the other characters

I would say that I have wanted to do this for while so, I hope out it wouldn't turn out as totally mindless unfocused piece of bad writing but it is very likely to do so.

for the second the whole idea of the topic is too take the Tekken fighters and let out some ideas and wondering about them maybe split them apart and look at them from a different point of view.

Paul Phoenix

One of the original fighters from back in the days, a biker armed with a leather jacket, Iron determination and a tough guy attitude, blonde French fries styled hair (you can't deny it XD) with a liking for pizza and the smell of gasoline.

Story wise I think he were kinda cool, a judoka that used his skills as a bodyguard and street fighter and fought kazuya to a draw but later lost to a comic relief bear, what did just happen? from being able to stand from a encounter with the all mighty main character at the time only to get his butt kicked by a freaking joke character damn.. oh did I forgot that he defeated ogre before he transformed, that thing was supposed to kill Beak, Lee, Wang, Bruce, Kunimitsu to check out his f,f n 2 Jun and I really thought she were killed by him until the devil within game and the tekken tag 2 trailer.

He must be one of the strongest beings in the tekken universe if you think of it, he was undefeated through the king of iron fist tournament 4 but stupid as fawk maybe thats why his still around the easy to relate able character, its sad it whent over the top in tekken 5 with the whole alien thing and the cheesy convo kuma and law got dragged down with this too, its seems like namco don't know what they want from him in the first place.

Any comments about paul?

Nobody is so cool like Yoshimitsu , but Paul Phoenix reminds me 'little bit' Duke Nukem , hehe

I agree most of what you said AK. Paul is a lot more awesome then everyone thinks.
I mean he really did defeat ogre, he should have won the tekken 3 tournament and get a prize!
It's also sad that Kuma's his new rival, it was total beast when kazuya was his equal...

Although, I do like that Law gets dragged in to his stories, it's fun ^^

Lee Chaolan

This is another over looked character but even though, he has been somewhat outshined by his foster relatives, his one of the few with a solid background story, and it goes a little like this...

When he was very young his parents died, so he learnt his ways to cope with the situation and survived on the streets, this tough everyday live though the days made him develop some quick reflexes. One day Heihachi came by the lees neighborhood, meanwhile lee had got himself into some trouble with a group of kids but nothing he couldn't handle since he was able to fight the off all alone.

Impressed by watching this, the old adopted him as a way of motivation for his own blood related son to get stronger but lee gained ad education by this.

Some years later lee was heading to America, to work and operate the u.s part of mishima zaibatsu and at the same time continue his busiess education.

He practiced martial arts over there too, with both Paul and Law and learnt techniques from them and incorporated into his own fighting style

When you compair him with the rest of the family he was adopted into, its pretty obvious that his not like them in spirit, he has the sense of grey about him were many in Tekken is very black and white, for example he left the whole family deal for awhile and started his business instead of trying to kill the old man because... : is pointless to kill an old man, who probably had only a few years left in his life at best.

That kind a mindset makes him awesome in my book.

pael is definitely one of the strongest HUMAN fighter in tekken :p
The strongest is without a doubt heihachi hahah but I'd really like to see a fight between paul and heihachi "Clash of the titans"

To be honest, Paul was the very first character I ever chose and I stuck with him 'till I found yoshimitsu a few years later (wasn't too much into tekken when I was in grade school :P ), and I think to me, Paul is the second best guy out there