U can post your GamerTag here (Xbox360)

Post your ''GamerTag'' here (Xbox 360) In a week or two weeks, I get this game (TEKKEN 6)

my GamerTag: Polish E Sniper
In one or two weeks I will change my GamerTag to: II Yoshimitsu II


Added 19 hours 26 minutes later:

I changed my GamerTag now to : II Yoshimitsu I


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mine is


question, cant PSN and Xbox gamers play online together? because it'll suck if i could only play ppl using the xbox....

Yup, sadly, it is true that you can't play us Playstation users. It's a shame but for now, there is no cross-over. It is two entirely different networks I'm afraid.

they should change that. who do we write so we can voice our ideas and concerns?

Microsoft/ Sony, then Namco?

Good luck! haha.

xbl : Angerus

I think YoshiDivine has been trying to hack into PSN with his xbox and this is what has caused the system crash.. :)) Stop that Y.D. some of us are trying to get their online wins into double figures and you're making it impossible!!!

lol. srry, i'll hack in and change your figures for you!! :)) :P

XblGt: Mr DeeKay