artists. Is this interesting? What do you think?

I'm wondering what you think are the true iconic features Yoshimitsu possess through out the Tekken series?

What features would you like to see in a Yoshimitsu design?

I tried to enter the "mystery" section in the "knowledge base" but couldn't enter, is there a specific place you could recomend where i can read about his personality and character? I'm wondering about stuff like what happend to his left arm and what it is made up of etc..

Any hopes and wishes you'd like to share about a new design, please go ahead! Also any interesting trivia speaking of Yoshimitsu's character you'd like to share is welcome!

Yoshimitsu rules! ♥


Hey there Frahzt and welcome to the Yoshimitsu Obsession Team. I have recently compiled a list of discussions about the more mysterious aspects of Yoshimitsu and having read your post, I decided to post this list right away. Here's the link.

If there is anything else you wish to explore with us, please feel free to start a new discussion. A thread dedicated to our thoughts on Yoshimitsu's personality would be a great idea as although we have touched on it, I don't think it has ever actually been discussed in depth.

I really like your idea. Tekken 3 Yoshi outfit was indeed cool and I would love to see it return, only better, in future Tekkens. May I suggest making him purple? Not only is it my favourite colour, but I am sure TheYoshimitsu would appreciate more violet Yoshis!! Best of luck to you and please share your creations with us when you are done. New Yoshi eye-candy is ALWAYS welcome!! ^^


Welcome to teh forums :) i'm new here myself

As for design, i just have one request: make him so kick-ass that people will melt just lookin at him

Frahtz, you can now enter the hidden sections of the site :)

Hi and welcome :D

of cause it would be cool the more yoshi fan art the better right

the only really must have features are his sword and robotic right arm (remember that when you are busy with the act work) and perhaps hidden face? I doubt that a machine will behave him but you know its not really confirmed.

In my case its much more his actions that makes him that more cool when you dig in his character so If you are able to put his sense of morality in the the act I would love it.

by now you properly have searched through the manji files

I loved the swords in this picture

And yeah I think he should always have a mask on but a bit different from recent masks cuz I think they're a bit too much, just try to make it simpler =] I don't think he should be a skull (I'm pretty sure he's a normal human being, not some un-dead human right?)

That's all the keypoints I'd focus on

It's really up to you, but I love the flat hats! (jingasa) Think traditional.. I love it when Yoshi has a bit of old style culture in him.. How about looking into edo/samurai/ninja history for some fashion/symbol ideas?! I love it when I see yoshi use or wear something that makes me go "What is that???" ^^

Here's a concept sketch I did years back, even before Tekken 6 was released in arcades: