Answer on the question (Yoshimitsu's color)

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TheYoshimitsu: Sorry dude, if it's true answers you're lookin for it ain't here, I'm also craving for new stuff about Yoshimitsu, but unfortunately there's nothing to un-cover, it's not like he's a fossil that's waiting to be discovered, he's a character that's being developed. ALTHOUGH I really do think he's based off of a real person in history, I'll look into that a bit more. Otherwise, someone's gotta get a hold of Hanada and ask him to consider a few questions (if possible :P )

Your theory of colors is intriguing, but I'm sure it's something set up in the back burner, not as serious a subject as his identity, know what I mean? Happy hunting though

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As for whether Yoshimitsu is a ninja or samurai...

Yoshimitsu is 'mechanized space ninja'. Karakuri uchuu ninja. I aksed Suekichi once what does it mean and whether Yoshimitsu is a ninja. No other person than a Japanese fan can answer on that.

She said: "He's not a ninja: he's a space ninja. That's a big difference!"

You can figure it by seeing how Raven tries to teach Yoshi the kuji kiri. Yoshimitsu doesn't need it. He's a warrior at heart, fighting with his whole. He's not bound to any particular style or way of thinking. He adapts what he finds out useful and rejects useless. He's smart and cunning like a ninja and uses tricks like a ninja. But he's loyal and honorable like a samurai and "serves" (the purpose) like a samurai.

He is both and no one at the same time. He's... Yoshimitsu!

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magnificent post Tenshimitsu, I hope this will finally content TheYoshimitsu...