Answer on the question (Yoshimitsu's color)

I was asking in some of my topics , about violet color here is the answer... Look on the picture (9). What color do you see ? ...Yes it is -Violet- end that mean -enlightenment- so his outfits are Violet...

Hmm.. if you say so ^^

Well, how about this then... Yoshi's birthday is given on some sites at July 18th.. that would make him born in the sign of Cancer. Is this the reason for those crab claws? :))

The crab is only in our horoscope but not in chinese or japanese...

Then why is violet so important? That has nothing to do with Japanese spirituality either. It's Indian or Western.

Yoshimitsu meditated and he is a Ninja , the 9th picture is telling everything.
If u not understand that , then I dont wanna talk with u ... Violet color means enlightment , look on Yoshimitsu's outfits in Soul Calibur u can see in one of them , he has a ring above hes head... like Buddha This means that Yoshimitsu is like a buddha...
U can see this ring in Tekken Tag Tournament 2 to.

dear god...

dude, just shut up before things get out of the hand..

seriously grow up

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no wait, how the hell can you link god with being a fan of yoshi???

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Will you please try to be more polite TheYoshimitsu? This is a peaceful forum. We discuss, we debate, we don't always agree with one another, heck, we don't even always like one another :)) but we are always respectful because that is what Yoshimitsu is all about. There is rarely, if ever, any troll-like behaviour or bullying here. Our mods are good at stamping that out. So please, please stop the attitude. There is nothing wrong with your theory but there is no point in being angry when not everyone agrees. I love Yoshimitsu but at the end of the day, he is FICTIONAL (can't believe I wrote that, I need to set down ^^).

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Buddha is only one in what i believe... nothing else.

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And you are 18 years old and you behave like a 10 years old kid ...

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I hope you have understood what I wrote ? (Jembru)
because I think that (xXAngelBoyXx) did not understand this.

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If you do not agree with me then I'll understand that , but I know what I know... This is definitely not the accident that his outfits are Violet (not every outfit)

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One more thing, in TEKKEN 6 u can customize him (u can see a big orange or red belly) Why ??? only one word... ( Chi ). That means he is really meditates. I CLOSE THE TOPIC FOR ME ''See you in another topic''

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I think Yoshimitsu's just a game character that i love :P

The details don't matter to me, he wields swords, he flies (and walks with his swords, and sits, and is part mechanical) but really I like him most for being the oddest one out

Buddha himself said not to treat his words as any form of religion, nor to worship him.
"Believe in things you tested thoroughly by yourself, not in something that somebody else told you" - his words, more or less.

TheYoshimitsu... behave yourself. You're new here. Learn communication and tolerance or seek another home.

Colours in Japanese culture indeed play a big role, but the meaning is a bit different. Violet colour represents rather unpredictability, individuality and a form of madness. Soul Calibur Yoshi is more "insane" than Tekken Yoshi and that's why you'll see him dressed in violet more.

U can see him in TEKKEN violet to... (TEKKEN 2) , (TEKKEN 6) , ('little bit' TEKKEN 4)

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Yoshimitsu is for me like a 'example' I wanna be like he ,I wanna understand him and his 'Ninjutsu'.
I WANT TO BE LIKE HIM , in one word (I WANNA BE YOSHIMITSU). I know this is nonsense , but not for me.
I already said, he is like a 'example' , like a NINJA , u can be like NINJA when u train his abilities.
exactly as in the case of Yoshimitsu.

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Finally, some clarity on the colour thing. Thanks Tenshi. I didn't know this but I was sure that colours, just like numbers, have totally different meanings in Japanese folklore/superstition. Shintoism evolved in isolation and wasn't influenced by outside cultures until much, much later (and even then, they just adopted Buddhism, alongside Shintoism, rather than combining the two). I am not saying this is any more than a guess, but based on both Kuni and Yoshi's masks, and given the age of the Manji-clan, I have always assumed that Yoshimitsu's spirituality is Shinto-based and not Buddhism-based. I'm far more convinced then, that violet has the meaning you say. I like to think of Yoshimitsu as a little clownish, using humour and playfulness as a diversion to distract and confuse his opponent.

The more I learn about Yoshimitsu, the more I love him. This, after 3 years of hardcore obsession!!

When I trying to explain it, nobody believes me...

Please don't be upset, TheYoshimitsu. We DO know what you're trying to say, honestly. I have said before and I will say again, there is nothing wrong with your theory and you are free to believe whatever you like about Yoshimitsu as not a single one of us knows the truth for sure.

I have only been Yoshi obsessed for 3 years but many here have loved him way longer. Each of us has popped his name into a search engine more times than we could ever count, and whenever we find anything new, it is shared, considered and debated. Yet despite this, we have hardly scratched the surface. We all have different theories and none of us always agrees with the other. I remember when the pictures from T6 were released, many of us thought his wheel was linked to that picture you posted, even though now, some of us have changed our mind based on newer evidence. Our understanding of Yoshimitsu changes and evolves all the time.

Example: plenty here, especially amongst us fan-girls, like to think of Yoshi as a handsome hunk behind that mask. Personally, I believe that as his age appears to be 62, he is surely an older man. My Yoshi has become less and less human with each release of the game, so that there is no human face below that mask as we would recognise it. To me, this makes sense based on what I know, but that doesn't stop the other fans from believing he is a young sexy man. Neither is 'wrong', both are possible and it simply doesn't matter.

Yoshimitsu is whatever we wish him to be, space ninja, human, zombie, peace keeper, wiseman, joker... so stop worrying, be proud that you have your own unique understanding of him and take comfort in the one thing we CAN all agree on...



PS, why don't you tell us how you came to like him so much? Maybe we will understand better? Do it here, or better still, in the introduction section. We all have great stories of how this chracter came into our hearts, why not add yourse?